The Google you know becomes part of a bigger team – Alphabeth Inc.

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Google has stirred the tech space with some surprising news. The search giant has just announced huge restructuring plans changing their method of management while retaining core operations.


In simpler terms, this means that Google will be one of the branches of a bigger umbrella called Alphabet. Google CEO will now become Sundar Pichai. The new Google will subsequently be responsible for only search, ads, Maps, Google Play Store, YouTube, and Android.

We may ask, what becomes of the founders of Google Inc.? Why the sudden change in structure?

In recent times, people have criticized or rather accused Google of deviating from their original goals and plans. With extreme projects like Google Glass , air balloons, etc, and also with forays in health technologies and financial investment arms.

To keep things in check, the pioneers of Google has formed a new umbrella – Alphabet Inc. This comprises of various units with Google as part of them. Each unit will have it’s own CEO at the helm of the affairs, while the pioneers will be the head at Alphabet overseeing progress of the units.

Here are some other ventures that will operate alongside Google under Alphabet:

  • Life Sciences- that focuses on the glucose-sensing contact lens
  • Calico – focused on longevity.
  • X lab – which incubates new efforts like Wing, a drone delivery effort.
  • Ventures and Capital – Google’s investment arm.

The new mother company has an official website You can read more about the official announcement HERE.


  1. Okay, I see G, L C, X and V. That’s only 5 of 26 letters.

    When are they going to make up the rest of the alphabet? I feel cheated.

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