I am a fan of TECNO tablets and have used the first N9 Phantom Pad, the P9 Phantom Pad Mini and now the TECNO G9

TECNO G9 Phantom Pad II User Review

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I am a fan of TECNO tablets and have used the first N9 Phantom Pad, the P9 Phantom Pad Mini and now the TECNO G9 Phantom Pad II which is the latest tablet released by TECNO and sporting Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS, a 7.85“ IPS screen, 1.3GHz Quad-core processor and a 4200 mAh battery.

TECNO G9 Phantom Pad II

Usually when I buy a new gadget the first step, like I’m sure most of you take as well, is to check online for any reviews. In this case there were very few user reviews so I just *closed eyes* prayed and hoped for the best… I am very glad I did… I hope this review will help all those looking to buy the TECNO G9 but want to know more about it before taking the plunge.

*****Please note that I am not an employee of TECNO or affiliated in any way, this review was put up to give more information on the Tecno G9 and possibly help out with minor challenges that I as a G9 owner may have come across…*****

Now on to the review…

Quick Specs

  • OS: Android 4.2, Jellybean
  • Network: 3.75G
  • Band: GSM-900M/1800M, WCDMA 2100M
  • Dimensions: 200 x 135.2 x 8.5mm
  • Display: 7.85” IPS Touch screen
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Processor: 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • Camera: 5.0MP Back Camera with Flash, 5.0MP Front Camera
  • Memory: 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM + Supports up to 32GB Micro SD card
  • Connectivity: GPS/AGPS, Wi-Fi, BT, OTG
  • Battery: 4200 mAh
  • Sensor: G sensor, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor
  • Other Features: Google Maps, Gameloft, FM Radio, Voice Recording

Whats in the box?

Accessories included are a set of white headphones, a charger, usb cable, one year warranty card and user manual. The G9 also comes with a Flip case in a separate package so make sure you ask for it if the person selling to you forgets.

Tecno G9 Accessories

Tecno G9 Flip Case

One thing to note about the flip case is that the screen goes off when you close the front flap which is really convenient and saves you continuously pressing the power button. The thing is when you fold the flap back and it covers the camera lens the screen goes off as well, this can be extremely annoying whilst holding the tab in one hand, I found the best way to get round this is to insert my index finger in between the flap and the back of the tab… problem solved.

Holding the G9 to prevent screen going off
Holding the G9 to prevent screen going off

The Outside

The G9 is a nice slim tablet that feels great in the hand (well, a large hand, even at that you have to really stretch to hold the tab as shown) it is slightly on the heavy side with the flip case and I found my hand getting tired holding it for long periods of time reading a book for example.

The G9 comes (as far as I could find out) in Dark Blue and Silver colours with a silver trim all around the tab (similar to the 1st Phantom pad). I bought the Blue one simply because I thought it looked better and I generally lean towards darker colours on tablets and phones; however the silver one looked pretty good as well and will suit those that like lighter colours nicely.

Tecno G9 and P9
Tecno G9 and P9

In the palm

The 3.5mm headphone jack and mini usb port for charging and data transfer, are at the top, USB on the GO is supported out of the box and worked perfectly with the flash drive and wired USB keyboard I tried out. Hardware buttons for power and volume are on the right side nothing on the bottom or left side, on the front there’s a 5 megapixel front camera, proximity sensor and earpiece, on the back is a 5 megapixel camera with flash and two speakers at the bottom.

For some reason, Tecno decided to change where the Sim card and memory card slots are located from the side of previous tabs covered by a flap to under a top strip at the back of the tab, it was tricky getting that open and at first glance there’s no sign of anywhere to open it up, on closer investigation I found a small groove just above the flash, slip a fingernail in there and carefully run it along the whole top of the tab and open it up (don’t panic when you see a whole top strip of the tab come away). The G9 uses a single mini SIM card (regular size) and supports up to 32GB micro SD cards.

Flash drive attached via OTG cable
Flash drive attached via OTG cable


The 7.85” IPS Touch screen at 1024 x 768 resolution is quite clear and text is not blurry, whilst good quality videos and pictures look great. Transitions are really smooth and very responsive.

Indoors I am able to get away with putting the brightness down completely, outdoors it’s another story at the lowest setting you can’t see anything at all and the brightness needs to be cranked up to the highest setting if you want to use the tab outdoors especially in sunlight (not too happy with that but I can live with it). There’s a screen protector pre-installed.

Software and Performance

The Tecno G9 runs Android 4.2.2 Jellybean OS ,The Tecno UI is pretty close to vanilla android as much as I can tell and does the job decently however I prefer Nova Launcher(shown in the screenshots) and that’s the first thing installed whenever I get a new *machine* its available free in google play store. The G9 comes with quite a few apps pre-installed including Gameloft’s RF13 and BBM but you’ll have to update this manually.

The G9 has a Mediatek MT8382 quadcore processor and 1GB RAM, honestly the tab hums along just nicely and does everything I need it to without a struggle.

For storage it has 0.98GB for apps and it seems one can move apps to SD card out of the box without rooting etc if the developer has enabled the app to do so. There’s 12.31GB left for all other storage needs plus the option of adding an SD card with support of up to 32GB.

I am not a gamer but I did try out Angry Birds and RF13 (much to the amusement of my six year old) no stutters or lag and graphics were great even at my usual lowest brightness setting.

Phone and Internet

The G9 comes with Phone functionality built in and you can make calls and send sms. There’s support for EDGE and 3.75G, WIFI and WIFI hotspot sharing is also there.


The G9 has stereo speakers located at the back of the tab, I truly wish they were in front like the P9, sound is loud enough at full volume whilst quality is average. I definitely prefer headphones whilst watching a movie or listening to music. The stock music app does the job fairly well. I use VLC player for video files and everything I’ve thrown at it so far has shown no stutters and an enjoyable video viewing experience. Watching youtube videos is also great via the youtube app.


tecno G9 Antutu Benchmark
Antutu Benchmark
tecno go screenshot nova launcher
Nova Launcher
tecno G9 screenshot main screen
Main Screen
tecno g9 right drop down menu
right drop down menu
tecno g9 notification panel
notification panel
tecno G9 screenshot app manager
App Manager
tecno g9 screenshot storage
tecno g9 screenshot dialer
tecno g9 screenshot music player
music player
tecno g9 screenshot youtube app
youtube app
tecno g9 screenshot RF13
tecno g9 screenshot angry birds rio
angry birds rio


The 5 MP camera takes in my opinion adequate pictures outdoors and indoors, I am no picture taking expert in any way imaginable and hardly open up the app but here are a few pics taken for you to have an idea

Outdoors no sun
pic of dog taken with tecno G9 camera
Indoors taken in complete darkness
pic of toy helicopter taken with Tecno G9
pic taken in complete darkness


The Tecno G9 has a 4200 mAh battery and for me lasts a whole day without breaking a sweat and I’m left with 40-50% battery life before plugging in to charge at the end of the day, please note that I am not a heavy user this is my usage pattern daily: brightness set at the lowest, 3G always on, BBM and Whatsapp running, two emails syncing all the time, about a couple of hours book reading, an hour of browsing, an hour of video and that’s it give or take.

