I got my hands on the TECNO W3 recently. There is a lot of hype surrounding TECNO devices, so I got curious about this one. Here is…

TECNO W3 Review: Pretty budget smartphone

I got my hands on the TECNO W3 recently. There is a lot of hype surrounding TECNO devices, so I got curious about this one. Here is my TECNO W3 review with all the details. You can also see the TECNO W3 full specifications.


TECNO W3 review

So, the question is, how good is TECNO W3? Come with me.


TECNO W3 review: Hardware

The TECNO W3 is quite nice-looking. It is slim and sleek to hold, and it is very light. Being a TECNO, it is a dual SIM device, which is a big plus for me. Mine has a white outer cover. At its price range, it isn’t bad. Included in the sales pack is a protective plastic case with parts for protecting the earphone jack and the charging port. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me.

TECNO W3 review: Software

The device runs on Android 6.0 a.k.a Marshmallow. This is quite cool. however, what is not cool about this device happens to be the main reason it should have been awesome. The TECNO W3 was advertised as having 8 GB of internal storage. That is true. However, the usable storage on the device is not even up to 1 GB. Coming from a dude that loves to gather stuff, this is a hit below the belt. Not cool, TECNO. Not cool. How can system apps alone consume 3.4 GB of space on an 8 GB phone?


TECNO’s pre-installed set of apps (which you cannot uninstall, by the way) also consume most of that 8 GB storage, leaving the user with even less space. In all, the device tends to slow down a lot. That’s just…poor.

Also, the device comes with 1 GB RAM. That isn’t bad for its class. It just means that you won’t be doing any serious multi-tasking on this.

TECNO W3 review: Camera

TECNO W3 review back

I’m not so big on cameras. Therefore, I wasn’t so bothered about the camera specifications on this device. It has a 5.0 megapixel back camera and a 2.0 MP front camera. Both cameras have flash. Like I said, this is no big deal to me. The pictures I got with those are quite okay.

Here is a selfie taken with the front-facing 2 megapixel camera (I had to squint a bit because of the bright soft flash):

Tecno W3 review - selfie taken with front camera

I took this picture of a commercial bus with the main 5 megapixel camera at the back:

Tecno W3 review - photo of bus taken with main camera


TECNO W3 review: Multimedia

The device comes with a fairly good loudspeaker. This is normal for many TECNO devices. However, you must download your own music player, as the pre-installed Boom Player does not work. For some reason, Boom Player just does not work on it. The phone comes with a good set of headphones.

TECNO W3 review: Performance/battery life

The TECNO W3 has a 2500 mAh capacity battery. This is fine. I was able to get fifteen hours of steady usage. The battery saver on this bad boy is cool; it helped prolong the battery life when I needed it. However, the battery level drops quickly from 100 percent to 80 percent.

TECNO W3 review: Conclusion


The W3 is not a 4G LTE smartphone. If you are interested in budget 4G smartphones, do have a look at this list of best budget 4G smartphones in Nigeria.

The TECNO W3 is a cool, attractive device to have. However, the low usable storage is a turn-off. If anyone can find a way to remove those pesky system apps, the device would be awesome. The W3 may not be the best attempt by TECNO, but it is a good device all the same. It costs about NGN 27,000 in the market.


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  1. One thing I like about Tecno is how they have phones for almost everybody. Everyone can at least afford one Tecno phone.

  2. This is a nice budget device. Affordable and useful. Actually good for non heavy users of phones.

  3. Affordable and durable. The W3 is a low budget device that still gives you the feel of very high end phone. One has to commend Tecno for releasing phones for everyone

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