I got a chance to try my hands on the TECNO Camon C7 and C9. Yaay! After all the hype surrounding the Camon C7, I

TECNO’s Camon C7 and C9 are loads of fun to use

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I got a chance to try my hands on the TECNO Camon C7 and C9. Yaay! After all the hype surrounding the Camon C7, I expected it to be less than average, because I am a notoriously hard person to please. Honest to goodness, this phone and its big brother both blew my mind. I found them to be loads of fun to use.

Camon C7 and C9 side by side

First of all, the device runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and the interface on this bad boy is sooo sick. At first I thought I was in for one of the normal Android interface, but the new HiOS interface definitely beats that by far. The notification toolbar is also sweet. And unlocking the phones with the eye scanner is soooo cool.

Let us talk about the pre-installed apps a bit. The device has all the Google apps (Play Store, Google Photos, Play Music, well, you know them), and these apps are arranged in a single folder so they do not distract from your other apps. This is a huge improvement on previous phones that just pile them up in the app drawer, so when you need to find, say, Whatsapp, you have to start searching. No sir, not on these devices. There are some other apps you will find, though, like Hi Manager, which come with the HiOS. Those, you can do nothing about. They stay out of your way, though, so no problems there.

Camon C7 and C9 on table

Photography on the Camon C7 and C9

Did I mention that the major feature of the Camon C7 is its camera? A 13.0 megapixel back camera. Then it goes one step further and packs the same 13.0 megapixel camera in front. The very same camera setups on the bigger Camon C9. I tried out the cameras on both devices and got very good photographs.

Let’s Make Gladys Up!

The Camon C7 and C9 also have a photo editing tool built into My Picture”, the photo gallery app. It is called Beautify. Use it and you can make up the plainest of photos. You can add foundation, eye lashes, lipstick, blusher, eye liner, eye shadow, etc. It is a complete make-up kit. I used Gladys as a subject and took a photo of her looking plain, then touched it up on the Camon C7. See the result:

Camon Beautify Glad

Not half bad; right? The app added the lipstick to her teeth though, making her look like a vampire after feeding. Gladys says she needs for the app to be able to adjust the shape and size of her buttocks and breasts too. Hahaha. TECNO, over to you!

I took photos of myself too. The first one is touched up with the same Beautify feature – and I made sure not to show my teeth. Do you like my red lips?
Camon C7 and C9 emmy grid

Both devices also have 16GB of internal storage for freaks like me that love to collect stuff. Gaming was cool too. I got to play Grand Theft Auto and Asphalt 8, switching between both games at the same time. Was that even an issue? No, it was not. 2GB of RAM handled the experience well.

Both the Camon C7 and C9 work with TECNO’s T-band smart bracelet. The HiOS browser is a very good one too. I had no problems with any mobile-friendly web pages that I visited on it. There you have it – my experience with the TECNO Camon C7 and C9. I love both phones. They are twins and price is the major factor that will determine which of the two you would buy.


  1. I’ll like to experience the Camon C7 myself to know if it’s really a competition for the C9

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