In order for you to get an idea of the battery life I conducted a little test I ran videos continuously for four hours solid at a reasonable screen brightness setting with the 3G connection on throughout and BBM and Emails syncing in the background

tecno g9 screenshot battery test
battery test start 12.35 PM
tecno g9 screenshot brightness level
brightness level
tecno g9 screenshot battery test
battery test end 4.37 PM
tecno g9 screenshot battery doctor
Battery doctor 6hrs 10 minutes left

For me the battery life is great and does way more than I need it to… yayyyy no battery nursing activity.


Having used the Tecno G9 Phantom Pad II for a week plus now it’s been truly an enjoyable experience. For the N30,000 I paid for it all I can say it’s a whole lot of tab for that price and I see myself keeping it for a long while yet.

If you are considering buying a tablet in this range I would highly recommend it. I hope this review was helpful and that I’ve not left anything out…please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and I’ll be glad to answer as best I can.

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  1. Excellent review. It’s evident you learnt from the best. Lol.

    Keep dem coming oh. No stop for here.;)

  2. Hi aku,

    I assume you are trying to save the pics from the facebook app if yes then this is a general issue in the android version of the app and not a G9 issue … unfortunately I don’t use facebook but a quick search shows that you can try the following:

    – share the pic to your dropbox account (if you don’t have one signing up is easy) and download from there

    – share the pic to your own email you’ll receive it as an attachment and save to your sd card or internal storage

    – use an app this one seems to be popular https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hamid.facebookphoto (pls note I have never used the app so install and use at your own risk)

    Hope this helps… please let me know if it solved your challenge…

  3. Hi. I just got my tecno G9 today. I searched thoroughly for the sim slot but later saw it at it’s back. But I’m having a problem….I inserted my sim but it still reads no simcard. I really don’t know what to do…I’ve been trying it and I’m tired.. I would be happy if u send me a pics of how u insert ur memory card or explain further.. I’ve tried all the possible ways but yet no result…I fear d sim slot
    may be faulty. I’m just confused…please reply.

  4. Hi Carol,

    Sorry you’re having trouble with the sim card slot, I’ve updated the review with a pic of how the sim should be inserted… please try the following for starters:

    – switch off the tab
    – try inserting another sim card apart from the one you’ve been having trouble with and restart

    Hope this solves the issue…

  5. I got G9 for myself as a birthday gift on the 10th against 18th my date.
    Honestly its worth having

  6. Well written review. Just got this as a birthday gift for a friend and started wondering if it was a good buy (as opposed to the p9). Seems good sha, I hope he likes it!

  7. Hi Lara,

    Thank You… So far everyone I’ve come across that purchased the G9 are quite pleased with it so chances are very high your friend will like it a lot 🙂

  8. hi pliz review this tablet (tecno G9) in video n post it on YouTube pliz, i wil really appreciate . Thanks in advance

  9. Great post.I just got a techno G9 but I am having a great challenge getting a standard keyboard example the CTRL&SHIFT key.I need that seriously for word document.Please help!Thanks…

  10. Hi Motolani,

    Thanks… I’m not too clear what your challenge is but from what I can gather you are wanting a better keyboard?… I use swiftkey it’s great and available for free in the play store… as far as I know there’s no ctrl on any of the touchscreen keyboards I’ve come across… you do have the option of using a hardware USB keyboard with the G9 this can be attached with an on the go cable…

    Hope this helps… If not pls let me know would be glad to assist in any way I can… 🙂

  11. Thanks a bunch…helpful.I work on a website where the CTRL key is needed on one of the features.Normal way of copy and paste does not apply.I’d go for a hardware USB keyboard as you have suggested.I’d however see how the swiftkey works before I opt for the hardware.So grateful…saved my stress of looking for a keyboard application with CTRL key.

  12. Hi Goke,

    Go to system settings/ about tablet/ tap on “build number” at the bottom till you see the message you are now a developer… Check developer options again and you’ll have a whole new set of options… Hope this helps 🙂

  13. I bought my device yesterday and I’ve been really impressed so far. I was confused cos I didn’t know weather to go for tecno .p9 or g9 but thank God I went for g9. Ur review was really helpful

  14. Great review i must say! Bought a tecno g9 myself and am enjoying the experience. Only problem i seem to be having now is taking screenshots….. Please any advice how to come around this? Thanks in advance!

  15. Hi Allure,

    Thanks! To take a screenshot press and hold the power on and volume down button at the same time till you hear the camera shutter sound… Hope this helps 🙂

  16. Please how do I move apps to my USB storage please don’t have much apps and yet they keep telling me out of space Dat my memory is low please I need help. I was told the internal memory is 16gb but it only 1gb how can I move some apps to usb

  17. Hi Simon,

    The G9 has storage space of 16GB BUT only 1GB of this is allocated to apps (wish it wasn’t like that but what do you do), about 12GB is USB storage(where you can put media files for instance) and the balance is for the operating system… I have not been able to install apps on USB storage and its still 12GB on mine mainly because I didn’t want to go through rooting and fiddling about to try that seeing as what is available is more than enough for me… however I do have a 16GB micro sd card installed and I am able to move some apps to that… that frees up a little space… install cleanmaster from the play store it will tell you what apps you can move to sd card or check each app in system settings/ apps you will see “move to SD card” for the ones that can do that… hope this helps 🙂

  18. Hi Iwalewa,

    Without going into a detailed comparison the major differences between the P9 and and G9 is Screen Size with the G9 being slightly larger with a 7.85″ screen as opposed to the P9’s 7 inch, The G9 is also slightly thinner, another difference is battery capacity G9’s 4200 mAh battery P9’s 3,500 mAh.

