For the purpose of this article, I am appointing myself ad hoc spokesperson of the National Association of TECNO Fans (NATF). And in accordance with

Phantom 6 and 6 Plus: What TECNO fans expect

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For the purpose of this article, I am appointing myself ad hoc spokesperson of the National Association of TECNO Fans (NATF). And in accordance with the powers bestowed on me by me, I want to spell out what members of the association are expecting from this year’s TECNO flagship, the Phantom 6. Come with me.

I was a fan of the Phantom 5. It was a huge leap for the TECNO brand as it took the first steps to transform into one of the bigger boys. The Phantom 6 has to improve on that. There have been a lot of rumours about the upcoming Phantom 6. Grapevine says there will be two versions, a 5.5-inch Phantom 6 and a 6-inch Phantom 6 Plus. No wahala. Find below what TECNO fans are expecting.

TECNO Phantom 6 Plus

Phantom 6 Design

From what I have seen of the Boom and Camon series devices released this year, I can say that TECNO finally has gotten design right. Those phones are beautiful and well made. Even better, there is a unified design language that you can see across all of them. You can recognise an iPhone before seeing the label. You can recognise a Sony before seeing the label. You can recognise a Lumia before seeing the label. Finally, you can recognise a TECNO before seeing the label. The Phantom 6 should follow suit, and of course be the best designed of the lot.


TECNO needs to ditch those measly 1.3 Ghz processors. If Infinix could put a 2.0 GHz processor in the Zero 3, there is no reason why we should not see the Helio X10 in the Phantom 6. It should be clocked at 2.0 GHz or above. RAM should not be anything less than 3GB. Put in 4GB and TECNO makes our day. If we are buying a premium flagship, it must be able to muscle its way effortlessly through the most demanding tasks.

By all that is holy and good, no 1.3 GHz processors! We have said our own now o.


Anything less than a 3,200 mAh capacity battery is unacceptable, of course. Make it 3,500 mAh and TECNO gets extra points from us. We really do not care any more whether it is removable or not. Just give us enough juice to not have to worry when we are out and about.


We all know that flagship devices have the best cameras. We shouldn’t even be talking about this, as it should be a given. The Phantom 6 must out-shoot anything else that TECNO has given us this year and should hold its ground among the best camera phones around.


We love HiOS for its simplicity and lightweight. Do not bloat it up, please. Light and breezy is exactly how we want it. If possible, allow us uninstall pre-installed apps. Are we asking for too much? Tehehehe.

Other Essentials

Lastly, TECNO needs to throw in an eye scanner, minimum of 32GB internal storage, and 4G LTE that is compatible with Smile, Ntel, Spectranet, MTN-Visafone and InterC.

There. If TECNO can pull off the above, we will have a perfect device in the upcoming Phantom 6. What else would we be asking for?

Psst: That image up there is a leaked photo of the TECNO Phantom 6 Plus, the bigger of the Phantom 6 twins. Be sure to have a good look 😉


  1. Haha! This is too much, o. And Tecno will likely miss one thing from the things we expect of them. Maybe the eye scanner.

  2. must launch with Nougat, can’t say this enough. if it launches with Marshmallow users won’t see an update to Nougat for another year. fingerprint scanner over iris scanner, if there’s an iris scanner it should be in addition to the fingerprint scanner. also 32 GB ROM as a minimum.

  3. Android 7.0 ke?

    Even the Android 6.0, we are still trying to find our way around it.

    6.0 is okay jarey. They can upgrade/tweak HiOS a lil bit.

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