Texans love their roads wide and their cars big and fast

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Driving around the Lone Star state, one is immediately enamoured by the wide highways in the state. You cannot miss this signature of Texas in the United States of America. It isn’t that it is unique to Texas but it is a prominent feature. One other thing that soon hits you is the the predominance of a particular kind of vehicles on those highways.

It quickly becomes clear to you that Texans love their cars big and fast. You will run into various models and sizes of the Ram truck, and the bigger models are very imposing. If you look well too, you will spot a Durango, and if you are lucky, you may even run into a monster truck.

big and fast cars on Texas' wide highways

The Big Ones

Texas’ wide roads are like race tracks. Everybody is moving fast. And you will spot the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger zip past you again and again. These models are built for speed, and Texans appear to love them. Well, those who can afford them.

There are plenty of Toyotas on the road too. Are there any cities in the world where Toyotas are not common sightings on roads? Toyota trucks. Toyota saloons, or as Americans call them, sedans. Ford and Cheverolet are two other strong auto brands in Texas. There are Ford trucks almost everywhere you go, and you will probably spot a Chevrolet Camaro somewhere in the course of the day.

texas highways

The Others

But you will also run into the odd Nissan, Kia, among others as you drive around, stop at a mall to shop, or as you take a leisurely walk through the neighbourhoods. As with most cities around the world, every brand under the sun is probably present in all shapes and sizes. Texas may be a big state, but it is a small world after all.

Plus, quite a number of traditional American auto brands are now owned by foreign companies. Also, whatever car brand and model you want, you will be find an auto dealer that will offer you a good deal. The way these things work, you can drive home in a truck, fast car or a regular car without breaking the bank.

As you stop at an intersection where the traffic light has beamed you red, you are likely to hear a louder-than-average roar of the engine as some fast car or big truck, having been given the green light, accelerates away. Texans may speak with a drawl, but they prefer that their cars not sound like them.

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