We have just crossed over from 2012 to 2013, a spanking new year with lots of promise. To be sure, 2012 was lots of fun

Thank You For 2012. Let’s Do 2013 Too!

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We have just crossed over from 2012 to 2013, a spanking new year with lots of promise. To be sure, 2012 was lots of fun here at MOBILITY. We dished out hundreds of articles – reviews, tips, features, and sometimes just plain fun stuff. The MOBILITY team would love to thank you, our readers, who kept coming back for more and more every day. We opened up the blog, so that anyone of you, our readers, can share your mobile experiences too, after all, the fun is in the experience. We also added some superb new contributors to the team – Emmanuel Olalere, the Android dude; and Chika Ozoemena, the iOS and lifestyle lady. Your responses to their articles tell us that we made a good move adding them to the team.

Our traffic was on the rise all through 2012, as was our profile, and we plan to do even better this year. We forged new partnerships that began to yield fruits last year, and that promise to yield more this year. We must thank our partners – individuals and organisations that send us review devices especially. Thank you for the great trust. We have never let you down yet, and we have no intention of doing so! Keep those devices coming please. We can’t get enough of them. Our appreciation goes to other partners and friends who we work with behind the scene to oil the wheels of this great project. We have firm plans for 2013 and look forward to great dividends.

We thank our clients, too, for the trust that you have placed in us to help you get your messages across to the public. You know we do it right. Let’s do more of that this year.

New Year’s Resolution?

Do we have a new year’s resolution here at MOBILITY? We have nothing new, but we promise to be just as crazy about mobile technology and lifestyle as we have always been. Personally, I will flirt more with mobile phones and tablets, and bring you those first-hand reviews and features as always. In my world, it doesn’t get better than that.

Welcome to 2013! May your dreams come true!


  1. I am honored to have been part of the core spirit running This homlog- a home blog.Thank you Mr Mo.In the north here,I always tell industry players,if you must succeed,you must talk to mr Mo,and you do what ever he tells you to do.
    You will be more Alive in 2013!

  2. I’m wishing every staff and member of Mobility blog a happy new year and praying for the very possible best for everyone of us in this 2013. I’m also believing that Mobility Blog will keep growing and remains as lively and entertaining as ever.

    Welcome you all to 2013!

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