TECNO Phantom 6 Plus is far more impressive than Phantom 6

Posted by Mister Mobility

While we have the Phantom 6 here at MobilityArena and brought you everything you need to know about it, we have been curious about her bigger lover, the TECNO Phantom 6 Plus. We did a little hunting and found that TechRez has published benchmark tests for the 6+. The scores are impressive.

Using the benchmark scores from TechRez and our own TECHNO Phantom 6 benchmark scores, we have drawn up a comparison scores table for the two devices. You know how putting things side-by-side paints the picture differently.

Phantom 6 Phantom 6 Plus
Geekbench: Single-Core: 739 / Multi-Core: 2,961 Geekbench: single-core 1,578 / multi-core 2,896
AnTuTu: 53,228 AnTuTu: 85,330

All I have to say is….WOW! WOW!! The TECNO Phantom 6 Plus is in a different league from its smaller lover. Apparently, TECNO decided to provide people who can’t afford the 6 Plus a compensation smartphone and came up with the watered down Phantom 6.

TECNO Phantom 6 Plus Impressive!

There is only one logical verdict here: if raw power and performance is what you are looking for and you can afford the 6 Plus, it is a far more impressive smartphone than the 6.


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