The news is all alive today. First, it was Motorola’s XT720. Now, its the turn of the iPhone 4. Apple has finally made the iPhone

The iPhone 4 is here!

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The news is all alive today. First, it was Motorola’s XT720. Now, its the turn of the iPhone 4.

Apple has finally made the iPhone 4 official, and it has some impressive specs too:

    apple iphone 4 ofic

  • 9.3 mm thickness!
  • 3.5-inch display, with 960 x 640 pixels and 800:1 contrast ratio
  • Improved battery life
  • 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash + 5X digital zoom
  • 720p@30 video recording + LED flash will double as a video light
  • Front-facing videocall camera (sadly works only over Wi-Fi!)
  • iBooks for the iPhone – download and sync with the iPad
  • Sapphire glass front and back panels
  • Entire stainless steel rim is the antenna
  • 1 GHz Apple A4 CPU
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • Micro SIM like the iPad

The new pixel rating of the screen is simply awesome. The N900’s awesome display, for example, rocks 800 x 480 pixels. With both displays sized 3.5 inches, the iPhone 4 simply blows it away at 960 x 640 pixels. That is a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch for the iPhone 4, against the N900’s 266.

The higher the pixel density, the better everything looks.

For further illustration, the Nexus One’s display has a pixel density of 252 and that of the HTC Evo 4G is 217. The current iPhone, with its resolution of 320×480 has a PPI of about 163. The iPhone 4 display is to die for. Oh, boy!

5 mpx (though lagging behind existing and upcoming 8/12 megapixel monsters from competitors) cameras and 720p video recording are a sweet welcome as well. But what was Apple thinking with the video-call camera limitation? The idea of implementing microSIM is quite odd too, but the iPad sold in droves anyway, so…

Also, at 9.3 mm thickness, this toy is thin!

Lastly, the OS on which the iPhone runs has been re-branded as iOS. That now places the iPhone and the iPad under the same umbrella.

The good news for iPhone 3G and 3GS users is that iOS 4 will be available as an upgrade to them. This should be sometime in June, so get ready to enjoy the new goodness – at least the OS part! It is doubtful though that unlocked iPhones will be upgradeable, so if you use an unlocked iPhone, as you must if you are here in Nigeria, don’t get too excited.


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  1. Personally i do not see any major innovation with the new iphone. Thr only thing that i will have to give kudos to apple for is the app store, which is what will still give them the edge in the smart phone segment.

  2. If you followed the WWDC today, you will agree with me that the behaviour of those gathered there was really nauseating. The only adjetive to describe those people is “fanatics”. They were not just fanboys but real ‘Jobs Worshippers.’
    The way they oooo!! and aaahhh!!! with each gesture and pronouncement of Steve Jobs conveyed the impression that they were specially handpicked from around the world to gather and praise Steve Jobs.

    Really nauseating.

    I’ll never follow such an event again.

  3. You can never get a balanced reporting from anyone in the kind of gathering we had today at the WWDC.

  4. deoladoctor, I can imagine. It is all part if Apple’s well oiled media machine. I never bother to follow such events. You have no idea how much I detest hype and spin-doctoring.

  5. Funny thing. Jobs was making it seem as if they just invented the video calling function in mobile phones. He says his childhood dream of video calling will now be realized with the iphone 4. I ask myself, are the americans so backward in mobile tech as not to have this function before now? What kind of video calling will they get with iOS4 that exchanges video calls only with another iphone4 and that only via wifi? My cheap sony ericssons none OS phones and other phones have been doing video calling over 3g networks without problems long before iphones come into existence.

  6. Funny thing. Jobs was making it seem as if they just invented the video calling function in mobile phones. He says his childhood dream of video calling will now be realized with the iphone 4. I ask myself, are the americans so backward in mobile tech as not to have this function before now?

    Yes; they are.

    What kind of video calling will they get with iOS4 that exchanges video calls only with another iphone4 and that only via wifi?

    The kind that technology-backward iPhone babies cry “ooooo” and “aaahhhh” over.

    My cheap sony ericssons none OS phones and other phones have been doing video calling over 3g networks without problems long before iphones come into existence.

    Isn’t it odd that some people now act like video calling came into existence with the iPhone 4? Isn’t it downright nauseating that some people (about 1% of mobile users on the planet) really do think that the iPhone is the most technological advanced phone on the planet?

    Sad; right?

  7. @Deoladoctor. I beg to ask whether it was the oohs and Ahhs you were following or the substance from the keynote speech. It is nice to seperate the chaff from the wheat. It would be pertinent to point out at this point that the WWDC is not a one day affair but four days! The keynote is only the starting and the most media frenzy point of the whole show.

