The Hyundai Sonata 2015 breaks new ground in motoring. It is the first vehicle in it’s class that runs Android Auto, Google’s solution for automobile.

The Hyundai Sonata 2015 syncs with your Android phone; does other cool stuff too

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The Hyundai Sonata 2015 breaks new ground in motoring. It is the first vehicle in it’s class that runs Android Auto, Google’s solution for automobile. Android Auto lets you use your voice to do a variety of useful tasks from listening to and dictating text messages to finding locations and helping you navigate to your destination. But that isn’t all.


You can use voice-recognition or the interactive 8-inch touchscreen to control the navigation system for directions to your destination. You can search for nearby businesses like gas stations, ATMs or restaurants, get info about current traffic situations, the weather, stocks and sports, as well as fuel prices and movie times.


When the Smart Cruise Control feature detects a vehicle in your lane ahead, it automatically slows your car down to maintain a safe distance with the vehicle ahead. And should the vehicle ahead of you stop, this feature will bring your car to a full stop without driver input. When the obstacle ahead moves, your car will resume motion by itself.

And as you arrive home, the built-in HomeLink transceiver allows you to switch on lights and open garage doors — all without getting out of the car. Plus, there’s also the remote start feature that lets you switch on and off your car from your smartphone.

The 2015 Sonata may not be exactly the car model that James Bond drives, but it isn’t too far off either. Perhaps all that is missing are hidden laser guns, rocket launchers and an armoured body plate.


  1. Imagine if someone hack into the android moto OS and detect a loophole without declaring it, isn’t that a weapon in itself? Sounds dangerous to me

  2. The issue of hacking automobiles equipped with this technology has been in the news for a while and i think like all other devices, cars still stand that risk. I believe they are continuously working on resolving issues that may arise also.
    Till then, enjoy the features. If you sense anything abnormal, turn off Ignition :d
    What im skeptical about though, is the car coming to a halt if a car is too close. With lagos traffic and all, how will that work? Wont it frustrate the driver more than normal? I hope there is a way to turn off the smart features!

  3. @OlamideMb… Do you think an hacker that hack a car will not bypass key ignition.

    What of the android phone itself. The hacker/pickpocket thief can still do damage with it.

  4. If someone hijacks your computer system, I want to believe there’s a way of ”cutting the wire”. Thats what turning off the ignition, in this context means.

  5. There always has to be way to override the system unless the car is totally automated. The other thing as well is the level of technology used to service these cars. Mechanics now is a bit more than changing a spark plug or a fan belt.

  6. @olamideMb… Relying on keys will translates that its not fully automated. Only if the fingerprint feature is added to the before ignition— maybe I can be less paranoia then.

  7. Already in the pipeline.

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