Thankfully, I'm retired from baby-making

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You may be wondering what baby-making has to do with mobile. Plenty. According to a handful of researches and studies, excessive use of mobile phones and laptops can result in impotence. This isn’t any new information to me. For example, I can tell you that its best not to put your laptop on …errr..well, your laps. No pun intended. When placed on the laps, the heat generated by a laptop can result in difficulty impregnating your wife. So, if you’ve been trying for a baby but are guilty, do adjust. Your mobile and/or laptop usage may be responsible.

I don’t have links to the study that inspired this post right now, but I will fish out one or two later and update you. In the meantime, at least you know why I’m thankful that I am retired from baby-making. I can continue to play with my beloved toys as I wish.

In related news, I understand that Jesse Oguntimehin has been on a phone acquisition spree, cycling through phones in an attempt to eventually unseat Don Mo. Emmanuel Olalere, I see you too. I don’t know what your individual mobile counts are, but you better go have all the kids you want in a hurry before endeavouring on that kind of adventure. I have nothing to lose. I don’t think the same can be said for you guys. Toodles!

Now, where are those beauties of mine? Come to daddy, babies!