The ever-accusing friends

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two-way street

The following is a quote from the Facebook wall of Pearl Ezeokeke:

Instead of saying “You do not ask after me anymore” or “You have forgotten about me” in accusatory tones, we should learn to say, “How have you been? It’s been a while, I hope you and yours are well”.

Everyone is fighting some sort of battle in their lives, don’t make it worse or add to it by accusing them of not asking after you.

Plus, it really is a two way street.

Yes; it really is a two-way street. If there has been silence between you and a friend for a while, did you lose their contact details too? All that time, you did not ask after them either. You are as guilty of the very accusation that you make. It stinks to high heavens. Grow up.

  1. My exact sentiments!

    But then, defense being the best form of attack, the people making such accusations are likely on the defensive.

    they are likely feeling guilty for neglecting that same friend.!

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