The first QWERTY BB10 smartphone: BlackBerry X10

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Seeing as today is the second time that someone will make the claim that RIM is not launching a QWERTY smartphone, I thought I would just do a brief post to clarify. RIM is not abandoning QWERTY keyboards. As a matter of fact, one of the first two devices being launched on BB10 is the BlackBerry X10, which has a hardware QWERTY keyboard. Pictured below is one of the leaked images floating around the internet.

BlackBerry X10 with QWERTY

As a matter of fact, RIM has also given out developer QWERTY phones to qualified developers, so they can make their apps compatible with the upcoming BB10 QWERTY smartphones.

So, again, RIM is not abandoning the hardware QWERTY. The official launch will be in a few days. Expect the juicy details then.


  1. I understand the BB10 is launching tomorrow…really looking forward to the devices esp the touchscreen versions.

  2. I’d have loved the QWERTY model more but wonders that can be performed on the TOUCH version got me thinking. The pulling of “I’ve forgotten the name” from left to right to display your unread messages and pulling upward to show a notifications bar. That’s impossible in the QWERTY version you know.

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