The HP TouchPad's death knell?

Posted by Mister Mobility

Of recent, my wife’s HP TouchPad has been having trouble charging. it appears that the charger is damaged. Ordinarilly, that shouldn’t be a problem, after all it uses a microUSB port for charging.

But it is a problem: you see, HP set the TouchPad up such that it does not charge except you use their own supplied charger. How dumb can that be? In this world of universal ports? We have at least four microUSB chargers in the house, and when plugged in to the TouchPad, what we get is the message in the image above. Duh.

Where shall one find a HP charger for the TouchPad, a discontinued product, in this day and age?

The TouchPad is a 10-inch tablet that runs WebOS, the nice mobile operating system built by Palm to replace Palm OS, but that never took off and was eventually purchased, then discarded by HP. Apparently, the OS has been programmed to not recognise non-HP chargers.

In addition, this morning, wifey wanted to access some documents on the TouchPad, but all the built-in apps (with the exception of the web browser) were gone. Gone. Nowhere to be found (See picture below).

Hooking it up to a PC in hard drive mode, I could see that all her files and documents were still there on the device, but no Office suite, picture viewer, etc to view them on the TouchPad itself.

Going through he device, the option to download apps is gone. It is as if someone hacked into it and disabled apps!

Goodbye WebOS; Hello Android
I have given some thought to this, and my decision is that I will flash the TouchPad with Android. This is possible and has been done by others already. Hopefully, the Android OS won’t reject other chargers like WebOS is doing.

New lease of life, or death knell
If it works out, I just bought my wife an extra lease of life on her HP TouchPad. If not, the funeral bells shall ring….


  1. ///
    not, the funeral bells
    shall ring….
    sorry o.

    ** where is that my black dress I**

    just in case. .

  2. The much hyped Ipad 3 too doesn’t charge while connected to another usb power soure – say your laptop pc, apart from its charger. While connected, the battery doesn’t run down with minimal use. Run a HD game or video, the power drops.

  3. It’s unfortunate but then, that gives you little option but to try the Android option. Whatever the outcome, you either gain or the situation remains the same.

  4. The Touchpad requires more power than regular microUSB phone chargers can actually supply. They are not maliciously shutting out other chargers. It’s a technical limitation.

    To verify, you can compare the voltage on the original charger to the ones you are using. It’s should be significantly different.

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