    Video call is available, picture editing depends on the application you use and how much you can do on a tablet in other words you can manage to do minor tasks like colour correction, cropping and size reduction for example. I have never used instagram but you should be able to use it with no issues.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  19. gt d g9 recentli a am havin a slight problem.cnt end ma cals wen using the earpiece or wen its on speaker unless d reciever drops d call.pls is ds normal

  20. Hi Chacha

    I’ve never used the tab as a phone but I’ll try a little later and let you know. In the meantime is this happening with different networks? Can you try with another networks sim and see what happens?

  21. ve nt rilli tried oda network bt ll,,its jst dt ve to answer calls wt d tab inorder to be able to end it myslf bt cnt wen its on speaker or wt earpiece bt ll try oda netwrk as well

  22. My tecno g9 is freezing, help what can I do? I have restarted it all over but it keeps freezing. And I want to know if I should root the tab or not?

  23. Hi Tunde,

    Did you install any apps recently? If yes what.

    For rooting all I can tell you is that in my case the rooting caused a few problems I don’t know if this is particular to me but unless you want to take the risk I wouldn’t advise it. Hope this helps 🙂

  24. One more question sir, whenever I want to download from playstore, it keeps saying insufficient space. It is getting really frustrating because I have uninstalled far too many important apps and yet still saying insufficient space on the device. I even changed default storage to SD card but no changes sir. I need you to answer me on this and rooting real fast sir. Thanks

  25. OK, thanks bro. I am skeptical about the rooting stuff but yet tempting. So, what about the annoying insufficient space? As at now I even have abt 250mb intercaler pace free, but still persists.

  26. I got my techno G9 from Konga online, I foremostly charged it till the battery full, after 2 days of usage of usage and subsequent charging, it didn’t boot to normal window , until I do factory reset (by long pressing the power botton) and when it boot to normal window, it writes “”battery over temperature, please remove the battery” if goes off back if I try to operate anything on it, pls what can I do

  27. Hi adeniyi,

    Sorry you’re having trouble, it sounds like you have a faulty tab…if you can still return it to konga then maybe best you do that… If not you might need to carry it to carlcare in ikeja.

  28. It seems you cant help me with that of my internal memory space? I am really counting on you sir. I still can’t download apps from playstore.

  29. I am using tecno p9 pad with 1 gig ram + 16 gig ROM. after a month, if I download any application, its says device is full, free some spaces. then instead of seeing 16gig, am seeing nothing less than 1 gig of internal memory, please help

  30. whenever i shake my device,the screenlocks till i unlock it.this could be frustrating when someone who isnt used to the phone handles it &it keeps locking/sleeping. how can i fix this issue please

  31. Hi Ayomiposi,

    If this is happening with the flip case on then you have to either hold the tab as I have shown in the review or remove the flip case and try… Note that you do get used to it after a while and the tab hardly goes off… Hope this helps

  32. Just got my tab as well, my issue is d sensor my screen goes off onces i move d tab. How do I turn off or reduce d sensor

  33. Hi Obaro,

    The screen going off is caused by the inbuilt magnetic sensor from what I found out this can’t be turned off without seriously messing about with the tab or so it seems… As mentioned before you have 3 choices …1.find the best way to hold the tab so that the magnet doesn’t detect like I’ve shown in the review, 2. Use the tab without the flip case or 3. Find a new flip case that doesn’t have a magnet… If I come across a way to switch off this feature I’ll post it… Hope this helps

  34. please my device cant snap clearly in the dark,the pictures are just lyk the flash light is inefficient. please is there any setting i need do??tried everything even restored default setting,yet the pix output aint bright @all

  35. Great job. Thanks for the review. Please here is my question. I just got the G9 about 3 days ago and I can’t locate the 16G internal memory that came with with. Now I can’t download again cos it keeps telling me I have insufficient memory. Though I have not gotten a memory card yet. Plus I will need your urgent reply. Thanks and keep the good work on.

  36. Hi Olusola,

    The pic I took for the review in complete darkness was with the default app at default settings… Maybe you can try with another app available in the play store there are many free ones there… Let’s see if there’s any difference

  37. I was told by my clean master to move FB to SD, but on getting dere it won’t go.the move sign is not coming up or bold enough to be move.

  38. pls. i have being use my G9 for more than 2 months. but i cant save applications to the internal storage. while am having 16GB as the internal space. the USB STORAGE does not store any app. so i both an expandable storage 16GB too. but still saying insufficient storage when updating app. why is it so. i need a help on how i can use the storage with saying insufficient storage

  39. please I have a problem downloading apps to my USB storage which has a capacity of 10.5gb, always telling me “insufficient storage space,” what should I do please?

  40. am using g9, am having problem with using my you tube and downloading apps….
    my play store isn’t functioning, what can I do?

  41. Hi comfort,

    The first thing that comes to mind is that you are having these issues due to your internet connection…please try doing those things with an alternate connection preferably one you know is working well… Hope this helps 🙂

  42. Hi Comfort,

    What settings are you having a challenge with? if you replace the sim card of one network to another the settings are automatically there…

  43. Hi Tunde,

    Go to System Settings/storage/ you will see on top ‘default write disk’ set this to SD card…you should be good to go… Hope this helps 🙂

  44. I can now open my play store but d problem now is downloading.
    ve not been able to download.
    is dere anything am supposed to do, DAT ve not done

  45. Hi Comfort,

    As long as I’ve been using android on different tabs and phones this is a common challenge with play store… It could be from two things… 1.many times its from your Internet connection it’s happened to me up to the point I changed thee different connections before being able to download at that point… Just a few hours later I was able to download using the first connection… I advise you try different connections and see what happens 2.it could also be a problem with the app itself… In this case the solution is usually easy… Are you getting an error message? If yes what’s the message…

  46. naijabature, i have been following this post since the first person asked a question, nice job. I’ve been using tecno android since whenever and most of the questions posed here are easy to answer and you have been a great help to them. But regarding the G9, am skeptic if the speakers are loud enough even if they are not front faced like my darling P9. And also, i believe you must have handled the tecno s9, i need to know if am going to be faced with that godforsaken dull screen presented in that product although viewing the specs with the tecno n9, they seem to have same ppi. I need a hands on review, and need to know if the screen is even as fair as the n9 (because i would be okay even with that)

  47. Hi Chris,

    thanks! Here’s the deal when it comes to speakers the p9 has better sound but to be honest for what I use the g9 for I can live with the speaker plus a set of good quality headphones… As for screen definitely the g9’s is way ahead of the s9… I use the screen at its lowest setting most of the time so it doesn’t worry me too much… I would advise you try it out and see if it’s to your taste before buying what is sharp and OK for me could be dull and horrible for you… If I compare with the n9 then g9s screen is better… To me… 🙂 hope this helps

  48. My bro, you are prompt and just too good. to be honest, I’ve browsed the web for a good review of the g9 and yours has been the best in so much that I bookmarked ‘naijabature’ both on pc and my phone. keep it up. I think am in for a change and am going to experience the g9…cos I believe in tecno. I believe there are other tabs that have come out, out there…like spark and bluegate, I believe a review from you regarding any of these whether they are good or bad will be honest and accurate. keep it up.

