How do you want your Tesla Model 3?

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The Tesla Model 3 is an all-electric 4-door sedan with automatic pilot capabilities. Its engine will power the car from 0 to 25.7 km per hour in 6 seconds. That probably does not sound impressive to you – and it isn’t, but in the world of electric cars, that is good game. For comparison, the Model S covers that in 2 seconds.

When you step into the Model 3, you will find that this is a car sent back from the future. The dashboard’s instrument panel is a landscape 15-inch touchscreen. That is it. Which makes for a very strange looking dash, considering what we are used to seeing in cars. Have a look:

Tesla Model 3 dashboard

What’s a Tesla without autopilot? Of course, the Model 3 has autopilot features built in. You need to be able to cough out $35,000 to get your hands on the base model though. Which makes it the most affordable Tesla yet.

If you want a car that you can push some more, performance versions with faster acceleration and higher top speed will also be available. And that will cost more. The question now is, How do you want your Tesla Model 3?

Check out photos of the Model 3 below.

Tesla Model 3 Gallery

Tesla Model 3 red and black

Tesla Model 3 front angle

Tesla Model 3 side

Tesla Model 3 rear

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