TECNO makes a grab for the Zimbabwean smartphone market

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TECNO Mobile has years of success in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, where it has official presence and has done very well in sales. In Ghana, TECNO is the leading smartphone brand. TECNO products are also sold in quite a number of other African countries.

Zimbabwe map

TechZim reports that TECNO is entering Zimbabwe, with a target to sell half a million phones within a year.

Zimbabwe is a southern African country with a population of roughly 13 million people. Will TECNO be able to replicate its success elsewhere in Zimbabwe?

Image Source: Operation World


  1. they’ll literally be raking in billions, maybe even trillions of dollars

    Zimbabwean dollars

  2. Unbelievable!!!

    The economy of that country is just unbelievable. I once had a facilitator that said they had to stop collecting cash in zimbabwe cos of the worthless currency. Instead they started using oil as currency.

    Well, I believe they will adopt cashless policy in their sales. Traders before them survived, they would too!

  3. With the kind of strong marketing policy and plans adopted in Nigeria if well implemented, Tecno may completely take over Africa mobile market

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