To some, that’s the first webpage you open when you launch your browser. For some others, when internet seems slow, laggy,or giving some

The Essence of Googling

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To some, that’s the first webpage you open when you launch your browser. For some others, when internet seems slow, laggy,or giving some form of errors, we input it to test internet connection. A group of people, (maybe the student folk) use it for doing assignments, research work, etc, while some others use it to point out facts when engrossed in an argument. Personally, I’ve become so ‘google-dependent’, There’s virtually no single day I don’t jump into google search bar to check for a thing or two. Looking for something? Anything at all, Google it, You wanna learn something new, Google is there for you. There so many things one can do with the Google search toolbar, though it is still being underused or rather neglected by many. Even they (Google) themselves realized this,and sometime ago, came up with a free online certificate course titled, Power Searching with Google . The course was aimed at teaching internet users how to be more effective or better still, ways to be more productive with Google.
The most important thing in Google searches is key words. Use key words to search for whatever you’re looking for. By key words, I mean being direct,and straight to the point. Be specific, a word or two will give you better search results than typing one whole sentence.

For example:
“What is the capital of Somalia”, can better be represented as :
Somalia, Capital.

The shorter the better, the more precise the keyword (s) the better the search results you get.

Are you searching for word definitions, your input should look like this
define: search-term

Searching for peculiar file types:
‘search-term pdf’ Or
‘search-term doc’
or for a more fine tuned search result, input:
‘filetype:pdf search-term’ (or any other specific file type you need)

If you’re searching for a specific term in educational sites, or if you wanna streamline your search to educational sites,
your query should look like this:

‘search-term site:edu’

(Note: We assume ‘search-term’ is the stuff you’re looking for.)

There are many other tips you can learn to fine tune your google searches, get better results, and be a better efficient Googler.

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  1. When We Refer To The Information Superhighway, The Internet, We Cam Usual Access That Highway Faster Through Search Engines…Google Being The De Facto Standard.

    Search Engines Should Rank Among The Most Potent Tools Invented By Man.

    While Google Is Probably The Best Known And Most Used Search Engine “Google” It’s Even A Verb), Others May Tell You There Are Equally Capable (Although Lesser Used/Known) Ones Like Duckduckgo, Or Even Microsoft’s Bing.

    If Google Cam Not Provide You With An Answer To Any Query, Them The Answer Does Not Exist (Or, It’s Unknown To Humanity…, Or, You Don’t Know How To Craft Your Query)

    Yes, A”Search Engine” Like Google Actually Does Far Far Far More Than Crawl Webpages.. It Also Serves As A Dictionary, Unit Converter, Weather App, Language Translator, (Scientific) Calculator, Etc..

    Kudos To The Inventiveness Of Humans!

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