The cheap iPhone still does not exist and never may

I have seen a few individuals celebrate the arrival of “a cheap iPhone” after Apple’s announcement of the iPhone SE. If anyone thinks that a $399 smartphone is cheap, then they probably have no idea of what cheap is.

cheap iPhone se phones

Cheap is that $100 Android smartphone. Cheap is that $150 Windows 10 Mobile smartphone. $399 is not cheap. $399 is a whopping N80,000 to N120,000, depending on the exchange rate that you use. That is very, very far from cheap. That is the cost of the 16GB version of iPhone SE. The 64GB version costs $499. That is N100,000 to N150,000, again depending on the prevailing exchange rate.

As I have argued in the past, the chances of a cheap smartphone from Apple are very, very slim. It is just not in the Apple DNA to do cheap. The day will likely never come when we shall see an iPhone that costs $150. If it ever happens, wake me up from my cryogenic chamber.

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