The Gionee M2 is also a power bank

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I left this out of my review of the Gionee M2, but it is one of the truly remarkable features of that phone: the M2 doubles as a power bank. You can charge your other phone or run a small USB fan by plugging them in to your M2. Remember that the M3 has a huge 4200mAh battery? With a battery capacity that huge, why not? You get the picture now. Have a look at the M2 in action powering a fan:

Gionee M2 powers other devices

And here it is charging a BlackBerry smartphone:
Gionee M2 charging BlackBerry

Is the Gionee M2 cool or what?


  1. Wao.

    ..and here I was, thinking the Lenovo people are the kingpins in making smart phones with humongous battery life.

    Are they losing their grip to Gionee, or what?

    I remember the Lenovo p780 and a host of other smartphones and Tablets with jaw_dropping battery capacities

    And, yeah, a phone that you can forget to charge overnight, is more than cool. It’s splendiferous..

  2. Lenovo has a phone that does this as well, I believe it’s the S860 has this functionality

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