The Continuum: Android OS is coming to PCs

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Alphabet Inc. has been working to merge Chrome OS into Android OS, so that the latter becomes a universal OS for both desktop and mobile computing. That’s pretty much what Microsoft has already done with Windows 10. Yes; it is the Continuum at work.

Android OS on PC

For the moment, Chrome OS powers Google’s Chromebook laptops. When the integration is complete, Android OS will power PCs, tablets and smartphones, with Google Play apps made available for all devices.

I think the idea is cool. As I did with Microsoft’s Windows 10 though, exactly how it is implemented is what will determine whether it succeeds or not. For one, existing Android apps will need to be modified to fit and work in desktop mode.

But by all means, yes; this is a good move. If this works, perhaps Android OS is on its way to dominating the world of desktops the way it dominates smartphones? This is Sparta!


  1. I just hope that apps will not become cloud only, that you can still get and installation files for apps.

  2. Conntinum with Microsoft is such a big deal because of their standings in the PC world,with Android’s non existence in the PC environment,such a move will achieve less than the same revolutionary effect..

  3. Microsoft made Continuum to leverage on their Laptop economies while Google wants a Continuum to leverage on their Smartphone economies,well we’ll see how it all turns out for them..

  4. my thoughts exactly. but you never know, Alphabet may be working the reverse angle. dominance in smartphones to gain a foothold in desktop/PC space

  5. You are calling a business that generates billions of dollars EVERY quarter ‘inept’? If that is the case, the world needs more inept companies.

  6. Obviously, Ehis has unresolved issues with Microsoft!

    Over 80percent of laptops are powered by windows OS. Whats the issue?

  7. It worked for Apple, not convinced it will work for Alphabet Inc, especially in the light of the security/malware issues. Hypothetically, in such a scenario, will it be up to the PC makers to patch them?

  8. ERM.. The os is inept in terms of being too virus laden. Anti virus this anti virus that n Lappy still crashes

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