The Android One train stops in Africa; now available in Nigeria & 5 other Countries

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Earlier today, Google announced the debut of Android One in Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria. The implication is that many more people in Africa will now be able to access high quality and affordable smartphones supported by Google. Android One smartphones receive automatic updates to the latest version of Android and will get the Android M release after release.

Android One launch Lagos

First Android One smartphone in Africa
The Infinix HOT 2-X510 is the first device to run on Android One in Africa, and is available across all listed countries and specifically for N17,500 here in Nigeria. See the Infinix Hot 2 X510 full specifications, as well as’s Unboxing and Hands On.

Offline YouTube Playback
Google also announced that in coming weeks much of YouTube will be available offline in the listed countries, meaning that people can store videos in the YouTube app when they are on WiFi and watch them later when they not online — a great benefit for times with a slow connection or re-watching videos without using up a data plan.


  1. For me the catch is: 1. Reduced and affordable data usage ultimately 2. Offline Youtube – Now I can espouse my Youtube button

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