The first mobile phone with a removable memory card slot

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Siemens SL45
We recently ran a quick quiz on Facebook, and the question was: What was the first mobile phone with a removable memory card?

For those of you who still remember that Siemens once produced fantastic mobile phones, you might know that the answer is the Siemens SL45. Actually, it was also the first mobile with an MP3 player (the memory card slot was so you could carry around your music library).

The SL45 was a high-end phone in its day, and quite a looker too then. It was released in 2001 and was my 12th mobile phone. It supported a 32MB card.

Some of the other features it packed included: an MP3 player, a dictaphone with several hours of recording time, auto responder, voice dialing and voice commands, WAP browser, and context sensitive help in several languages. Other software include calendar/organizer, alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, currency converter and games.

It also had one of those rare amber-coloured displays and ran a 13MHz processor. Yes; this superphone of that time.

Ladies and gentlemen, once again: the Siemens SL45.

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  1. Nice One, Yomi. This phone and it’s kind bring back nostalgic feelings. Imagine a specs of 13 MHz, 32 MB removeable Memory Card, and mp3 player as cutting edge in “those days”!!??

    We’ve gone a long way. really.

    As such I make bold to predict that in 5 years time, download speed of 1GB/Sec and 1 Terrabytes Hard drive or 250MB Memory cards would be the norms and cutting edge of the future mobile device!. If you look back to where we’re coming from, then these predictions may not be too hard to believe.

    Thanks, Mr. mobility!

  2. Afewgoodmen>> …As such I make bold to predict that in 5 years time, download speed of 1GB/Sec and 1 Terrabytes Hard drive …

    part of that future is already here with us. See

  3. lmfao! How time flies. I’m pretty sure Yomi was a big boy in the days of this phone. It’s a dynamic world. The phones of today might just be trash tomorrow. Cool stuff tho’ (in its days)

  4. Looking at what Mobile Tech hard 10years ago its great to imagine what will happen in 10 yrs, but its a joy to know we will be here to witness it.

    May the lord keep us all till then.

    I believe non of Mobility readers is up to 100years old sha.

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