    For the next couple of days, more Technical stuff about the iphone would emerge.

  8. @Yomi Adgboye. Just a little note, sir. The name of the new iphone is iphone 4 and not iphone 4G. The reason why it is so, is that the iphone will run on 3G networks. It is not LTE or Wimax equiped. The two popular predictions for the next generation iphone nomenclature was iphone 4G and Iphone HD. It turns out that none of them won!!

    Your article is good and well balanced. Kudos and more grease to your elbow. I couldn’t have done better or as good. You caught all the salient points.

  9. @Afewgoodmen
    I was actually following everything. No doubt we have some new things coming out of the iOS4 which the mobile world in all probability would copy in the coming weeks or months (barring apple lawsuits). But I find it hard to comprehend when your so called media went gaga, bursting out with excitements over the announcement of rudimentary forms of functions that had been well established long before iPhone came. (video calling, video editing, and tap focus for instance).

  10. Afewgoodmen,

    Thanks for pointing out the naming error! I guess the rumours got wired into my head. I have effected a correction. Just in case anyone had bookmarked the article, the URL too changed, as I had to delete the “g” in there too.

    My apologies, guys.

  11. EyeBeeKay, interesting comparison.

    A little side-talk here. With reference to the Engadget comparison, I wonder why people keep touting the HTC EVO 4G as king of the Android clan when in fact, the Galaxy S has better specs, minus the 4G (which is rather useless to most people for now anyway).

    PS: forget the 8 megapixel camera. When HTC starts making good camera, we’ll reckon with it. For now, in all probability, a 5 megapixel camera from Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung will do better.

    The power of hype again? Methinks so. End of rant.

  12. @Deoladoctor. I understand your point. I have refrained from commenting first, so that I would not be called or regarded as an iphone apologist again. A term that I greatly dislike

    The thing is that video calling has been on before the iphone, but it has not really caught on. It is not a killer feature in a phone. Neither is it a deal breaker. It is not also popular in the US, and of course neither is it popular in Nigeria. Of course for reasons you and I know. the spread of 3G in Nigeria is at best tolerable.

    Now, Steve Jobs hopes to bring about a resurgence of video calling in the US. Apart from that, the kind of video-calling is called “facetime”. It is proprietary, that is developed by Apple. And Steve Jobs wants it to become widespread. He has even made the technology open source. So any body can use it!

  13. @Yomi Adegboye. “What kind of video calling will they get with iOS4 that exchanges video calls only with another iphone4 and that only via wifi?”

    For now the kind of video calling can only be made between iphone 4 users. Even iphone 3g and 3gs can’t make that video call. Of course because of Hardware restrictions.

    But then, APple wants the Technology, its video calling feature as employed in the iphone 4, facetime, to catch up. Hoping that other manufacturers would adopt the Technology because it is open source. (Who says APple is not open?)

    One good thing about it for now is that it relies only on Wi-Fi to make video calls, so it would not cost anything from your 3G connection. With time, Apple would deploy it to the gsm 3g connection. He isn’t sure AT&T could handle the video calling, that was why it came out on only wi-fi in the first instance.

  14. @Afewgoodmen
    There is a saying regarding a leopard not being able to get rid of its spots. Why standing in for apple and saying that videocalling is restricted to wifi because of AT&T? Why do you say its a good thing that iphone’s video calling is restricted to wifi. Not all wifi are free. You still have to pay using some wifi. So not an excuse. If I may ask, what is the difference between facetime and regular video calling? I see no diference in the demo. And then, because you and i live in the ‘bush’ and have no 3g does not mean people in big cities in nigeria are not into good video calling granted that the cost may be slightly higher than that of voice calls. Same goes for other countries aside from USA.

    Maybe we’ll discuss this better over a bottle or two after work tomorrow. But till then, you are not an apple apologist, you are errr….. Were you by any means in that crowd at the WWDC yeasterday?

  15. @Yomi
    Just want to piont this out. The mobilitynigeria widget still carries the iphone 4G title. This is what i mentioned earlier about the widget lagging behind.

  16. @Deoladoctor. I get your point. The situation in the US is quite different from that in Nigeria. Over there in the US, the Network carieer has a big deal to play in buying cell phones. Most times, the phones are subsidized by the carieeers. As such, they can twist the handset manufacturers hands behind their back. And that is why Nokia has not covered much ground in the US. And that is why also that the Nexus One refused to sell much because its purchase was internet based. It is really a decent and sweet phone, coming to think of it!

