The new 6-core Android smartphone from TECNO, the R7, arrived MOBILITY today, and I have been setting it up. As soon as I connected it

TECNO introduces OTA update and custom UI on the R7

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The new 6-core Android smartphone from TECNO, the R7, arrived MOBILITY today, and I have been setting it up. As soon as I connected it to a WiFi network, I was prompted about a software update waiting. The notification indicated that it was to fix software bugs. I proceeded to initiate the update, and within minutes, the R7 was running the updated software.

TECNO OTA update

This is a new milestone for TECNO. It is the first time that they are providing an Over-The-Air (OTA) software update for a device, and this is good news for TECNO lovers. The R7 runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which I find odd. But hopefully, with OTA updates now available, perhaps we can expect an update to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat soon?

Also, as you can see in the above screenshot, TECNO has modified the user interface – also perhaps for the first time? Here is what the Settings menu looks like now:


Looks like TECNO is on a roll. Expect more articles and my review of the TECNO R7.


    Techo is now pushing OTAs
    wouldn’t hold my breath for Kitkat though
    btw nice UI tweaks

  2. This does look sleek…Tecno means business!

    That’s what competition from Huawei, Lenovo and Gionee does to one, I guess…

  3. my facebook app is always shutting down on the new Tecno R7 so i just unistalled it, dors anybody know how to fix this,also when will we get kitkat on the R7?

  4. Deleting it was the first move, now Install it afresh. Pre-installed apps are usually problematic; my guess is that they are much older versions (updating them doesn’t help, reinstalling fresh does).
    Hope this helps



  6. I bought recently Techno R7, but it cannot shutdown. After a long press on turn-on button, all was in-vain. Please could it be the phone is fault?. Any advice.

    The Assistant application in the Techno R7 lost all the application files. How can i reinstate them?.

  7. Take the phone to Carlcare since you have a warranty, or settle for a software method of shutting down, maybe scheduled power off and on, or something. Regarding the application files, they’re still there. Get a file manager like X-plore, go to the top directory. You should see “LAN”, “Root”, “Internal Storage” and “System”. Go to System (no root required) and search for “*.apk” (without quotes). You’ll see them there. Click on one to install.

  8. @Emmanuel, try installing the update in recovery mode. Save the file in the top directory of your sd card. Shut down the phone, hold power on and volume down till you see a menu, then select “Install update from sd card”, navigate to the file and select it.

  9. Maybe the Power button is faulty. If the warranty is still on, take it to TECNO Carl Care.. As for the second issue, check your ‘Files’ of ‘File Manager’ app , look for the folder ‘Assistant’ the apks will be lying there

  10. My R7 charges and drains so fast. it charges fully within 30-40 min and drains off within an hour. Is there a setting or app I need to boost my batery life?

  11. The tecno r7 OTA is still not working up to date. You cannot upgrade your phone from Jelly been 4.2.2 to Kitkat 4.4.2 while order phone even upgrade to Lollipops 5.1.1 naa was ooooo.

  12. Can anybody help on my tecno r7 that the glass got broken and it has affected the screen, and I want to know the cost of repair and where to repair.

  13. No matter how u upgrade a phone there most be some kwatshiokor in it….either d battery drains faster or it starts to lag…but if u are lucky enough t have or phone upgrade to a higher without a problem DAT will definitely be for d gud sake of d make of d phones

  14. I’m using R7,but the phone is still on android 4.2.2 every night I have to check for new version but all in vain for that I’m not sure weather it’s up datable…

  15. I have a techno R7. My problem is that it loads contacts really slow. When I receive calls it takes time way into the conversation before the contact name shows. And when I try to access the contacts to dial or view it takes a long time to bring up the list. It crashes several times too. I did factory reset but noticed the problem again. My system is R7-G806-20140714. What can I do?

  16. I got an R7 a month ago, for some reason I could say am enjoying myself,except for the primary camera which was said to be 13 mega opixels gives a very poor picture output. Has anyone experienced dis

  17. Go to your setting, then on apps,select “All apps” tabs and look for phone…..tap on it and clear cache. You can as well clear data but maje sure you backup yo existing contacts on sim then reboot yo phone….if the problem persist….boot yo phone into recovery and on the boot menu select “clear cache” then again reboot yo phone….yo problem should e fixed!

  18. I have a similar issue. I think the 13mp on R7 is a fraud. Whenever I take shots in a poor lighted area, the photo comes out very dark and very unclear, even when taken with the flash on. Even when night mode is on. I have compared with several other lesser rated phone cameras in the same environment and noticed that their output is way better than R7.

  19. My tecno r7 was attached my virus and when i do factory reset. i got a message and AppManage is not working and i could not make calls, browse or do anything with my phone. What do I do?

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