The spate of activities by insurgents in the north of Nigeria hit a new level this week as reports of insurgents burning down telecom masts

Telecoms masts being destroyed in Northern Nigeria

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The spate of activities by insurgents in the north of Nigeria hit a new level this week as reports of insurgents burning down telecom masts keep coming in. At last count, Associated Press reports at least 30 towers destroyed across several northern states, including Adamawa, Yobe, Bauchi, Kano and Gombe.

The Islamist sect known as Boko Haram threatened mobile phone companies six months ago for cooperating with the government to flush out its members. This group has constantly killed people and destroyed property in a bid to compel an implementation of strict Shariah law across the entire country. A spokesperson for the group has been quoted as saying, “We are attacking GSM companies because they have helped security agencies to arrest and kill many of our members, and we will continue with our attacks on them until they stop“.

There it is. Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for this operation. It looks clear that the goal at this point is to make the country ungovernable and their operatives untraceable via telecoms channels. Anyone familiar with military tactics knows that taking out enemy communication lines is key in a military campaign. Whoever was behind this massive operation should be treated as having declared war on the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Meanwhile, the government has been speaking of dialogue with insurgents. In my opinion, dialogue and negotiation should not be in the picture here. This massive destruction of years of investments should be dealt with decisively and clinically. The wholesale slaughter of people that has been going on for years needs to be brought to an end.

Whatever the socio-economic circumstances behind Boko Haram’s activities, their actions cannot be allowed to go on. This has to be dealt with decisively. The earlier that Boko Haram is dealt with as a terrorist organisation, the better. These guys are not acting in the interest of the people of Nigeria. Simple.

What would happen should the affected telecoms operators decide to abandon the hot areas in the north? Or God forbid, a decision to withdraw services and investments from Nigeria? A total breakdown. It would be back to the Jurassic era for us. Years of progress would simply vanish overnight. Heaven forbid. We forbid.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


  1. Cancer is always insidious. the Nigerian society is cancerous

    What we are vwitnessing is the result of the unjust society Nigeria has become.

    in our corporate, professional and individual dealings, how upright are we? it start with you and I.

    moaning over headache when Typhoid is present is not the way to go.

  2. These people really need some kind of education, because this is almost like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    The objective of this destruction is because the networks have been used to flush out insurgents? These are the same networks they’ve used to coordinate their attacks. So it’s only useful when it serves them but should be destroyed and the majority must suffer when they vex?

    Mr Mobility, this is not just a way of making the country ungovernable, this is a veritable coup from within. Someone in the corridors of power has a vested interest in seeing Nigeria fall into chaos. Those 30 masts destroyed won’t be replaced in a hurry – if at all.

  3. The economy of the north (for now) is gradually grinding to a stop because of the activities of BH. If companies offering services and providing employment to thousands of northerners decide to quit, you can imagine what will happen.
    For me, I think BH is just one of the numerous products of greed and corruption in the Nigerian government.

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