  49. Thanks alot mehn! i was gonna post my complaint about this product (g9) but after going through all d reviews. i hv gotten a way out. it was about d screen dat goes off randomly. thanks once again for d reviews.

  50. pls i’ve searched for a slot for sim two on my tecno G9 but cldn’t find it. pls can anybody help?

  51. greatings to you!
    I wish to get the techno g9 at the rate of 30thousands but the price is higher in places I’ve been, pls where do I get it at the thirty thousands naira,i mean store.

  52. Hi Ransom,

    From what I can gather many places now sell the g9 at 32,000-32,500… There might be shops where you are located that may still carry the 30k price tag… Best of luck

  53. i bought external usb keyboard to my tecno g9, my problem is that somwtimes it fails. when the keyboard usb plugged to d g9, there is an icon showing as a notice that d keyboard is plugged and working. After some seconds the icon start to blink till it goes off ,then the keyboard will not work anymore. pls i need help. thanks


  55. Hi Olayinka,

    The only way to know what’s happening is for you to troubleshoot… Is this tablet keyboard failing on other tablets? Have you tried an ordinary USB keyboard connected via OTG? Does it fail as well? … The problem could be from the keyboard and not the G9…

  56. Beautiful reviews. Thinking about getting the g9 but am confused. Am looking at camera quality tho. Pls do you know about other phones within the range of 30k to 40k with good camera quality(front and back)

  57. Hi MEy

    Thanks! To be honest I hardly use the cameras on the G9 or my phone so definitely I’m not the right one to give an opinion… To me as long as I can see the pic and it’s not blurry that’s the end… Sorry I couldn’t be of more help 🙁

  58. Chairman, why are people so keen on cameras? You can get the Tecno A3 (6 inches) with 13mp back and 8mp front but for effective tabs despite average camera, just to mention a few that are not even as costly as you anticipate but as effective. Try Spark SP c002- N24,500, Spark v843- N20,000, Bluegate bg8- N31,000 at the top of my head, Innjoo f2 (10inches) is 20k but the ppi was 116 even though it came with 16million colors and an IPS screen. But i believe most tabs now that are not samsung or LG are not more than 35k both at online markets or retail.
    I just prefer the G9 because of the good sermon tecno P9 has preached to me, being both rugged and lasting.

  59. Tanks for ur great replies and hope yu will be able to resolve my issue for me as well.i have been able to move some apps dat accept to be moved to SD but immediately i restart my fone, all the apps moved to SD will disappear from d fone and wen i check d app in d settings i will only see dem in d list with a question mark on it and a capacity of 0.00B like been corrupt.its really frustrating me seriously, i got another memory card and still getting d same isssues.please help

  60. this usually happens with some Sandisk memory cards especially 16gb, 4gb and 64gb. My guess is that you are using a sandisk. Get an ‘Advance’ memory card and u have my word that it will stay…buy the ranges of 8 and 32gb. I believe that ur problem is a memory card problem and not at all from Tecno.

  61. Thanks a lot for ur reply mr chucks, yes d 16gb is a scan disk, went ahead to buy anoda which is 8gb and a scan disk as well and stuck with d same problem.please if it’s really memory card issues if someone else with a different SD on dis forum has not seen d same problem, which memory card maker would you recommend i buy again cos i am scared of ending up wasting money on memory cards again

  62. Hi oladipupo,

    I use a Samsung 16gb card and it works fine for me… The reason I asked about the launcher is sometimes other launchers installed startup out of sync with the memory card… Have you tried the cards on other devices?… Since the tab is new I would return to factory settings then format the 16gb card from within the tab and try with only one app and let’s see how far… Let’s try all options first before you purchase another card even though I agree with Chris that SanDisk can be finicky…

  63. Mr Ola, i alrady mentioned the best memory card so far apart from original Tecno and Samsung cards…its ‘ADVANCE’ try to ask for ADVANCE memory card from any phone accessory store, i have never really encountered a fake ADVANCE memory card. Its not rare, its everywhere, i believe you will not have the same issues with this recommended card. tnks

  64. I have done d factory settings, erase d SD from within d tab.still having d same issues jux dat some of d apps remain while some disappeared and showing d apps in d settings with a question mark icon and a 0.00Byte instead of d real capacity of d file.please help out if trying to buy anoda SD apart from scandisk will resolve dis issue and i won’t end up wasting money

  65. Hi oladipupo,

    Unfortunately there is no way I can know of what will work or not for you… In this case it’s a matter of trial till you find the answer… I’m not saying you should waste money but again there are many factors… As far as I know there are many fake SanDisk SD cards in the market and like Chris said SanDisk are very finicky when saving apps to them … The choice is yours to try another brand as suggested or not…

  66. @mr Chris, yu can’t imagine how grateful i am to you right now and everyone who replied to my post.i jux bought a 16gb advanced SD and after sending d apps to d fone as i have been doing and restart d fone and after restarting i moved d movable apps to d SD and restart and my apps remained.i am so happy cos i was scared about idea of some blog saying to root and increase d app inbuilt memory but now dat it’s working fine with d new SD i can take d idea of rooting off my mind since i can even moved those huge capacity games confidently and i am still having more than 700mb app inbuilt and am okay with that.

  67. Hi oladipupo,

    Glad you sorted your problem out enjoy your tab…. Thanks for your input Chris your diagnosis and solution were spot on… from now on you will be called Dr. Chris on this site:)

  68. Hello, pls i want to ask ur opinion on rooting d G9 and d increasing of d internal app memory to 6gb,is there aany negative idea towards doing that?

