The Apple AppStore now has more than 300,000 apps

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Though it can be argued, I still believe that the Apple AppStore is the undisputed leader among mobile phone third party applications stores. Reports from several sources now show that the Apple app store has exceeded the 300,000 mark. This feat was accomplished in less than 2 months after it passed 250,000 applications count.

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Gsmarena reported today that a “report from Mobclix puts the app count at just over 300 thousand and another report from 148Apps puts the count at 333 thousand (in the US App Store, counting inactive apps too)”.

By the way, the breakdown of the 300,000+ available apps is as follows:

  • Paid apps: 207,000 (69%)
  • Free apps: 94,000 (31%)

On the other hand, 50,000 of the total apps are books. These “book apps” may not be fully classified as Apps in the strict sense of the word, but they usually offer more functionality for instance than ebooks from the ibooks store or amazon. Even with this factored in, 250,000 apps is still more than 2 times larger than the nearest competitor which is the Android Application store that has 100,000 apps.

The true empowering apps are games which number 50,000. Games are an important part of any Smartphone ecosystem and also important in this statistics, because the Top 5 application titles in both the paid and free rankings are games.

An intriguing area to look into is the average cost for games. Games in the App Store cost an average 1.21 US dollars and other apps go for 2.85 USD on average. Apple has also changed their store policy and has made it more Developer friendly because the average time Developers have to wait to get their app/game approved is less than two weeks!

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  1. These days, the ‘claimed’ number of applications in any store is just that – numbers. It may/may not mean much.

    Just like in making friends, it is not how many (fair weather?) friends you have that matters – it is ‘ how many TRUE friends’

    Just like we mentioned on this forum about trivial applications (like fart apps) and RSS apps -that can be done in 10 minutes, any app store can boast of any number. I doubt if it is newsworthy.

    At the end of the day, it is the availability (and variety) of truly useful applications for any platform that matters. Not really the number.

    After all, how many apps do we truly need to educe the power of a smartphone? I imagine that the average user will find he does not need up to 20.

    On my symbian phone, for example, the number of apps i use regularly is not more than 10.

    For serious gamers, this assertion will probably not apply…

    This write up again brings to the foreground what the true definition of an “app” is / should be…

  2. @Afewgoodmen
    This coming from a doctor whose dad is not so well and currently on admission in a hospital is noteworthy. I salute your strength and dedication to this site and yor love for disseminating information.

    I want to inject a little thot into the mentioned issue of useless v. useful apps in any app store. No app is really useless. A fart app or a fake x-ray app though not useful to a person might be quite useful to another. I may not be a lover of games on a mobile, but that does not make games as important as other apps. No app is really useless. I don’t like Apple and the iphone but i have to agree they have something interesting here. What they have achieved is awesome. I respect their business strategy because it brings results (though i really hate the strategy).

  3. ” but that does not make games as important as other apps. ”

    Sorry, I mean the fact that I am not so fond of games on mobile does not make it less important than any other app. Slip of the pen..

  4. @deoladoctor. Thank you chief. Pls pray for my dad. You mean slip of the typing key? Or fingers?

  5. @Afewgoodmen, so sorry to hear about your father. I pray that the Lord restores and strengthens him.


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