So I’ve been extremely busy in the last few weeks trying to round up my IT training at a medical firm and I’ve had little

The adventures of Tega in Computer Village: YouTube Palava

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So I’ve been extremely busy in the last few weeks trying to round up my IT training at a medical firm and I’ve had little time for myself and for writing down some of my thoughts. As luck would have it, I was given a rare day’s rest last Friday and decided to spend the day buying stuff.

I took a trip from my father’s house to Ikeja (Computer village) to get two pieces of 32GB MicroSD card I had already paid for from a Nairalander. It took me quite a learning experience finding my way around the Ikeja, but I finally located my man and gratefully collected my goods. I still had lots of spare time on my hands, so I decided to go to popular tech shops for a personal survey.

I’ve read plenty of surveys spit out ridiculous numbers and what not but I decided to find out some truth for myself. The result of this brief survey by me is why you are reading my long awaited third post on some findings might shock you, but do enjoy the read.


I decided to find my way to a store which sells only Sony products. I wanted to inquire about getting a very decent camera, good enough for a YouTube-ing (My copyright on that word). I already had my options in my head but I really wanted to walk into the shop like I didn’t know the definition of a quality camera.


A woman greeted me upon reaching the store and politely asked what I wanted to get. I quite frankly told her, and I quote “I am in need a good quality camera to start a YouTube channel”. She replied me, “I don’t understand you, sir. YouTube? What is YouTube?” I was taken aback. How will a shop attendant of a Sony Store selling majorly camera gear not even know what YouTube is in this age and time when social media is the in thing?

I explained briefly to her in the most basic way I could think of. I still don’t know whether I passed across the message clearly, but I will skip to the part when she she started reading camera specifications for me from the marketing paper. In my head I was having a little conversation. I needed her to blow my mind on what the camera can do and not just read out paper specifications. Afterall, anyone can read from a piece of paper.

And here lies my problem with these Tech shops in Nigeria: they keep employing people who don’t know what YouTube is or don’t know how to market or sell a product to individuals like us who clearly are not “Johnny just come” in the tech business.

Her approach might have worked for someone who just wants to buy a camera for fun or doesn’t care about the quality of what he is getting and has the money to pay but for a university student like me or someone who really knows what he is about to get in bed with, it’s appalling.

I walked out of the store a bit frustrated but not before she gave me another marketing pamphlet to read. I promised her that I would be back but I never returned.

What do you think? Do you think it’s insane not to know what YouTube is and yet be in charge of attending to customers in to a camera gear shop? Please let me know in the comments section below.

You can also hit me up on twitter @hereistega. Bless you.


  1. Tega, next time you go take me with you. I want to be a fly in the wall 😀

    Customer Service in Nigeria is no different to elsewhere, it’s just that in Nigeria the reps don’t even pretend they don’t know what they’re talking about. I find it embarrassing.

    If you’re in a specialist shop selling cameras, you shouldn’t just know what YouTube is, you should also be able to explain the difference between a CSC and bridge, know off the top of your head which has a view finder and which doesn’t, at a glance which is the more powerful, and suggest the best camera for the customer’s budget. In short, you should at least have some kind of enthusiasm about what you’re selling.

  2. Am not surprised,in Naija you meet all kinds of funny people..I once asked a woman selling food to give me rice and she was looking at me as if I was speaking Latin..

  3. Let’s spare the attendant, if that same Sony shop offers the all-knowing you a job with a renumeration of 20k without giving you extra for data bundles and stuffs just to play a review video or two for customers…I doubt you’d accept it. So they decided to go with someone who will accept what they have to offer. Its the Nigerian way so I don’t blame them

  4. there’s enough blame to go round, no need to spare the attendant. i could say the same thing about almost any organization, the only exceptions that come to mind are MTN, etisalat & MicroStation, even SLOT staff aren’t too familiar with the merchandise they’re marketing

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