  69. Hi Oladipupo,

    For me I have not done anything like that… Yet :)… to be honest this wahalla of small disk space is annoying and at every point getting the not enough storage space message is not funny… If you are able to perform the steps and ready to take the risk then why not… If you are not comfortable tinkering with the tab then probably best to leave it alone…

  70. Hi mezzy,

    I’m afraid the only tab I can recommend is the TECNO g9 as it’s what I’m using at the moment… At 32k for an 8 inch tab it’s not too bad considering it does everything I need it to and more… Maybe you should consider going for it… Good luck 🙂

  71. Hi mezzy,

    Unfortunately I’m not in to games much but the g9 has RF13 pre-installed and that works without stutters…hope that gives you some idea of performance…

  72. Hello,
    I use techno pad g9. Recently, I started noticing that my Whatsapp was misbehaving. For example, whoever I want to launch it, it brings the download page for me. And after downloading it, instead of giving me the most recent chat history, it brings an older version of the chat. Is there a way of solving this problem?

  73. Hi Tunde,

    In this case I would completely uninstall whatsapp from the tab and then install only the one from the play store … Please let us know if that solved your problem…

  74. Thanks for your information. I recently got my G9 tab and after a while I saw fuel looking patches on the the screen. A friend of mine who had the same tab said it would go off with time, however, it bigger bigger. How do I solve this problem. Because it am very concerned.

  75. Hi Osasu,

    You’re welcome! I would take the tab to carlcare in Ikeja to have it checked out as I have never seen patches on any of the G9’s I’ve come across…

  76. please I want to choose one btw the G9 and P9 and am confused as to which one is better, I dont know if you can help me.
    note; am not interested in size

  77. Hi Aminu Katsina,

    I have touched on this before in the comments below but apart
    from the screen size the G9 is slightly thinner and has a larger
    battery which means you get more time to use it on one charge,
    I have both tabs with me at the moment and the G9 definitely goes the extra mile when it comes to battery life…the p9 fits better in one hand if you read a lot the P9 wins here… another thing you should consider is price with the P9 going for N29,000 and the G9 for N35,000… so if screen size is not an issue and you don’t see yourself needing the extra battery life then best you save that 6k difference and go for the p9… both are good tabs but obviously I lean towards the G9 :)before you buy do try getting some hands on time with both to help you make the right choice… good luck 🙂

  78. Hi dee,

    You cant change the font styles on the G9 out of the box (which as far as I know is the same for many android models) however if you really need to change the font google *change font on android* the first hit tells you just about everything you need to know… hope this helps 🙂

  79. Hello guys,

    I have a problem with my techno G9 tablet in that it does not connect to internet via wifi even after verifying that I am connected to wifi. sometimes back it would work so well but it has since stopped even after resetting to factory setting. What could be the problem?

    I will appreciate your assistance.


  80. Hi Peter,

    In order for you to make sure the G9 is the problem have you tried a wifi spot that you know to be working fine and that you are able to connect and browse with any other device ?

  81. hmmmmmm… obviously you have tried different wifi spots with the tab so that’s out(hopefully you also tried a public wifi to see how far)…try removing the security password if there is one on the wifi connection and see if that gets it working… otherwise I cant think of anything else that might be the problem other than the G9 has developed a fault and needs to be checked out…

  82. My new G9 suddenly will not come on. If I press the power button nothing happens. If I plug in the power cable nothing happens. Its completely dead.

  83. Hi Dave,

    Did the tab just go off by itself? Or Did you use it till the battery died? If it’s till battery died I would charge it for a long while and then check by holding the power button for longer than usual…

  84. Hi. My G9 tab and 3 others around suddenly brought up the patches and never left.Others with similar issue said their screen just went off afterwards; I hope mine wont too because is barely 1 month..It’s a little wonder someone has not heard of it.it;s rampant now;is there a way you can feed us back on this and get it across to Tecno? thank you

  85. Hi Grace,

    Sorry you are having trouble with your G9…I’m just someone who bought a G9 and thought it would be good to write a detailed review that would help others know more about it…I am definitely not affiliated or have any way of getting any info across to Tecno unfortunately…Tecno do have a warranty on their products in place and it would be advisable to visit the carlcare office in Ikeja if any issues arise…

  86. The patches are there cause of the applied pressure on the screen and it gets worse when more pressure is applied on the screen… I would advise you to stop putting your tab in a tight bag, it might go away on its own

  87. please cud u kindly assist. i av recently noticed a trend in my tecno G9 tab…i use a glo network…i notice the internet jst suddenli goes off and wud not return till i go to the mobile network button, switch off and on again..or most times reboot it. its embarasiin bcos the person i share glo data wit still kips browsin while i av to kip restartin mine. any tots on this?

  88. Hi my techno g9 won’t respond,it just went dead,the battery drained I’m having trouble charging it,it won’t even show the charging icon pls…..help I have a presentation n all the stuff are inside

  89. Hi moyo,

    I would try another network to see if it does that… My wife and I both have g9s and use the same network sometimes mine works perfectly and my wife has to switch off the network etc and vice versa… Are you the one sharing the data or is it your friend? I have heard of many people having problems with shared data…experiment with a direct data connection… Different networks…

  90. Hi jamila,

    Try keeping the tab on charge for a very long time before that make sure the charger you are using works by plugging another device to it sounds like *duh* advice but trust me especially if you are using the tecno charger they tend to die quickly…

  91. Hi Gideon G.M,

    There are two ways you can connect… Via a Bluetooth keyboard but this chops in to your battery life the other way is via a wired USB keyboard all you need is an OTG cable that’s available everywhere these days and is quite cheap… As soon as you connect the tab detects the keyboard… Hope this helps 🙂

  92. ok…i am sharing my glo data wit my wife actuali….hers is almost always on…mine jst trips off suddenli n i av to now re switch on to regain signal…somtimees more than three times

  93. Hi moyo,

    I think although annoying you’ll find its more of a network problem rather than anything to do with your G9… since you are sharing with your wife its better your tab is going on and off rather than hers 🙂 abi? 🙂

  94. lol…its olrite….at least knowin its nt a tab tin..its quite consoling…..howeva my eyes still on it. tanx alot. by d way my internal memory of about 12giggs seems inactive or unable to acess…wat do i do

  95. Hi moyo,

    When you say inactive does it mean you are downloading stuff etc and you see the 12GB staying put? if that’s the case you can do a quick test connect the G9 to your pc drag down your notification panel you’ll see “connnected as USB storage” tap this and change the selection to “Media device (MTP)… on the Windows autoplay panel that pops up choose “open device to view files” dump a large folder or file to the drive labeled USB storage and see what happens…that file or folder should take up some space from the 12GB… note that files do not generally write to the USB storage automatically…I’ve always made sure I create a folder there and dump all my files there via pc or make sure my downloads are pointed to that drive… hope this helps

  96. hello,
    i noticed that i cant update any app on my device cos whenever a notification for update comes up & i try to update frm play store it says ‘error,insufficient memory’,even though i have a usb storage of 12g that is empty. Pls what do i do? i need to update my whatsapp ASAP!

