TECNO outsells Samsung to take number 1 spot in Nigeria, Ghana

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Months ago, I was in Accra, Ghana for the West Africa Telecom Summit Expo 2015, as well as Ghana Telecom Awards 2015. During the course of the events, I spoke with a few industry insiders there and all confirmed that TECNO was Ghana’s leading smartphone brand, ahead of Samsung and Huawei.

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Here in Nigeria, sales figures from 2014 tell a similar story – that TECNO has become Nigeria’s leading smartphone brand, again ahead of Samsung. I have spoken with leading mobile technologist, Emeka Okoye, about the Nigerian smartphone market before. He reiterated this fact again:

Emeka says that for every one device that Samsung sells, TECNO sells two. Sounds amazing.

I wish for the day when statistics will be made public here in Nigeria as is done in other places around the world. Available stats here keep being shrouded in secrecy, something that I believe is detrimental to progress.


  1. It’s not unexpected judging from the many customer interactions and aggressive marketing strategies by Tecno mobile

  2. The improvement made over a 5 years Period by TECNO is simply amazing. meanwhile Samsung had stuck to it expensive high end gadgets making good phones unaffordable to many.

    So I’m not surprised.

  3. Not surprised,almost every other Smartphone you see around is a Tecno product..not for me though..

  4. I hope they remain true to this feat and hold the fort. Don’t want what happened to Nokia happen to them. Congrats Tecno Mobile! The progress speaks for itself.

  5. this is expected to happen naw, tecno is the peoples choice base on the affordability and the new improved design and camera

  6. yea, samsung products are cool but it cant really be accepted by the mass base on the expensiveness

  7. Infinix is actually doing well. This tecno frenzy only covers the phantom and the camon series. Other products are whack when compared to infinix mobile

  8. lol…. but from your speech it shows that you saying tecno phantom 5 and camon c8 is better dan every infinix phone..

  9. @Olu and Korede… Can you compare any tecno product with infinix zero 2, hot note 2, hot 2 or the upcoming zero 3?

    When compared in terms of value for money – spec to spec and customers’ service – tecno is no where close.

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