The HTC One X's Hips Don't Lie

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The stunningly beautiful HTC One X came into my possession by an odd chain of events. I had no plans to own one, but eventually had one thrust into my hands by fate. The white version for that matter. Oh dear. Starting from the poly-carbonate hardware, it was love at first sight. Hate it or love it, the HTC One X is beautiful – and sexy to boot. She’s the kind of lady that I want to be seen with – beautiful (I said it again), sexy (said that again too), and very classy. She’s red carpet material.

The entire shell of the One X screams, “Look at me! Touch me!! Hold me!!!” And I have gladly done that day after day. If you remember how I love the Nokia N9‘s smooth body, perhaps you can appreciate how I can be so head-over-heels enamoured by the One X’s curves and lines.


But externals aside, booting the One X and finding that smooth custom user interface called Sense UI hiding away the relative ugliness of Android Ice Cream Sandwich just made my day. Sense UI gives the impression of candy or chocolatey goodness. I have never been a fan of Android’s UI – well, until Jelly Bean showed up. I like Jelly Bean. A lot. Still, Sense UI does it for me. The One X is the first and only Android smartphone I have used that does not feel or look like Android. Android is muscular and manly for the most part. Sense UI on the One X is lady-like and very sexy. Oh yeah!

I loved my Nokia 9500, E90, and N900 back in the day. I have loved my BlackBerry smartphones too, among others. But I loved all of them as efficient work tools. The HTC One X is a different kettle of fish. I love her as a lady and a lover. The One X is the first smartphone to win my heart as a lady wins a guy’s heart. She’s the first one to turn me into a “woman wrapper”. This is no platonic love.

Thanks to Sense UI, One X has the best onscreen keyboard that I have seen on any mobile platform, bar Windows Phone. I understand that HTC will be blessing her with Jelly Bean and a newer, even sexier version of Sense UI. Oh boy! I can’t wait.

More powerful quad-core Android mobiles may show up, like the new LG Optimus G, but shall I find one as sexy as this damsel? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Only time will tell.

I don’t kiss and tell, but walahi, the HTC One X’s hips don’t lie.


  1. How straightforward life would be if you could always judge the quality of a book by the the allure of the front cover..!

  2. I’m sure the LG Optimus G with its glass body will beat the One X in sheer beauty and looks. – not even talking about internals where it is an obvious champ. Who am I to judge?

  3. I mistakenly tapped the “post comment” button. But let me round up now.

    As I’m saying, Mr. Mobility, who am I to judge. They say beauty is in the hands of the beholder. And, we’ll take ou to our words.. Maybe Hips don’t truly lie”..

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