  97. Hi allure,

    I’m afraid that’s the case with most lower priced and even some high priced android devices…this is the way the hard disk of the G9 is partitioned in which you only have 1GB for apps which is filled up quite quickly… In this case the easiest way to update your whatsapp is to delete a couple of unused apps from your tab and you’re good to go…

  98. Hi! I bought my tecno phantom G9 today. I have problem with using the camera, I can’t rotate it and can only take shots of my face. Can’t find any way around it. Anyway you can help please?

  99. Hi Umar Abu,

    First off sorry I hope you have solved your challenge by now seeing as I am answering late but if not… with the camera app running you will see two icons at the bottom right hand corner one has an A and lightning bolt the other below it has a camera with two arrows going round it press this and the camera changes from the front one to the back and vice versa… hope you are enjoying your tab…

  100. there is a kind of liquid mark that appear on the screen after a slight pressure. How can this be rid off

  101. Hi Leke,

    this has already been answered by Justin in the comments below “The patches are there cause of the applied pres­sure on the screen and it gets worse when more pres­sure is applied on the screen… I would advise you to stop putting your tab in a tight bag, it might go away on its own”

    hope this works for you…

  102. I use techno G9,the battery went flat, I plugged it and the battery came up with about 7% but before I knew what happening it went off without coming up again.pls what will I do?
    Hope 2 hear 4rm u soon

  103. Hello, how do I back up my pad g9 techno contacts including bbm contacts and which application can I use to achieve this. Thank u

  104. Hi Tunde,

    no special app is needed… in the contacts app on your tab make sure you do the following:

    1. all contacts are saved to the gmail account you set the tab up with. for example if you have a new contact save it to your gmail account and not the tab… (if all your contacts are presently saved only to the tab then simply export all contacts to your gmail account by pressing the three dots at the bottom right hand corner of the contacts app then choose import/export copy contacts from “tablet” to your gmail account (just follow the steps).

    2. press the three dots again and choose accounts make sure “auto-sync” app data check box is ticked…

    now your contacts will always be synced with your gmail account… you can always access your contacts via your gmail account on the web(search for google contacts and sign in with your gmail account)

    as for BBM all contacts in your list are attached to the email you setup BBM with… the contacts are already backed up… if you set up a fresh installation of bbm using that same email then all the contacts are restored automatically just makes sure you stick to that account email for you to always have those bbm contacts…

    hope I was clear enough and this helps 🙂

  105. Dear Naija,
    i was going to buy the P9 mini pad bcz of its smaller size and so it could serve me as a phone as well as i move around.but i came across this G9…I liked it but am not sure how i can go communicating with such a bigger device across streets.please advice

  106. Hi hilda,

    for me using a 7 inch tab as a phone would be really cumbersome unless you want to go the Bluetooth/wired headset route which is a pain…(again for me) here’s the deal the p9 is an excellent 7 inch tab(I still have it and wont let it go) I don’t know if you would want to put that to your ear and take calls though believe me after you do that a few times you’ll soon stop 🙂 The G9 is larger but has better battery life and between the two I would definitely go for this… maybe you should consider a tab/phone combo… phone for calls, sms and IM needs whilst the tab for all multimedia needs… hope this helps 🙂

  107. i have bought my G9 a week ago and noticed the internal storage is 1 Gb, so i could do the root issue but before doing that if i plug the G9 to my pc and install any application will that be in my usb storage which is 13 Gb or will remain install it into internal storage 1 gb ? plz help thx

  108. Hi pupytal

    All applications are installed on the 1gb whether you install from play store or an external apk… The usb storage is for your media files etc… Hope this helps

  109. Hi…thanks a lot. Yeah I am enjoying my tecno G9. It wasn’t an issue that could be rectified that easily, I got told it was a factory problem and the rotate camera icon was entirely missing. I’ve had it replaced now, and the new one is okay. Thanks again

  110. hello,my tecno tablet displayed “phone over temperature remove battery”.please i am so confused because i did not over use it.

  111. thanks for your reviews and how you solved all the problems posted. I just bought a g9 yesterday, before buying, I went on line for needed information, I discovered that g9 has dual sim active, but to my surprise after buying, I has just a slot for sim and same for SD card. why this, is the misinformation from techno company or the reviewer? going through your review safe me from returning it because I was thinking is a fake. help tell them to follow their specifications. Thanks and God bless.

  112. Hi Arogba s. o,

    You’re welcome 🙂 Usually when a product is just released in to the market some reviewers put up specs that are not yet fully verified… as far as I know there is no such thing as a dual sim G9… I’m glad the review helped you out… unfortunately I am in no way affiliated with Tecno and just decided to put up the review to help other G9 users… enjoy your new tab 🙂

  113. I just bought a 32gb micro SD card for my tecno g9 but immediately I slot the card in, my tab freezes. What can I do to prevent this.?

  114. Hi Teegho

    Are you inserting the micro SD card whilst the tab is on if yes try switching off the tab first… Have you tried this card on another device?

  115. Please I need help, my tecno G9 tab that I have used for few months all of a sudden Stopped recognizing sim cards when inserted. That is zero bar on the network level indicator. How do I resolve this please.

  116. My tecno g9 is discharging when am on internet, even when the phone is on charge. What should l do?

  117. Hi John,

    I am assuming you mean discharging fast whilst online? Could you be a bit clearer…for instance how fast does the battery discharge from 100% to say 50% and what we’re you doing in that time online… We’re you watching videos? Playing a game? You need to give a usage pattern so we can see if it’s the tab that has an issue…

  118. Pls I need your help!!!
    Just got a techno G9 tab.
    But after installing some apps it started complain of low memory then I decided to root. After I installed a font changing app and then I tried to reboot to feel the new look of my tab but it wouldn’t boot past the techno logo. I’ve tried data wipe but the problem persist. PLS HELP OUT I JUST GOT It 2days ago.

