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Test for genuine memory cards and flash drives

Have you ever been a victim of  fake memory cards or flash drives? Nowadays, these things are imported from China and their authenticity is highly questionable. Gone are the days when we used to enjoy the quality SD cards that came with our Nokia phones. Some memory cards and flash drives are even properly packaged like genuine, but you still end up being disappointed while using it.

For example, I’ve once bought a finely packaged Transcend 4GB flash drive, only to discover that I can’t transfer any other file with it outside pictures. I’ve had 4GB and 8GB memory cards that just stopped working all of a sudden. One funny case, I’ve a 4GB memory card (still lies around till today), with music, books etc. On it, you can access the files and play the music but you can’t delete or add any file to it. After deleting any file from it comes back. Format the card, its clean, re-insert it back and all the files in it return back exactly how it was before magically 🙂 . You can imagine how frustrating that can be. I got a tip on how to test for original memory card and flash drives. I’ve been using it for a while and it hasn’t failed me yet .


1.) Insert the flash drive or memory card (using a card reader) into a Windows system

2.) Once it loads, open My Computer, select the Memory card or flash drive and right click.

3.) Select Format and untick Quick Format.


4.) Now open File system and pick NTFS. Click Start

If it formats successfully, it means the SD card or flash drive is useable, if it doesn’t format successfully, then its bad (You don enter one chance).

This method is not fool proof, your own case might be different, but this is how I test for authenticity of memory cards/flash drives, if you know a different method, feel free to share. This has been my experience, so far if you’ve had worse encounters with memory cards and flash drives, sorry.

My next post will still be on storage issues, Anticipate 😎


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8 thoughts on “Test for genuine memory cards and flash drives”
  1. // I got a tip on how to test for original memory card and flash drives. I’ve been using it for a while and it hasn’t failed me yet .//

    Hmm, this tip.

    What we all want to know is..how do I identify a counterfeit BEFORE buying, NOT after.

    Do, that, and I would give you my beautiful daughter to marry..without dowry!

    What’s the point of giving me advice on how to deal with “one chance” after I have already entered it?

    Seriously, since we hardly ever hear of the internal memory of smartphones falling, you can simply use that as your (super reliable) flash drive.

    I don’t bother with flash drives..

  2. hehe 🙂 Hopefully sir, a way of checking before buying will be discovered. I still don’t trust using my phone storage as a flash drive, because one can easy get affected by malware, destroying important files in my phone. Its safer if I collect/share files from a flash drive.

  3. If you are using Android, there is no fear of that happening..

    In my years of using Android, getting apps from untrusted sources, I am yet to have a single case of files stored in the phone internal memory.. getting corrupted..

    Pitch your tent with Android, and be safe…

    I wouldn’t know about those other OSes oo

  4. After this “test” , your flash drive or SD card will be unusable on a lot of devices if you don’t reformat it back because they still use the fat32 file system, things like TV, home theatres, car audio systems, a lot of phones, etc, also no product made by Apple will recognize the ntfs file system.

    The major issue with fake flash drives is not the actual capacity of the drive, even though that’s a concern, the major issue is the quality of the solid state memory, fake drives use very cheap memory modules with a high failure rate and very shoddy construction so that a single drop will lead to something disconnecting.

    Unfortunately a fake drive with the correct data capacity will pass this “test” with flying colors but it will be a lot slower and fail quickly and unexpectedly.

    The only way you can be sure is to buy from a manufacturer and store that offers a warranty, even if you can’t claim it in Nigeria. 😀

  5. once bought a 16 GB SONY flash drive that would magically swallow any files stored on it. it became a paperweight till someone stole it off my office table, joke’s on them

  6. “Nowadays, these things are imported from China and their authenticity is highly questionable” while I largely agree with what the OP has said in the rest of the post, I have an issue with the above statement. You appear to make it seem as though every thing imported from China is substandard. The memory cards you deem as original are made in where? China , the fake one too are made in China also. It all depends on where the supplier chooses to buy from. For worth it’s worth, we should stop painting China black. The Chinese manufacturers simply give suppliers what they demand for whether its high or low quality. If there was no demand by unscrupulous suppliers willing to make quick profit, I’m sure we would not have fake memory cards and flash drives today. Well,what to I know. *shrug*

  7. If there was no demand by unscrupulous suppliers willing to make quick profit//
    Well, our dealers here are unscrupulous and are ever willing to make profit, so chances are that 95% of SD cards or flash drives you find in our local stores are Chinko

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