Yes; thanks to the good people at Nokia Nigeria, I have in my hands a Nokia X. Yes; the same one that was announced today.

The all-new Nokia X arrives MOBILITY Towers, but…

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Nokia X

Yes; thanks to the good people at Nokia Nigeria, I have in my hands a Nokia X. Yes; the same one that was announced today. This unit is green in colour just like in the press photo above. When I was informed earlier today that I would be given access to one for two days, I was quick to ask you to send in your questions, so I can answer them. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do that yet. I am told that this unit is not a Final Sales sample, and so I cannot review or even post pictures of it. However, I have been promised a proper review unit in two and half weeks, so you won’t have long to wait.

Do feel free to still ask your questions, and I will do my best to answer them in a few weeks when the proper production units arrive. Yes; units. Both the X and XL are coming this way.

In the meantime, I am rocking this prototype X for the next 48 hours. I have been off BBM for a while, but I have successfully signed in on the X, so for all you BBM-ers of life, I am chatting with you on a Nokia X.

But if you really, really, really want to see the X right away, please call my P.A. to fix an appointment. Note that the security personnel at the door will require you to switch off your smartphones, as we cannot risk you taking a photograph of it. Also, it will help if you come along with some small chops. Maybe a bottle of chocolate flavoured vodka or Jack Daniel’s too, We can sit, chat, play with the Nokia X, eat and drink.

  1. That was fast and more like it…oya let the review come don’t forget to change the launcher and see how well it plays with Google services

  2. How does Here maps and other Microsoft applications work on the phone?

    What about the Nokia store and the alternative Android store – do they work well for Nigeria? Can you change region or are stuck with the default?

  3. What’s the notifications centre like? How does multi-tasking play out on it?
    A few screenshots will do.
    Lastly, how actually does WP (Microsoft et Nokia) on Android taste?

    I shall join the waiting queue now.

  4. How does the ram play out, will it still be data hungry like mainstream android since its customised, how’s d battery like? Thanks Mr Mo

  5. How is the battery life? Can one install swype keyboard and how is the multitasking like? Does it freeze all activities including notification when you minimize? Do you get instant notification from IM apps like fbk messenger, nimbuzz, BBM etc while the apps are minimized? How is the color, are they paints or they are like that of Lumia which goes deep down?
    I have been thinking of buying tecno p5 or m5 for my wife, this Nokia XL seems to be the real deal.

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