  119. Hi Ola,

    Sorry you’re having trouble… This problem is beyond just returning the tab back to factory settings you will need to get the tab back to the original stock rom… I suggest you Take it to carlcare tecno support in ikeja and they will hopefully quickly sort it out. If at your own risk you want to sort it out then hovatek.com has step by step instructions/videos on what to do and also a copy of the original stock rom… A warning though if you haven’t done this before you run the chance of bricking your device… If you’re not sure then a technician is needed to sort it out at your cost… Hope this helps…

  120. Hello, i use techno g9, but recently my twitter, whatsapp and Facebook always log me out. Please is there a way to resolve this?

  121. Hi Tunde,

    are you sure it’s not from your internet connection? try another connection (other phone networks wifi etc) and see what happens…

  122. I dont really think so. I usually make the tab to sleep and wake up at specific time. But I don’t know whether that’s what its causing it. Any other solution?

  123. It sounds very much like you are losing your internet connection but if not that do you have any apps installed that shut down running apps in the background ?

  124. hello pls i hope u can help me rectify my problem. my g9 trips off even wen the ba3 is fully charged, wen i on it again it will still trip off. the only time i am using the fone is wen i am charging it. i tried factory reset but it doesnt work still. pls help me ASAP

  125. pls I need help with my phone tecno G9, recently after a factory reset, my phone keeps pausing my movies by itself. when ever I am playing it with the phone video player….
    Also the when playing game, it pauses itself at intervals…..
    plsss help…… thanks….

  126. when played from SD card, it pauses and I will have to click play to continue but when played from USB storage, all it does is go back a little then continue playing……

  127. Hi Stanley,

    lets try a small test… shut down the tab completely remove the sdcard boot up again and play a movie directly from internal storage…does it still go back a little? or pause > ?

  128. Hi Stanley,

    I know it’s frustrating… This is what I would do if this happened to me(requires patience)…I would do a factory reset again and start to troubleshoot from there… concentrate on the video for now… try a movie again from internal storage using at least two players the pre installed one and lets say vlc player as it could be the player app… try the same with a movie from sd card what are the results… if the movie plays fine then start adding your apps back one by one… each time you do so try the movie… there might be an app causing this… please let us know what the final result is and if its solved… good luck

  129. Thank u for giving solutions to people’s issue on G9 tab. Please can I charge my tab with laptop. Cos each time I try it, with the tab on, it shuts down itself. What could be the problem.

  130. Hi Tunde,

    You’re most welcome 🙂 hmmmm strange…when you connect your G9 to your laptop there should be a usb connection in which you can access the tabs storage space and also charge the tab whilst connected … is this happening only with your laptop? have you tried connecting to another laptop/desktop to see if it does the same thing?

  131. Tunde.
    I had that problem but mine started the day I used Gemini App Manager to move apps to my SD card. After moving few of my system apps to SD card, started the beginning of my problem…. but how I solved it was by doing a factory reset then I started installing my apps one by one and connecting my phone to my laptop after every installation to see which app had caused the damage….
    And yes it worked for me and I haven’t tried moving my apps to SD card again and my phone works just fine now when connected to laptop……
    Good luck…..

  132. Good evening sir, please my tecno g9 suddenly triped off with 98% battery,When I try to power it on…it won’t respond. please,what should I do? Thanks in advance.

  133. Hi Samuel,

    Try to charge the tab for a few hours then press the power button for longer than the usual 8 seconds (up to a minute) and see if it starts up…

  134. Hello, I love d g9 is so cool as a tablet have been using for the past five months. Untill yesterday my 16g memory card stop working, it keep saying I should remove the sd card which I did but my memory is not working and mother of apps is on my sd card. What will I do? Am not happy about it. Please help

  135. Hi Ivy,

    I’m afraid that with things like memory cards getting damaged there’s not much you can do… however are you sure the sdcard is bad? are there any media files on the card? have you tried using the card with another device?

  136. I just tried using the sd card in another phone but is still the same problem of remove sd card. My sd card in another phone is empty and my major concern is my media files on the sd card. Please how can I retrive my information from the sd card? Thanks

  137. Hi Ivy,

    try the following:

    1. try to access the sd-card via pc with it inserted in the G9 and also the other phone you might be lucky and the card will be detected copy and save your files to the pc.

    2. try using an sdcard reader there are some really cheap sdcard to usb ones that might work they are available all over the place again try to access via pc and copy your files over.

    3. if there’s no way to access the sd card then try this http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/storage/3481659/how-get-files-off-corrupt-sd-card/

    check this out also http://digital-photography-school.com/recover-images-from-a-damaged-sd-card/

    hope you will be able to at least get your files back… I advise you back up any new cards regularly to pc (yes I know we all don’t do it but still 🙂 ) good luck…

  138. Hello, please is there a way I can move all my browsing details from Google chrome browser to opera on my tecno g9? Thanks

  139. Hi Tunde,

    As far as I know there’s no easy way to do that in Android … I’ve not come across any apps that can do that either… Will post here if I come across a solution…

  140. my g9 is an excellent working device with everytin intact, it hardly gives me any problem of any sort.. but my only worry is the internal storage is too small for me to.install the apps i love, so pls do u know anyone from hovertek who u can introduce me to and can sort my probs out…

  141. Hi Joel,

    I’m afraid I don’t know anyone at Hovatek… they have a forum where there are a lot of contributions to solve a lot of problems… if you need to be talked through etc by one of their support techs then you need to become a premium member…

  142. i will paid anyone handsomely, who.will introduce me to an hovertek agent in person


  144. hello…. i have done a factory reset but yet it didn’t fix the problem….
    when i play a movie with the phone video player, it keeps pausing and playing by itself at intervals but when played with wondershare player, it plays without any problem……
    it also happens when ever i am playing games….. it just keep pausing my games…. even when playing a small size game…..
    pls help if there is any solution…. ….

  145. Hi Stanley,

    do you get the pauses with other apps? how about youtube via the youtube app any pauses ? the fact that wondershare is playing the video smoothly shows that the pre-installed app may be having issues(if it was a g9 hardware performance problem I’m guessing the video would pause and start regardless of the player used)… are the games playing off the sdcard or direct from internal storage? hmmmmmmm I just came across something lets give it a try… go to settings/apps and look for the maps app press uninstall updates… try angry birds lets see what happens…please let me know the results would be good to know if this helped remedy the issue…good luck

  146. Pls help if u can
    My g9 takes about three ours to charge up by 2% and doest charge at all when the tab is on. Even doigh i see the charging notification.

