TECNO’s 2015 Phantom smartphone has arrived Mobility Arena ahead of the launch

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TECNO’s 2015 Phantom smartphone – their flagship – arrived MobilityArena.com this morning. The packaging is really beautiful, but the phone itself and the accessories are superb. Everyone who has seen and held it here have been wowed. I am not allowed to publish certain images or give out certain info, but here are a few things I can share.

  1. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a beautifully crafted smartphone and metal-clad too. It is even better in the flesh than I had thought.
  2. The display is flat out superb! I am talking about Nokia-grade, Apple-grade, quality. It is 480 PPI DPI.
  3. The phone also has a refined custom UI from TECNO. This is by far the most beautiful user interface from TECNO. Unfortunately, I am not permitted to share photos of this yet.
  4. There are surprise features on the phone that I am not allowed to mention, so… *seals lips*

My unit had a System Update available when I connected it, and I am running that already.

The official launch is this Wednesday and I have an invitation to the event on my desk. Expect my detailed hands-on as soon as the launch happens, followed by a review later. In the meantime, here are two teaser photos that I took. Sorry guys. I can’t share anything more than these.

TECNO 2015 Phantom

TECNO 2015 Phantom front

This is really something, if you ask me. In the invitation, TECNO describes it as “the best smartphone of the year 2015”. That is a serious claim, and we shall have to see how that turns out. For now, we wait for the launch and the price. No?


  1. I think the screen specs don’t tally. 1920×1080 at 5.5inch amounts to 400ppi.

    1920×1080 at 5inch amounts to 440ppi

    The other specs are quite premium, looking like a great device, I hope this gets updated to Android M.

  2. I think both apps may be wrong. I ran cpuz on a GS4, its says 440PPI / 480DPI, and its a 5 inch phone. If both apps are reading 480DPI then they must be reading wrong as the screen is 5.5inch.

    Looking forward to your hands on

  3. Just realised OEM’s usually set the DPI themselves, so the apps didnt read them wrong. My bad. 🙂

  4. i dont think so, considering that samsung and apple like to claim other worldliness. Tecno can lay claim to this title all they want.

  5. With speaker grills that long it better pack some punches,but then the audio software quality also matters..

  6. If its more than 48k, honestly, they stand no chance. As far as im concerned, Tecno should be affordable.

    By the way, is that large bezels i’m looking at or it’s just the angle/picture quality???

  7. pretty uninspiring design… right now what they need to do is to win back their mid range market share which infinix has stolen from them… flagships wont help in addressing that….

  8. Chinedu,

    Infinix and TECNO are not competitors. Infinix is targeting the budget market while TECNO is targeting the premium market.

    TECNO will not be trying to take back anything from Infinix. This game is being played according to the script.

  9. Samsung is not gonna squirm for once Samsung will only squirm for Apple sorry to say Tecno will never reach that Level.. Samsung and Apple are Flagships i’ve never seen a Non-African using Tecno.

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