Thankfully, I'm retired from baby-making

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You may be wondering what baby-making has to do with mobile. Plenty. According to a handful of researches and studies, excessive use of mobile phones and laptops can result in impotence. This isn’t any new information to me. For example, I can tell you that its best not to put your laptop on …errr..well, your laps. No pun intended. When placed on the laps, the heat generated by a laptop can result in difficulty impregnating your wife. So, if you’ve been trying for a baby but are guilty, do adjust. Your mobile and/or laptop usage may be responsible.

I don’t have links to the study that inspired this post right now, but I will fish out one or two later and update you. In the meantime, at least you know why I’m thankful that I am retired from baby-making. I can continue to play with my beloved toys as I wish.

In related news, I understand that Jesse Oguntimehin has been on a phone acquisition spree, cycling through phones in an attempt to eventually unseat Don Mo. Emmanuel Olalere, I see you too. I don’t know what your individual mobile counts are, but you better go have all the kids you want in a hurry before endeavouring on that kind of adventure. I have nothing to lose. I don’t think the same can be said for you guys. Toodles!

Now, where are those beauties of mine? Come to daddy, babies!


  1. 🙂 Yes indeed I have been of some sort of spree with me currently using 3 mobile phones right now with 4 networks sim cards I can only say that I’m coming strongly behind Don Mo.
    Funny post though

  2. It is not only “seeds” relating to babies that excessive acquisition, plus (ab)use of mobiles can kill. It can kill “money seeds” too.

    While anyone can be tired of / retired from -planting “productive seeds”, I imagine no-one would be tired of planting “money seeds”. Plant money seeded here: Multiple streams of income

    But then, I could be wrong..

  3. Oh well, we now have another means of birth control. I do hope this doesn’t cause permanent damage. It would be better than pills and very handy too.

  4. Kids? Don’t have any.

    Not that I’m not interested. Just haven’t devoted enough time to seek out appropriate soulmates for the journey.

    Unsuitables plenty but who would be interested in settling down with that.

    So for now I’m good.

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