Yesterday, InnJoo held the much publicized “More than One” event. Just like we predicted, they launched four devices, a smart TV, the Max 2, Max

Is this the TECNO Phantom 5 Killer? Unboxing and Hands on with the InnJoo 2

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Yesterday, InnJoo held the much publicized “More than One” event. Just like we predicted, they launched four devices, a smart TV, the Max 2, Max 2 Plus, and the flagship InnJoo 2. The last device on that list will be our focus for now. We got a review unit and here’s our unboxing and first impressions.

Innjoo 2 (1)
InnJoo still uses this same red box 😀 Almost all their devices use this box. Open it and you find the phone on top. Beneath is the charger, and earphones in different compartments. There’s no manual inside here, but then who still uses a manual?

Innjoo 2 (6)

The InnJoo 2 is beautiful, sleek and slim. You also notice they picked lots of design elements from Apple. That big circle in the center is a 13 MP selfie camera. The flash is on the left, and sensors on the right. It comes with Inn UI and a customised launcher on the home screen.

Innjoo 2 (5)
Take a good look at the sides, and you will see the SIM tray on the left, and on the right, volume rockers and power button. It’s interesting to note that InnJoo managed to pack this slim device with a huge 3200 mAh battery.
Innjoo 2 (4)
The top and the bottom. Very sleek right? 😉 That’s a full metal frame you’re looking at.
Innjoo 2 (3)

Saving the best for the last, see the back side. That camera is a 13 MP lens, the circle is a finger print scanner. Spoiler Alert!! You can use it to take pictures too 🙂

Innjoo 2 (2)

So far, so good. The phone looks amazing on paper. You can see the full specs HERE. Something tells me this might be the TECNO Phantom 5 killer, but hey we only need to use this extensively before concluding. Meanwhile, what are your thoughts?


  1. Is the Tecno Phantom 5 really the phone to be ‘killed’ Is it really the gold standard for value-for-money phones?
    Is a 3200mAh battery really huge in 2015?

  2. The “killer” is the price. My understanding is that it will be about 30k cheaper. At the very least.

  3. It’s 35,900. The dismerit is having to chose btw a sim 2 or using the space for memory card

  4. not sure this is a Phantom 5 killer, don’t think it was/is meant to be. specs look good (for the price, it’s not groundbreaking, I’ll leave the analyses to Donbenie)

  5. the pricing and the “quality”. compare with the recently available xiaomi. they way they are going, their next “flagship” would be around 85-90k. I don’t see people using phantom z, R7 was better. People buy tecno for a reason, the price!

  6. With 35k they’ve given you fingerprint scanner, best camera quality… Wat else do you want? Pls I think this like is good for its spec 2 price… I is just 35k techno couldn’t do it

  7. Hi Elroy,

    You know what, I like Innjoo phones more. Never liked Tecno phones, anyway. I appreciate a powerful and good looking smartphone. Innjoo’s offerings are exactly that!

    I just hope the Innjoo 2 launches in Kenya. I checked over at Jumia Kenya, and learned that the One is out of stock–since early this year. Do Innjoo want to launch the Two here or will just restock the Innjoo One? I’m wondering. Yes, I’m a Kenyan.

    Nice post.


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