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Steve Litchfield has been in the mobile field since the days of the dinosaurs and is still as relevant in today’s mobile space. He certainly knows his stuff.

He has put together a quick list of some of the top Symbian apps in the Ovi (Nokia) Store. Here is his argument, and I concur:

One of the problems with the Nokia Ovi Store is that the sheer number of novelties, rubbish apps, Java games, personalisation items and so on that get approved means that finding the good stuff isn’t easy. What’s needed is a storefront that’s a hundred times smaller. But has the 1% of content that’s really good. This is what I’ve attempted here, hopefully you find it a good time-saver.

Who has the time to be hunting down app after app among hundreds of thousands? The problem is even worse on the Android Market and Apple App Store, both of which are far larger than the Nokia Store.

What Steve has done is make it easy to find those core apps that the average Symbian user is likely to find needful. First-time Symbian users will certainly find it useful.

Visit The Curated Symbian Application Store


  1. Great effort on his part. Problem is- this would be obsolete really quickly. Besides, i have a sneaking feeling That there are more useful apps ‘in the wild’ than in the official AppStore..

  2. Though there are thousands of apps in the Android Market, apps are grouped in categories and there are user reviews and apps rating that helps to reduce the complexity in finding appropriate for your needs.

    Again, the share number of apps in the same categories from different developers helps to drive good competition and ultimately high quality apps as they vie to produce the best app in each category. For me, number is not a problem. I actually like testing different things from time to time.

  3. Obsolete very quickly? That statement presupposes that there is a lot of third party symbian development going on right now. Not likely IMHO.

  4. Obsolete very quickly? That statement presupposes that thereis a lot of third party symbian development going on right now.

    Well, there seems to be quiteba number of new applications being made for symbian recently (specifically for s^3

    Not ‘a lot’- compared to the Robot & Fruit OSes – of course..

  5. Thats what i always talk about. If all the new good apps dont go to symbian. Belle or no belle why should you buy symbian when developers are no longer interested Then? What apps are you gonna run on it? Just d old obsolete apps?

  6. New is not necessarily better.

    When people talk about those new shining apps on the new OSes_on_the_block this thought runs through my head:
    Apart from cutting-edge apps that tap into bleeding-edge technology (say NFC) – they are not many- let someone kindly mention those ‘new’ apps that do not have over_abunfant equivalents on the Symbian platform

    Existing symbian apps are so many and divergent that i can boldly say…

    .You are NOT likely NOT to find a symbian app to perform a function you need. It may not be present in the official app store, but it would be in ‘the wild’

    People should stop worrying about a dearth of functional symbian apps.-in choosing their next phones – for now..

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