Being a mobile gadget reviewer can be a glamorous affair. I mean how many people won’t be thrilled to get their hands on the latest

The Frustrations Of A Mobile Reviewer In 2014

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Being a mobile gadget reviewer can be a glamorous affair. I mean how many people won’t be thrilled to get their hands on the latest shiny gadgets on a regular basis? But I can assure you that like every other vocation or job, it has its unique hazards. I will say that the vast majority of pains that a reviewer like myself experiences is from having to switch phones so often. Yes; the pains come from the same source as the glamour. I know: life is a pot of burnt beans.

Years ago, it used to be a pain switching from phone to phone because of the frustrations involved in transferring contacts from one phone to another. Thankfully, that has been resolved and is a non-issue today. Another challenge used to be how to move files. That is also now a minor matter.

My present pains are from the different SIM standards available on different phones. Some devices still ship with Mini SIMs (the regular size SIM), while many new phones now ship with a micro SIM. But that’s not all. A few devices – especially flagships – also now ship with the nano SIM standard.

Right now, my nano SIM is in the HTC Desire 816, but I have two other smartphones lying around that need my attention. One uses a micro SIM slot, and the other a standard (mini) SIM slot. My primary SIM is a nano SIM. I have not been able to get my hands on a nano SIM adapter, though I have a micro SIM frame from which my nanoo SIM was cut months back. If you have considerable experience with phones, you know that both adapters and cut frames are not always ideal. Sometimes, you end up damaging the SIM slot.

No; I do not want to put another SIM apart from my primary SIM into it. I love to take phones for a spin using them as my daily driver for the duration they are available. That is the best way to get a fair feel of each device.

I do have to write my reviews though, so I shall have to keep playing Transformers with my SIM card. Yes; it is a bit tedious. That is the dilemma of this mobile phone reviewer. Of course, I will find a way. I always do. Have you faced this sort of situation before? Share your experiences please.


  1. Naaa…i only have to cut my sims into micro sizes and that’s all. I don’t review phone but the ones i use now are of the micro sim spec. The only problem I may have is when I will need to take madam’s iPhone for a spin. IPhones with the tiny nano Sims. Apple and their wahala.

  2. I believe the problem is, you are attempting to over_personalize each new device that comes into the Hands Of Mo.

    Apart from sms, IM, email and calls, there is no other thing you want to do that you can not be done impersonally on any phone under review.

    Email can be received without any particular associated SIM… It’s a SIM non_specific service

    For BlackBerry messenger, and some others, their services are not tied to specific user numbers, so no problems.

    you may want to jettison those IMs that are tied to specific user numbers..

    you don’t have to receive your calls and sms from the phone under review. Have a dedicated phone for those.

    A dedicated phone for just calls and sms would be necessary, while any phone under review gets any SIM ousted (have all)… mini, micro, nano.. for all four networks…

    Lugging two phones about is nothing to be ashamed of..

    After all, how do we identify the Authentic Mister Mo without a minimum of five phone at hand at any point in time?

  3. Excuse me, if he doesn’t ‘overpersonalize’ the phone, how else will he able to do a good review. He needs to know how long the battery lasts under standard conditions, and under heavy usage. He needs to know if the reception is poor with a certain or better with a certain device. He has to use each device like the average user would so that he can review and probably recommend to the average user out there. That is what a review is supposed to be like and that is what a reviewer does. Thank you sir!

  4. Yeah, I totally agree with P1! and by extension sympathize with Mr. Mo on the frustration he mentioned in the article which is also part of the excitement though. If he keeps the other SIMs aside just to keep checking the network condition of each from time to time, are you saying, @Eye.Bee.Kay that Mr. Mo must have data subscription on all the SIMs in other to keep reviewing phones?

    If his primary phone is the one he chooses to use for data as well as voice calls, I think it’s a real problem having to switch between different devices with different SIM standards.

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