The first mobile phone call and Mister Mobility

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On April 3, 1973, Motorola’s Martin Cooper made that first mobile phone call on the Motorola DynaTAC. That was exactly 40 years ago today. He probably had no idea how revolutionary the mobile phone would become. He also definitely had no idea that his phone call was going to trigger an amazing event exactly a week later. You see, a week after Cooper’s call, the man who would eventually be known as Mister Mobility was born. Coincidence? D’oh!

first mobile phone call on Motorola DynaTAC
Martin Cooper and the Motorola DynaTAC. That’s the device on which the first mobile phone call was made. See the guy in the background? He was an agent of the mobile gods present incognito to ensure that things went according to plan.

The Conspiracy Theory

I gather from a few people who are privy to know these things that what happened when that first mobile phone call was made was that an inter-dimensional gateway was triggered open to release the Mo-power, which is basically energy emanating from mobile radio waves. This power was bestowed on a baby in the womb of a woman half way across the world in Nigeria, and exactly a week after that call, a child was born.

The Mo-power laid dormant in this child as he grew up, though flashes of his outstanding abilities showed here and there from time to time. The first time that he read about mobile phones in his late twenties, the Mo-power was activated. When he obtained his first mobile phone in 2002, a whole new vista was born. There was no going back on mobile for him. Business was mobile. Entertainment was mobile. Life for him was all mobile. Everything else revolved around mobile.

Mister Mobility

You probably already know the rest of the story. Rumour has it that he has owned over 100 mobile devices since his becoming. He has never divulged the actual figure. There is no doubt that Martin Cooper’s mobile call 40 years ago brought about a revolution to planet earth, but now you have the mobile world’s best kept secret – that this very same call triggered off a cosmic event that produced the world’s mightiest super hero, Mister Mobility!

I’m dropping the microphone here. Feel free to further embellish or debunk this fantastic conspiracy theory. No; you can’t sit on the fence. *Puts on dark shades and takes a stroll*


  1. hehehe. Mr. Mobility, the mighty Avenger. World’s greatest superhero? lol. like iron man said; if you can’t defend the earth from destruction then you should avenge it with a vengeance!

    I’m now waiting patiently for your own very self-titled superhero Hollywood blockbuster. rotflmao

  2. Nice1.

    Its amazing where we are today and its more amazing that we don’t know what will happen in the next 40years.

  3. Happy Birthday in advance, akobi mobile phone revolution.
    You must give away 40 mobile phones to Mobility readers in celebration. Many happy returns.

  4. Nice one!

    A lot actually went wrong with this theory, but I won’t be debunking or refuting the theory because I’m under the oath of conspiracy of silence.

  5. . I won’t be debunking or refuting the theory because I’m under the oath of conspiracy of silence.

    Oaths are meant to be broken!

    Go ahead, be a sport and debunk this anomalous theory.

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