There are not a lot of smartphones out there with a hardware QWERTY keyboard these days. Yet, I believe that there is a strong market

Tecno Q1 visits us at Mobility Towers

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Tecno Q1

There are not a lot of smartphones out there with a hardware QWERTY keyboard these days. Yet, I believe that there is a strong market for devices in that category. The Tecno Q1 targets that market. I have a unit here, dressed up in black.

First Impressions

Tecno Q1
The Q1 feels like a tank, meaning it is well built and should withstand quite some abuse. It is wide and feels a bit big in the hands. Chunky is the word, I believe. There is a 5 megapixel camera at the back, and it has microUSB and 3.5mm audio ports at the top. The pack comes with an 8GB microSD card, headset, micro-USB cable and adapter, and a dark transparent back case for the phone.

Powering it on, the startup sequence is decent. I experienced a culture shock of some sorts. The 2.6-inch display feels cramped in use. Having used full touchscreen smartphones of 4 inches and above for many months doesn’t help that transition. After a while, I adjusted though, after all my wife’s BlackBerry has a smaller 2.44 inches display and I get by with it. I feel though that the display could have been larger if the space was better utilised. A 3-inch display would have easily fitted in here.

Tecno Q1 versus Blackberry Curve 9320

I am still setting up the Q1 now, so there’s not much to tell you about performance and all that. Besides email and WhatsApp which I already have up and running – and both work well without issues – I haven’t put it to much use yet. I must say that I am still getting used to the chunky size and the keyboard too. It feels a bit different from what I am used to. I will have more details in the proper review, so hang around. In the meantime, I am off to push this dude through every hoop I can find. You know how I roll 😉


  1. I’ve been using d q1 in d last 4 weeks and it has been serving me.
    Using d qwerty keyboard hasn’t been very smooth like I had it on my previous nokia qwerty, can’t hold the shift or alt key to capitalize or key in figures.
    The battery life is very poor, It burns out in less than 6 hrs of browsing, whatsapp, few calls, pic snapping, no music/ video play.

  2. Tecno is one brand that has gotten me impressed lately with their phone line up.

    I haven’t put the Q1 to use yet, but I admit it sure feels pretty good in the hand. I have heard/read complaints here and there about the battery life. I don’t know if the power regulator (for want of the right word) in the main menu is of any help, I suggest the download of any good power optimiser from the google playstore should be of help. Besides, if the Q1 does about 6hrs when put to good use, I think that’s ok cos how many BlackBerries last that long under such use. At least not my 9360.

    At the moment, I use the Tecno N7, but I sure will still love to try out the Q1 someday cos I still love the feel of my qwerty pad. With their low prices and quality not being compromised, it’s Tecno all the way for me going forward. I mean, why throw away so much money on the Samsungs, HTCs, Nokia, etc when I can get an equally good deal in Tecno.

  3. Despite all the huff and puff of PR being churned out for Techno, their phones don’t just cut it with me. Anytime I enter a phones store like Slot or any other and I see Techno phones, they come across as just cheap rip-offs of BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, etc.
    And when I draw close to take a Techno phone in hand and feel the works, all I feel is CHEAP RIP-OFF of everything original associated with established quality brands.
    Anyway, Techno is typical of Chinese spoofing technology. They do it in their native country China. You have Chinese phone makers who make iPhone look-alikes. And the cheap price is familiar all over. But of course, there would always be trade-offs in quality somewhere. Techno phones lag terribly and their UIs are buggy and staid.

  4. Would like to hear more on pricing and specs, like whether it has 3G and it chipset, cause I’ve noticed that most of these Tecno android devices don’t have 3G functionality which imo is just confusing.

  5. I have been running around to get a perfect techno phone for me, I have found what I needed, I would have preffared a touchscreen version which is the n7. But why such a price range between both devices of about 10k. Budget all the way,I just can’t wait to read a review.

  6. Wow!!!…Just can’t take my eyes off dats phone “q1”,its real tempting, just d first time i sight my eyes on the phone particularly the white q1. I empty my pocket just 2 get the phone with all its features its really my choice,the best ever tecno android smartphone of our time.

  7. Tecno Q1 is an amazing andriod fone….wat entices me d most is tz amazing look of a blackberry buh functions as an andriod device….taking pics is okay wif tz 5mp camera @ d bak wif a led flash n tz 0.3mp @ d front…tz cool to go…n tz saves pocket cost….@ least u can save a lot afta puchasing it rada dan using d money to buy times two of a samsung,htc, or lg andriod device….#tecno all d way!!!

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