How to tell between Nexus 7 (2012) and Nexus 7 (2013)

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The Google Nexus 7 (made by Asus) has a 2012 model (reviewed here), as well as a 2013 model. The two models look very similar. Chances are that if you purchased or were gifted either of these devices recently, you are not quite certain which it is. Here are quick tips to tell between them. Check out the following images and then read the differences listed after:

Asus google-nexus-7-2012

Asus google-nexus-7-2013

Check the back of your Nexus 7:

  • the rear cover of the 2012 model is textured, while that of the 2013 model is plain
  • the “Nexus” logo is placed horizontally on the 2012 model, but placed vertically on the 2013 version, o it is properly read when the tablet is held in landscape mode
  • The 2012 model does not have a rear camera, while the 2013 model has one
  • The 2012 model has the loudspeaker grille at the bottom, while the 2013 model has grilles both at the top and the bottom (stereo speakers)

Now, you know which of the two devices you have in your hand!

PS: Of course, there are other differences – in specs and performance – but which are not visible to the eyes. In all, the 2013 is the more capable of the two.

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