“The future of journalism is online and mobile devices”. These were the words of Derwin Johnson, a former American journalist with CNN and ABC

The future of Journalism is Online and on Mobile devices

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Zines-Online-News-blog-graphic-photo “The future of journalism is online and mobile devices”.

These were the words of Derwin Johnson, a former American journalist with CNN and ABC News, told Nigerian students on Friday, 18th of July 2014.

Johnson was addressing students at the University of Lagos, that media houses that don’t have an on-line presence will not survive in the 21st century. Almost on daily basis, the number of internet users in Nigeria grow, and they’re mostly youth. Actively browsing and chatting over social media. So its expected that media houses tap into this trend and go digital to stay in business. Its not suprising to notice that many Nigerian newspapers now have websites where they disseminate news. They also have twitter handles, Facebook fan pages, etc, that all aim to serve the same purpose. Gradually, people are preferring to get their news from online sources. Its also not suprising that news and gossips travels faster via social media.
During the event, Johnson brandished a mobile phone and said, “Media houses that are not available here, will not survive.”

I hail that as an eternal statement cool.
Government can facilitate increased bandwidth in the country, and this will trigger rapid changes in the way Nigerians communicate and access information. The world is going global, audiences are gradually switching to online platforms, and the trend is likely to increase in the coming years. Resistance is futile, go mobile or get left behind.

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  1. [Opera Mini]

    When I Saw Title Of This Atiku..

    .. The Future Of Journalism Is Online And On
    Mobile Devices..

    What Came To My Mind Was ..

    The Future Of Journalism Is Actually Uncertain.

    If, In Layman’s Language, Journalism Means Disseminating Information Speedily, In A Timely Manner, Then Almost Anybody With A Mobile Device Like A Smartphone , Digital Camera Can Be A Neophyte Journalist.

    Something Happens, And By Virtue Of The Social Media, It Is Known In Seconds, Worldwide, Sometimes Before The Actual Professional Journalists Get Wind Of It.

    Truly, Any Outfit That Doesn’t Have An Online Presence May Be Left In The Dust.

    I Have Not About Physical Newspaper In Ten Years.

    You Hear About An Organization, And The Instinctive Thing You Do Is Google For It Online.

    You Don’t Find It, You Start Forming Opinions..

    Yes, The Future Of Us All Is Online..

  2. Sometime last year I listened to a talk by someone who worked in the media who said that the amount of time the average person sounds on a news website is about 5 minutes on average.

    In Nigeria the problem is multiple, accuracy and integrity being among them. If most internet use is driven by youth, I can bet you they aren’t the ones going to the newspaper websites. When 234Next collapsed as a physical newspaper, despite having a website it simply didn’t survive.

    While journalism has benefitted from the internet and mobile technology, there’s more to delivering the news than mobile communications and the internet.

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