  147. Hi rech,

    here are two things I would do in this case :

    1. try another charger

    2. try going through the process of calibrating the battery…

    hope this helps

  148. tnks. it was the cable. but i already reset my device. Now vidoes keep playing and pausing. i reseted the device over and over but it didnt change

  149. Hi rech,

    have you tried the possible solution to the stopping and starting given to stanley below? if not give it a shot let’s see if it solves it… go to settings/apps and look for the maps app press “uninstall updates”… also try different players and please post back with the results so others with the same issue can benefit.. thanks

  150. Hello, i have two questions. please which antivirus is the best for tecno g9, secondly, my tecno is taking too much time to charge. What could be the cause and the solution. Thanks

  151. Hi Tunde,

    I don’t use an antivirus app on any of my android devices I see it as just another drain on the system for no great benefit… but I guess if you must use one then both avg and avast have good apps… as for the charging please define long the G9 has a large battery so definitely I have never had less than 4-5 hours to fully charge… if its taking much longer than that troubleshoot by trying another cable/charger…

  152. hello… i have been trying to resolve my phone issue and have tried all
    the steps you have given me but i haven’t had any luck yet. although you
    said something about going to settings/app, to look for maps app, and to
    click uninstall updates…. but i haven’t been able to go about it very
    well because when i click maps from apps all i see is force stop and
    disable…. and i have clicked everything on maps but still no luck too…..

    I just noticed that someone has the same problem here… well so far the
    only progress i have had is playing my videos with wondershare player
    because because my phone video player and VLC player keeps playing and
    pausing. but i haven’t been able to do anything about my games playing and
    pausing too…

    pls if there is any other information you can help me with i will so much
    appreciate it. thanks for your help so far…… THANKS…..

  153. Hey
    I love my g9 to death but my biggest problem is the liquid mark. I lost my tab case and I’ve been trying to get a replacement but people don’t stock it. Why is this?
    Where can I get another case to protect the tab because these liquid marks are driving me insane

  154. Hi Ivy,

    From what I’ve seen the latest version of the G9 has the Tab and case in one pack and not separate like it was initially that’s probably why no one has it in stock… I have come across the stain twice and each time its because the owners had placed them in a bag and had something press against the screen… after a few days(in one case a whole week) the stain goes away so definitely watch out for that… If I come across a a case anywhere I’ll let you know…

  155. hello, pls how do i activate the led lighton techno G9? All effort has failed. kindly respond. thanks

  156. Hi Victor Iyamah the Tecno G9 doesn’t have a notification light as far as I know or at least none of the ones I have come across…so unless tecno added that feature which is unlikely I would go with theres’s none…

  157. I hve one ploblem on my g9,
    i dont know how to mute the starting tone..besides silence mode

  158. It happened to me and I updated my kinguser. If your device is rooted, simply update the kinguser and restart your G9.

  159. Please I can’t charge my g9 phone for more than 5 days now I charge it for hours but nothing is entering

  160. Allow it to fully discharge, then try to charge it again. If it fails, try a different charger

  161. I av been experiencing a lot of unwanted app on my techno G9 e.g Usbsecurity, monkey test, time service, engrik etc. These app make the tablet to be slow and at times not responding. what do I do?

  162. I updated my bbm and I can’t open my bbm since then. It’s telling me “unfortunately bbm has stopped working” pls kindly help

  163. Hi,I jus bought a G9 n while playing a game d screen began 2 get lines across. Hours later this worsened to it becoming blurry. What do I do??

  164. Hi, Jus bought my G9 2 days ago from n while playing a game I began to see small lines across the as though it ws shaky.Now the screen of the tab is blurry.please what do I do??

  165. Good morning, anytime I try to make whatsapp call on my techno g9, it always reply whatsapp is denied to start sound recording. Please, help?

  166. Hello, I have available storage space on my techno g9 (USB storage) but when I want to install an application it will show me that the space is insufficient, so I decided to use an SD card but the problem still persisted. Please help me out Cruz I really like the tab. And please tell me more about USB storage. Thanks. 🙂

  167. please, can i use a computer hard drive as a USB storage on Techno G9… Cos am planning to get one soon


  169. My G9 is almost 2 yrs now but recently it just switches off when I am using it even when the battery is fully charged. It won’t turn back on except I plug it to power. I have scanned it with Avast and AVG antivirus and there are no viruses. Is this a battery problem? If yes, how can I resolve it since the battery is non-removable. I can’t think of moving around with a power bank all the time just to use my ipad! My email address is chugabs@yahoo.com. Thanks.


  171. hi, i changed my techno G9 battery because it no longer good .the new one i changed to drains so easily which is unbearable.what can i do please.

  172. pls my Techno G9 can’t connect to my data. I have flash and do some factory setting still not working I have tried several sim card.

  173. I have been suffering from virus attack. I have reset and done many settings. The virus displays advert using OPEN SUDOKU and TWITTER app that comes with the phone. Pls how can i help my self. Some one to help me.

  174. hi, i just woke up this morning and my techno g9 pad displayed that the USB storage is damaged and should be formatted but have been unable to do that

  175. my tecno g9 suddenly said ‘damaged usb storage’ one day and i discovered all my files had disappeared. my file manager was empty. however, my apps were still in place. another issue was that strange apps were installing themselves. even when i uninstalled them, the reinstalled themselves. it kept interrupting whatever i was doing with all kinds of ads. i factory reset the phone but there was no difference. now, even playstore has refused to work. pls help me

  176. Pls I can’t make call or check account balance with my phone, except browsing. Anytime I try use it to call, it brings error message (control bla bla bla) what can I do?

  177. Hi Pls I Ned Help Ma G9 Tablet S Tellin Me USB Storage Damaged And It Also Controls It Self And It Fustratin Pls Help Me

  178. Bcos of things i want to download i bought extra16gig sd card but anytime i wants to download an app from goggle play it will be showing no enough space so hw do i tranfer some apps form phone internal memory to sd card or store downloads to sd card bcos as of now i cannot download anything,pls help.

  179. pls am having problem with my techno G9 maybe u can help me whenever I charge the battery it always discharge instead of charging and boost up it will be decreasing pls what can I do?

  180. This phone is a course to every one that has it. The second name of Tecno G9 is virus. I am using it but hate it with the wrath of God

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