This bears repeating: the Samsung S8003 Jet is one of the most complete, full-featured non-smartphones in the market. It has impressed us way beyond anything we expected….

Ten (or so) Gripes about the Samsung Jet

activesync1This bears repeating: the Samsung S8003 Jet is one of the most complete, full-featured non-smartphones in the market. It has impressed us way beyond anything we expected. Plus, don’t be too quick to laugh if we told you that the Jet is smarter than some smartphones in some ways.


But the Jet has its shortcomings, and we are glad to point those out too. So, here are the things that have us grouchy about the Jet.

  1. While the Jet multitasks and does it well, if you run a couple of heavy applications, you will get a “Not enough memory. Please close some applications” message. The nice thing is that the Jet immediately opens the task manager and allows you to choose which running applications you prefer to close. That’s smart, unlike some smartphones that simply close whatever catches their fancy. Still, we wish the Jet had more RAM.
  2. Still on multi-tasking, you cannot run the browser and the camera at the same time. If you want to take pictures, ensure that the browser is shut down or else the camera will not launch – and vice versa
  3. We wish that the Jet was equipped with a documents editor and not just viewer. The viewer workss well though, allowing you to read Office and PDF documents
  4. Once the Jet is connected to the Samsung PC Suite (via USB cable), you cannot access other applications on the phone. Similarly, when using the Jet as a modem, all phone-based internet connections are suspended
  5. The Jet supports music playback over Bluetooth A2DP. It is good quality music too, but there is no option to adjust the volume of music once the Bluetooth headset is connected
  6. Lack of support for Gmail IMAP in standard email client
  7. There is no functionality to highlight, copy and paste text! We searched and searched, to no avail. No!!
  8. Samsung PC Suite gives us the impression of an unfinished product. We have installed over three different versions, and not one of them features an internet connection menu (though the manual says it should have). The Jet works as a modem though, if you know how to create a connection manually. But that is just bad for usability for the average Joe. We retract this point. Please see update and screenshot below.

Yes; we didn’t quite get to ten. Just eight seven.


We will also mention that there have been a few times that the Jet restarted spontaneously whenever we carried out an operation in Exchange ActiveSync. We have not found any reports on the internet concerning this, so it may just be our own unit. This hasn’t happened frequently, so it isn’t a big issue. We simply think it should be mentioned anyway.

Update: 23rd January 2010

The Samsung PC Studio actually has internet connection functionality, so our eight gripes are now cut down to just seven. The internet connection feature is hidden in the “Widgets” menu. See screenshot below. In addition, there are widgets for several other applications, including a Video Converter, Disk Ripper and Disk Burner. Apparently, PC Studio is quite comprehensive; just different from what we are used to.

Internet Connection widget in Samsung PC Studio


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  1. Kai these flaws are serious! Imagine not having a document editor. Whats worse anything too geeky about using the modem is a big no no for average users. I’ll pass.

    However, most nigerians hardly use half the function on their phones; its for fashion. Tell me you dont know anybody that has a phone to die for and doesnt use it beyond calls and text and of course occassionally wave it in your face. The phone is a beauty and i see alot of ladies snap it up for its fashion value. Guys prime ur wallets!

  2. Chukwudi,

    The phone’s speed is amazing. There is no contention about the speed. We do not have enough information about the RAM specified, but running out of RAM after running several apps or a few heavy apps is not different from what obtains on most smartphones – be they Symbian, Windows Mobile, or Android. And it still beats the iPhone’s no-multitasking. That is something.

    But in doing a review, facts must be stated, and so we did. Yes; we gripe about it because we wish it were better. But honestly, its not a deal breaker. The Samsung Jet runs smoothly nearly 100% of the time.

  3. Are you serious about the iPhone not being able to multi-task?

    Old news!

    From review of the iPhone 3GS:

    Still no true multitasking support (but perhaps for the better, having in mind the already poor battery life)

    Another statement from page 4 of the review:

    The iPhone as it was had no multitasking support, and so does the iPhone 3GS. With the iPhone OS 3.0 however Apple introduced the push background notifications service instead. The service can inform you of new events in applications that support it (such as some IM client) by changing the app icon (via an icon badge), by invoking a pop-up reminder or through sound alerts. In the same time the applications can simulate that you are constantly online.

  4. Update/Retraction: We have struck out item 8 in our list above. We discovered Widgets on Samsung PC Studio, and this provides more functionality than we had seen before now, including an Internet Connection widget and a Video Converter widget, among others.

    Samsung PC Studio is quite comprehensive; just different. Please see the article above for the updates we have inserted, including a screenshot of the Internet Connection widget.

  5. There are ways around multi-tasking in iPhone using third party apps that people have developed. “Rumor” has it Apple will introduce true multi-tasking in 4.0 o/s which should also have support for the upcoming tablet format.

    Where can I download Samsung PC Studio?

    Hey is anyone on this list actively building apps (for any of the platforms) ????

  6. Hi airtel, kindly give a link to download a nokia pc suite that is compatiple with nokia e63. DK U5 is what i have. it connects perfectly to pc through blue tooth but when i use cable connection no modem is found in the pc suite, i have to manipulate the internet connection on my pc.

  7. kay123,

    Nokia PC Suite works across all their devices in recent years, so the issue cannot be PC Suite.

    However, Nokia specifies CA-101 USB cable for the E63, not DK U5. It looks like the problem is that you have the wrong cable. Get the CA-101 cable.

  8. EyeBeeKay,

    Even those of us who are technical by inclination cringe at such a complicated procedure. No normob (average user) will go that route. The simple and easy way – simply download and install java apps via the browser.

  9. Problem is, I have a library of java applications already. Spent a lot of time and energy getting them. Some do not even exist anymore (the original MoneyManager application).
    Why is it impossible, in Samsung phones, to merely transfer these java apps to the memory card and install them? A real shame, if you ask me., and a dealbreaker too!

  10. On the Project JetDroid, this could be the beginning of better things to come . I once expressed the hope that, one day, smartphones will be more PC-like by allowing the user to decide what Operating System (and by extension, the third party apps) a phone will run.
    This may not be so long in coming to fruition.

    The ultimate challenge would then be: given a dumbphone with enough gumstino (memory, bka, bla), can we convert it into a smartphone by porting an OS unto it (maybe letting it reside on its memory card)?

    Then we may truly say that the days of PCs (as we know them now) are becoming LETTERed!

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