The Etisalat N1,000 for 1GB plan

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After reading the title of this post, I’m guessing some people will jump, punch the air, and celebrate. Because probably, their prayers have been answered. It’s not the case here yet, but this is a step in the right direction.

Etisalat Nigeria discreetly announced this data plan, and I’m not sure it’s on their website. The information came through from an insider,and here’s a break down of the data plan and how it works :

  • For N1000 you get 1GB Etisalat data to be used from 10.00pm on Friday to 11.59pm in Sunday.
  • Dial *5995*1# to activate and *5995*0# to deactivate.
  • This plan runs on a separate data account that has priority.
  • Auto-renewal rules apply, so if u don’t opt out, it will be auto-renewed the following weekend provided you have up to N1000 as your balance.
  • It is only available Easy Starter, Easy Cliq and Talkzone subscribers.

I guess that’s all. This is ideal for the important downloads and for urgent work on weekends. If you need more information concerning the data plan, you can call the customer care by dialing 200.

  1. I disagree with you, its not for heavy downloader. Its for urgent weekend works..
    PAYG 5mins=#15 is still the best for downloaders..

    Etisalat should bring out a plan like mtn night plan.. IMO

  2. I flow with the Whirlwind Tornado there.

    This is not for heavy downloads. what’s heavy about 1 Gigabyte.? A film, done.!

    Heard about this over a week ago from ForteSpy, and while this is of no consequence to me, some may still avail themselves of it.

    The heavy downloaders know what to use, and it’s not even the Etisalat Pulse….

  3. For a network that virtually drinks data with a very long straw, I will not be interested in any of their data offerings.

  4. Kindly tell me what heavy downloaders use. I currently use MTN night plan with its bouts of inconsistencies that beget frustration.

  5. I wonder why other mobile Internet providers don’t want to bring out a competing data package to MTN night plan. What the latter gives (4.5G) at the cost of N2,500 is got in an annoying Etisalat at more or less N5000! Just imagine it for yourself!

  6. Is this plan still available? Well we that use etisalat understand that it’s quality of quantity … But they should reduce tarrifs pls… I like d competition …

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