It is no longer news Tecno Mobile is set to launch some devices into the Nigerian market next week, come April 5th, 2018. There have

TECNO Mobile to launch an X device

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It is no longer news Tecno Mobile is set to launch some devices into the Nigerian market next week, come April 5th, 2018. There have been lots of rumours flying around about the name of the new device and how many devices would be released on that day.

Even though no official statement has been released by the Chinese mobile phone giants, but trust me, a lot of people tech sites are coming up with different leaks and spy images and all claiming it is from a reliable source.

Teaser videos and images have been put up by the official Tecno Mobile handles on various social media accounts and they all suggest different things about the new device. One of such things is that the next device is going to have a letter “X” in its name. A slogan “Say X” has also been adopted. Many bloggers have come up with different names like Camon X, Camon CX 2, Camon CMX and a lot more.

Camon X Launch

Also, a lot of rumours suggest there would be a pro version of the new device. Another thing suggested is that it would come with the Android 8.0 Oreo.

Another teaser video put up by Tecno Mobile themselves talks about a super-fast facial recognizing system (Face ID) which is rumoured to even be able to work in low light and total darkness. All these tiny bits of information here and there makes the anticipation much more exciting.

I also did some findings and came up with the following information. Please note that this is just mere speculations and does not necessarily mean they are 100% correct:

OS: Android 8.0, 8.1(Pro)

Speed: 1.5ghz octa core

Front Camera: 20mp front camera with dual flash, 24mp (Pro)

Back Camera: 24mp back camera with ring flash, 30mp (Pro)

Durability: Waterproof

Screen Size: 18:9 screen display

Face ID (Pro)

5.0 corning gorilla screen

Front fingerprint sensor


I hope this specifications tally… Can’t wait till April 5 when the device is launched

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  1. It’s only a matter of days, we’ll see them unleash it.. Come on. Bloggers on alert.

  2. Fingerprint sensor on the front end makes me take notice.

    Dont know y they do the back positioning.

    Face ID is a plus.

    Camera is sounding big

    8.0 is the newest version. So it figures.

    We wait to witness the X

  3. I actually prefer the back positioning. It’s more natural and requires less effort, and you can use any of the 4 fingers to unlock.
    In my device (Infinix Note 3 Pro), I assigned apps and shortcuts to 4 of my fingers so it’s so very easy to unlock and launch the apps at pick up.
    Front positioning leaves only the thumb for unlocking and that most times is clumsy

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