Great things are happening in the Nigerian mobile space indeed. While we were all still waiting for the iPhone to come to a GSM network, Etisalat snuck…

The Galaxy Tab Comes to Etisalat Nigeria

Great things are happening in the Nigerian mobile space indeed. While we were all still waiting for the iPhone to come to a GSM network, Etisalat snuck up behind us all and brought us the Galaxy Tab.


galaxy tab 02

The Tab is a 7-inch Android-powered tablet with the following specs:


  • 2G – GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE
  • 3G (HSUPA 5.76Mbps, HSDPA 7.2Mbps)
  • OS: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Display: 7.0 inch TFT-LCD, WSVGA (1024 x 600)
  • Processor: Cortex A8 1.0GHz Application Processor with PowerVR SGX540
  • Camera: 3 MP Camera with Auto-Focus and LED Flash
  • 1.3MP front camera for Video Telephony
  • Adobe Flash 10.1 player support
  • Full HD video playback supporting MP4/DivX/WMV/H.264/H.263
  • Up to 7h movie playback
  • TV-out
  • Thinkfree Office Suite
  • 30 pin connector
  • WiFi 802.11n
  • Bluetooth® 3.0
  • GPS, with A-GPS support
  • 16G / 32G internal memory with up to 32G external memory slot
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Size: 190.09 x 120.45 x 11.98mm
  • Weight: 380g
  • Battery: 4,000mAh

The Etisalat Galaxy Tab offer gives you:

  • A free Etisalat SIM card
  • Free monthly voice [25 minutes], Text [25 SMS] and data [250MB] bundles for a 12-month duration. The bundle is awarded on the first day of every month for 12 months beginning from the day of activation. This way, you get the feeling of availability of free services every month for 1 year.
  • Free platinum 0809 special number
  • Access to installmental payments and consumer loans (terms and conditions apply)



According to today’s edition of The Vanguard newspaper, the package is available for N125,000.

I just put up my X10 Mini Pro for sale earlier today. This humongous device – the Galaxy Tab – is what I need for my mobile office and entertainment needs. For telephony, I’ll get a non-smartphone with stellar voice/SMS capabilities (perhaps a Nokia C3?).

Kudos, Etisalat!

Hats-off to Afewgoodmen for the tip-off.

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  1. lol!! Yomi the excitement level of this article is high are you sure you will sleep at all tonight?? 🙂 i’ve been monitoring the tab for months now and also feel its the best thing for ent and business needs i had nearly (very nearly) talked myself into getting the n900 but the tab talked me right into forgetting it.waiting for your review 🙂 by the way i like this new system where i get an email each time theres a new article. Great !!

  2. @Yomi, great days ahead. The future belongs to the mobile devices and mobile apps. The opportunities to be created will be huge, MobilityNigeria will be there, the leader and the big brother to take people to that future. Lets us all join hands and grow the audience here, so that we can have more fun and share more. The galaxytab, waiting for Yomi’s review. Hope the thing no go dey swallow data sha? This one wey data cruch don dey hala them for USA, our own here is that data is very expensive.

  3. The galaxytab, waiting for Yomi’s review. Hope the thing no go dey swallow data sha? This one wey data cruch don dey hala them for USA, our own here is that data is very expensive.

    Ever heard of a dog that does not bark? If its Android, it guzzles data. That 250MB data included will be hard pressed to last a month. Users will simply have to implement workarounds.

  4. So glad to hear this.This shall surely ginger the rest networks to sign on more devices for us to choose from.Well done Etisalat,we are still expecting your 3G roll out coz it will be more effective with a device like this.

  5. ….•Access to installmental payments and consumer loans (terms and conditions apply)

    Yomi, please can you give more details on the above. If the installmental payment is available, (though i didn’t see that in the newspaper adverts), i might just have to sell every smartphone i have viz BB Tour, Nokia 5800, Moto Q, and regrettably, my new won Samsung wave to go for this Galaxy tablet. (I’ll keep the moto Q9c in case etisalat network messes up)

    These coys are really fighting hard for our very soul.

  6. @Yomi
    I will also like to be receiving emails each time there is a new post. and please lets know if you get more info on the installments.

    I was speaking with a friend on tuesday and he said MTN has started selling the iPad and Etisalat has started selling Samsung Galaxy Tab. We had a little negative chat and i was like, am a man that needs proof to believe. I couldnt read the papers at the office so i decided to take it home. Lo and behold it was right there in the Guardian as for Etisalat but no news on MTN ipad still.

