Are you like me who has been searching for a smartphone to buy in the market, which balances cost and value? Then, the soon to

Good Is Affordable: 9 Plus One Reasons To Buy The TECNO L9 Plus

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Are you like me who has been searching for a smartphone to buy in the market, which balances cost and value? Then, the soon to launch TECNO L9 Plus is your best bet when it officially hits the market in a few weeks.

The TECNO L9 Plus is a beautifully designed smartphone that will easily meet your smartphone needs. Beyond being affordable, here are Ten more reasons why we love the L9 Plus and think you should buy:

TECNO L9 Plus battery

    1. High Performance – The L9 Plus is wild on performance. With a massive 5000mAh in-built battery, the L9 Plus can easily deliver over 30hrs of video playback, 200hrs music playback, 40hrs calling and 24hrs of gaming. Upon heavy usage, the L9 Plus can last for 3 consecutive days.
    2. Smart Touch (One-touch fingerprint unlocking, one-touch take pictures) – TECNO L9 Plus is all about smart concepts and designs. With only one-touch, the L9 Plus can automatically interpret your fingerprint and unlock your phone in a split second. And with the smart one-touch, taking pictures is just as spontaneous as that interesting moment you are about to capture.

TECNO L9 Plus rear fingerprint scanner camera

    1. Super-Fast Charging Technology – Are you in a hurry to leave the house and want to charge your phone for only a few minutes? With the L9 Plus, charging doesn’t take forever. With your smartphone plugged in for only 30mins, you can garner up to 40% on your device. The L9 Plus charges 60% faster than the L8 and 300% faster than the iPhone 7 Plus.
    2. One Touch Ultra Power Saving Mode – TECNO L9 Plus does not just deliver a whooping 5000mAh battery capacity, it also has a dedicated ultra-power saving mode button. With only one touch, you can increase the battery life for several hours after every charge.
    3. Beauty in Symmetry – The TECNO L9 Plus is very beautiful and will complement your swag. Despite housing a massive battery, the device still weighs only 180g, is less than 4.5mm thick and carries a 6.0-inch screen on its surface. The L9 Plus is stylish and comes in 3 beautiful colors – Blue, Gold and Grey.
    4. 6.0’’ HD Large Display – With the TECNO L9 Plus, you can experience multimedia content in a whole new way. With a 6.0-inch HD crystal-clear display, the L9 Plus is perfect for watching videos, playing games and bringing colorful pictures to life.

TECNO L9 Plus banner

    1. Alluring Metal Appearance – Gone are the days of plastic plated phones, which after only a few days of purchase would make your priced device look cheap. The L9 Plus comes with a luxurious metal appearance that shields the device from cracks, marks and physical wear-out.
    2. Android 7.0 Nougat – You can enjoy advanced security with the new Android Nougat including seamless updates, file based encryption and faster apps performances. With the Nougat, you can run two apps side-by-side at the same time, control data usage, rearrange your notification pane and put your phone to sleep by merely dropping it in your pocket.

TECNO L9 Plus Android 7 Nougat

  1. Smart Touch Fingerprint Unlocking – You can create an additional layer of security to shut out intruders on the L9 Plus. The fingerprint scanner is beautifully positioned at the back of the device and with a single touch, it will unlock within the twinkle of an eye.
  2. OTG Charging Capability – You can use the L9 Plus to charge other devices. Interestingly, the massive size of the battery makes it even more suitable for use as a power-bank for other smartphones.

There you have it. There are a few more features this device packs, like the smart gestures, etc., but the above are most worthy of mention. The L9 Plus is certainly a device to strongly consider on your next device purchase. Do have a look at the specifications of the device.

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  1. Yeah is a good phone but I hate phones with 1.3ghz prosessors and not having 4g LTE feature on it.

  2. 4g lte nko? I thought it would have all the bands in Nigeria. anyway whats the price

  3. you know the 4g lte thing is not confirmed, actually saw earlier today that it comes with 4GLTE

  4. It makes plenty of sense that the L9plus came with quick charging. I don’t want to spend half of the day charging the massive 5000mah battery

  5. This phone is a power bank lol. 5000 mah is enough and you can even use it to charge other devices. Cool.

  6. I think it’s still okay as it is, price is as a result of the dollar rate. Who wouldn’t love a device running on Nougat with a big screen and a long lasting battery?

  7. I can’t believe….its more than 10hrs now, data on, games, downloading…but the battery is just the same.

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