Tesla phone renders give a sneak peak of what may be to come

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There is no way of confirming the authenticity of this yet, but there is a report about Tesla phone renders that has popped up on the Web. If true, the implication is that electric and autonomous carmaker, Tesla is stepping into the smartphone business.


If Tesla is indeed making an entrance into the world of cell phones, we will be expecting to see something groundbreaking, as the brand is known for its industry disruptions.

Tesla successfully disrupted the automobile market with its introduction of commercial electric and self-driving cars. It’s sister company, SpaceX, disrupted space travel. A Tesla phone would have to bring something truly novel or futuristic to the game.

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Will we see groundbreaking charging and battery technology from its experience with electric cars? Will a Tesla phone bring superior artificial intelligence to smartphones? We will have to wait and see. For now, all we have are renders.

The Tesla Phone Renders

Here are the renders:

Tesla phone render
Tesla smartphone render

Again, take these with a pinch of salt till there is some form of corroboration or confirmation from other sources.

What do you make of the images though? And would you buy one if they turn out to be authentic? What sort of features would you be looking from a Tesla smartphone?


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  1. Tesla doesn’t do cheap. So, we can expect that their smartphone would be premium.

    One area the smartphone world would cherish so mich is better battery life.

    Being the Battery King, their experience in battery management in their vehicles should indeed come in handy if they indeed crash into the smartphone arena.

    If you ask me, though, I would prefer that Elon Musk focus on more critical things that impact the world on a much broader scale, than smartphones..

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