    I just hope one of our network providers in Nigeria, like MTN can pick up the iphone in an exclusivity deal with Apple. With that we may easily buy the iphone 4 and also buy it at comparable rate instead of importing it from Europe as I did my present iphone 3G.

  17. @Deoladoctor. Detailed Tech discussions with you after work tomorrow to get things in perspective is not a bad idea at all!

  18. iPhone 4 like any other Apple gift is more beautiful outside than inside.It’s indeed a phone geeks wanna hold but not use(except if freed).

  19. The iphone 4 has some improved features. Inclusive of multi-tasking, and a lot of others. Other hard ware improvement include the reinforced glass back and the high density pixel saturation in their new technology IPS TFT Lcd screen. The Highest in any phone ever built. I believe it should make any geek’s mouth water. And I also think that with more than 200,000 third party apps to choose from, it is not tied down or in prison.

    It is already FREE!!

  20. @Afewgoodmen
    You are right that the iphone 4 has some new features but i believe you are comparing it with older iphones and not other smartphones.

    Hope you know that the multitasking is limited and developers still have to tweak there apps for full enjoyment.

    on the hardware side the iPhone 4 is sure more beautiful on the outside than inside and we you had better not let your glassy toy fall down.

    there has been some debate on the IPS been the best in the industry i suggest you read about its comparison with the Super Amoled from Samsung.

    As for the Apps Apple is certainly number one.

    Now for the most important point, the Apple iPhone is no where near been free. I can list lots of things you do freely on other phones that are not available on the iphone. And hope you know that Apple or more preferable Steve Jobs at his own discretion can turn down any App.

    Freedom is when you are free to do anything. Open source is freedom i.e what we have on Android and Symbian 3 for example.

    Like Vic of Google said at the Google I/O, if Google had not come up with Andriod we will have been in a position where 1 man,1 company 1 phone and 1 App store will be our only choice.

    The above does not in anyway reduce my love for Apple product but these are fact of the industry.

  21. SOmething New from the internet. The pre-orders of the Iphone 4 just started yesterday and Apple has received more than 600,000 preorders on-line already. That is another record for Apple! 600,000 preorders of the iphone 4 in 24 Hours! The actual sales and collection will be next week, 24th of June. The iphone 4 is truly a smart phone to own. That is if you don’t mind the price!!

  22. @bosun99uk. Nice analysis you did there.

    Like anyone knows, google is a direct competitor with Apple. And it is their interest to diss Steve Jobs and Apple. Just as there is no love lost between Adobe Flash and Apple mobile products.

    However, your point is taken. The iphone 4 is not as “free” as you would like. Just one point to consider though, is that it is not as fragile as you think. Not because the back is made of glass means it is easily breakable. It is made from re-enforced glass, like the type used in making Helicopters.

    People who hype this kind of freedom and can seem to abandon the iphone end up jailbreaking their iphone to get more features than Steve Jobs would want them to have. Cydia is such software, what you can use to get into the deeper codes and do whatever you want on it, inclusive of multitasking, overclocking the CPU (AS Yomi did with his N900) or recently, even installing a different (Android) OS on the iphone

    Me for one, I wouldn’t jailbreak my iphone.

  23. People love the iPhone 4

    The Iphone 4 sales was so good that Apple shares rose nearly 3 percent after it announced sales of more than 600,000 iPhone 4s, a record for just a single day of pre-orders. With this record it surpassed iphone 3gs and ipad.

    Apple had to apologize for having to halt sales temporarily after the surprising volume of online interest overloaded order and approval systems and supplies ran out.

    Even Apple’s website said Wednesday afternoon that products ordered then would be shipped by July 14, three weeks after the phone’s scheduled June 24 launch in stores.
    The phone’s exclusive U.S. carrier AT&T Inc said it had halted pre-orders and that sales would resume as soon as inventory becomes available.

    And tied to iphone 4 Apple has released iTunes 9.2 and Safari 5. (Downloaded a copy already), also Apple has said that users of iPod touch 32gb and 64gb can download the ios4 from 21 June 2010.

    It is amazing how Apple has taken over the cloud.

  24. I’ve also downloaded my copy of safari 5 and the itunes 9.2. Safari 5 did not impress me. And I haven’t seen any perceptible improvement in speed over the safari 4.

    I also think that it is amazing that Apple’s products are so well hyped, keeps Tech journalist on their toes and sell in droves. EVen to the extent of clogging Apple’s on-line stores because of the sheer number of pre-orders, generating a 404 web browser error.

