Last week, Google in collaboration with Infinix brought the Android One project to Africa, with Nigeria as the first port of call. It was good


The implications of the Google Android One partnership with Infinix

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Last week, Google in collaboration with Infinix brought the Android One project to Africa, with Nigeria as the first port of call. It was good exciting news, because we never expected the Android One project to reach Nigeria, at least not this soon. But hey, It’s here and worth celebrating.
Now let’s look at this critically, “Google partnering with Infinix”. Have you wondered to ask, “What’s in it for both of them?”


From the Google point of view, they stand to gain more users in their ecosystem. In fact, that has been the ultimate goal for Google-getting as many people as possible to use their services which translates to more ad revenue. The Android One project aims to take Google services farther to emerging countries, bringing good quality devices at affordable prices, and taking it to places where people can’t afford the expensive phones.

Looking at the Infinix side, they’re the ones benefiting the most. You see, this collaboration has announced them globally. With that move, they made headlines all over the world. Top blogs like GsmArena, PhoneArena, MobilityArena 😉 etc, carried it as news. In lay man terms, Infinix don hammer!!


Remember, the Infinix Hot 2 will also be launched in 5 more African countries : Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Morocco. I doubt Infinix had a presence there before now, and most importantly this translates to thousand more units of the Hot 2 being shipped out.

Did I also mention that the Infinix Hot 2 now has a thread on XDA Developers? You can imagine the good stuff that would come out of it. Check it out HERE.
Meanwhile, if I were Infinix, I would push to release more Android One devices, because Google would be indirectly advertising it for me. You can then imagine how sweet this partnership is.


We should take a cue from this and push for similar mutually beneficial partnerships, both in our lives and businesses.

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  2. Indeed, they have really hammered. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of them: but since I bought this device my opinion changed. Of course, I bought it because of the Google support; not because Infinix can make phone.

    I remember you stated in one of your reports that Infinix’s aim is to win over the Nigerian midrange Android market: with this they have gained international recognition – which is quite an achievement beyond what they wanted.

  3. @Justice, I’m sure Google were in talks with the likes of Tecno and others before settling on Infinix. This is where not only have Infinix don hammer but Tecno is on the back foot. Whatever device they bring out now will have to convince people it will be on par in terms of pricing and updates with the Infinix Hot 2. And remember, this is the first of what will be many Android One devices.

    I think Infinix gets more out of this deal than Google. And if there’s an equivalent manufacturer to Tecno in Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Morocco, Android One and Infinix will rock their boat, especially around the 20k price mark.

    I really want to see how Tecno, Gionee etc will respond to this.

  4. I’d like to see Tecno now and bake them a nice piece of humble pie. I’ve always said they’re one unserious lot. Even the Tecno Camon is like…Come..onnn!

  5. Hello Soji, I’d like to show you the TECNO Camon C8 so that you can experience it. I’d leave my personal one with you for a week. I’ve done something like this before. I want to do it again.

    I’m of the opinion that you’re yet to use TECNO Camon C8 yet, or have you? (Get in touch)

    Infinix Hot 2 is a lovely phone. TECNO Camon C8 is affordable, medium end, premium feel, huge battery and awesome all round 5.5 inch camera phone. They’re not for the same people.


  6. Before partern with Google infinix already had a presence in more countries than you imagine including Thailand , Indonesia,Pakistan , France and middle east they did not wait for google.

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