    Etisalat has relly impressed me. With the total free stuffs amounting to almost 45,000naira what you pay for the Tab is 80,000naira (omg that is cheaper than the Galaxy S).

    One thing i will like to knoe is,
    is the Tab locked to thier network, can I use another sim.
    I will really like to put the etisalat sim into a smartphone and fix a glo 3G sim with always min into this Tab.

  7. I’m a bit shocked at the overall price.

    I was waiting for the Motorola Droid Pro to be released on the 18th, but the Galaxy Tab will be a betetr choice. Also, Samsung will be anxious to market & sell it, so it will definitely get the Gingerbread treatment.

    I dont like how Etisalat is adding all these incentives to keep the subscriber locked to them. I wont be surprised it the Galaxy Tab is locked to them. I dont want suscriber/telecom-company contracts to increase in 9ja. I already have 2 etisalat lines, and dont need an extra line with all these extras.

    I’ll wait for about a month after the launcning & release. No be android? There’ll be ways to unlock it. And hopefully, there’ll be a contract-free version.

    All the same, big ups to Elisalat Nigeria for this innovative action. This is the kind of thing I would rather have Globacom do. MTN and iPad can go to ———-.

  8. Spacyzuma, If it is locked to Etisalat, then you can use any other Etisalat line including your other 2. But you cannot use any other network with it.

    But you can always “Root” and dispose with any operator lock in it.

    For me, it is a must buy!

  9. I called Etisalat customer care to get more detailed information about this offer, but I was told that I need to get to any of their shops. Sigh.

    Is that a ploy to tempt us into falling for the Tab on sight and buying one immediately? Why can’t information be given over the phone or via email?

  10. For the past 2 hours, I’ve been searching online for the price of the Galaxy S in various nations. The 9ja price of the Galaxy S is on par with many other markets where it’s been released.

    I’m disappointed that Samsung would set the price so high, almost akin with the iPad.

  11. I just wonder why, I hope they are ready for people.

    We should have all this information readily available on their website.

  12. @spacyzuma

    I actually read alot about the price of the Galaxy Tab and the general conclusion from most people is that, Small does not mean cheaper, in fact smaller components are more expensive. The iPad is a great device but the Galaxy Tab does more (Apps apart).

    And the Galaxy Tab is cheaper than iPad here in Nigeria.

  13. I was at an Etisalat shop this afternoon and got the chance to handle the Galaxy Tab briefly 🙂 Cool device. It did look very huge (especially when I placed my Mini Pro beside it)!

    Instalmental plan is not fully active yet, so details are not available, but I was told payment can be spread over 2-3 months. Certain forms have to be completed.

    The rep I spoke with was not sure whether or not the device was locked to the network.

  14. Price seems ok for a new device of this class, not to mention the Etisalat extras. In a few weeks time when the device becomes available in most shops, I wonder what the price would be.
    By the way, is Etisalat on 3G network yet? If not, why not get that idle 3G licence from Dangote?

  15. while viewing the galaxy tab on youtube, there was a major default
    i saw with it. If you tilt it to rectangular position, and you start fondling it,
    your hand can mistakenly touch the sensitive buttons that are close to the edge.

  16. @Jesse
    Please permit me to use Steve Jobs words.
    You are holding it wrongly. Lol

    You are right, those keys are capacitives and they are very sensitive, but this is common with most android touch screens.
    Most people have learnt how to leave with it.

  17. I went to Etisalat service centre at Ikeja on Friday.
    The guy that attended to me confirmed that the Tab is locked to thier network.
    And they had sold all the units they had, he said they will get more this week. They sure have been selling in droves.

  18. Samsung is just being mildly arogant at apple because of the ipad-the cost is just too high.
    how ever the galaxy tab beats ipad especially for a place as nija-its really a multimedia all in one power house.
    We should just slow down, some other network will join the galaxy tab craze,they know you cant make headway with the ipad when compared to the tab.
    I suspect one of the cdma network will go for the galaxy cdma version.they know we have come of age too.
    Etisalat is a consumer friendly network, so we can trust them to forgive them as per the high price. kudos!

  19. Man! the stuff is cool but why must it be so expensive in 9ja compare to its main price on the net?

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