    It is difficult to believe that why all these Apple stuff is going on, Motorolla would release its Motorola Droid X Android phone before the Apple iphone 4. Also, Microsoft has released its Project Natal for its X-box 360 console, re-christened “Kinect.” ALl these equally worthy events are relatively unknown and gets drowned in the iphone 4 frenzy!

  25. For those who own a 3rd generation iPod touch (32gb or 64GB), you can now download your copy of the iOS4.(download itunes 9.2 connect and update)
    Though Apple also says users of iPhone 3g and 3gs can also upgrade but am not sure they should try that in Nigeria because the last time i tried it for a friend I had to unlock the phone again because the update locked the phone back to AT&T.

    Anyways Ipod users, if you are able to update pls share your impressions.

    Ensure you follow all procedure as stated by Apple.

  26. @bosun99uk. I just have to correct some impressions you made. The ios4 does not only get to the 3rd generation ipod touch (Ipod touch 32G and 16G), but also, the 2nd Generation ipod touch (ipod touch 8gb) users can also get the update. As well as this, iphone 3G and iphone 3GS will also get the update.

    The only devices exempted from the update are the first generation ipod touch and the original (first) iphone. The reasons alleged is basically old hardware. Moreover, the iphone 3g and the 2nd generation ipod touch would be missing one or two features in the ios 4 ecosystem. Inclusive of this is multi-tasking. Only the iphone 3GS and third generation ipod touches shall get the full complement of the ios4 features.

  27. Now, I want to discuss the differences in functionality between an iphone that has been “jailbreaked” and the iphone that comes SIM-free or unlocked from the manufacturers. If you are using a jailbroken iphone, when you upgrade to the latest OS then the hack you did to the iphone’s code will be cancelled. And in most cases, hackers would not have gotten the software out to “jailbreak” the latest ios4 offering. SO the user would have to restore the original version that came with the iphone and get the software from the net to hack into their phone again to re-install the jail break. This mostly applies to iphones bought in the US which is cheaper than that in Europe.

    Now, if you buy your iphone from Europe or the UK for instance, where there are multiple network carriers for the iphone, you can get the iphone Sim-free or unlocked ab initio from Apple. That is if you buy it from the Apple store or Apple online store in the UK. With this, you do not need to be afraid of upgrading the iphone to the latest version.

  28. @bosun99uk. “because the last time i tried it for a friend I had to unlock the phone again because the update locked the phone back to AT&T.”

    My brother, I am using a second generation ipod touch 8Gb. And I have been trying to download the ios4 for my device with no success. My Starcomms internet connection is slow. The full size of the OS is 315 megabyte. The download does not pause and so whenever there is a break in the connection, it starts from the beginning. Please, any advice? Help me sir!

  29. @Afewgoodmen

    Ye you right, mine was a short info
    I Only concentrated on the iphone 3GS(US) and third generation ipod touches, but uors is more elaborate.

    As anyone seen a person that updated successfully.

  30. @Bayoabu

    No prob.

    There are several places online where you can manually download the update and steps to follow.

    Here is a place i found.

    Check out this link for step by step

    And this link for manual download

    Just follow the simple instruction and you can even use an internet download accelerator to download it.

    Let know how it goes.

  31. @Bayoabu,

    A 300mb download is a breeze on HSDPA. That would leave you with only two possible options – MTN 3.5G or Glo High Speed Internet. When you have serious downloading to do, HSDPA is the way to go.

  32. Odd News

    The is fresh from Dev-Team Blog

    For those who have always gotten more than Steve Jobs allows on the iPhone/iPod.

    Redsn0w now jailbreaks and hacktivates iOS 4 loaded iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G.

    (Please be informed that jail breaking voids your warranty(if any) and it is at your own risk)

    For those who have the guts.

  33. @Afewgoodmen. The third generation ipod touches are 32Gb and 64Gb and not “32Gb and 16GB”

  34. @Yomi. Thanks for the info. But you know you stay in LAgos. I doubt if MTN 3.5G and the Glo hispeed is present in Delta state where I stay. If it is just let me know, so I migrate. thanks!

  35. @bosun99uk . I have not seen anyone who has made this ios4 download and installed it on their device yet apart from the internet. I am still battling with it myself. the info you gave to BAyoabu may probably still work for me. I also use starcomms and the download speed is slow. I would probably try the standalone download from a download accelerator. Once I am through i should give you all a verdict.

  36. @Bayoabu. Thanks. You’re right. 32Gb and 64Gb in third gen ipod touch.

    @bosun99uk. I’ve completed the new ios4 download. 315MB. I am just trying to install it in my device. Thanks for the tip. More later

  37. @XXXX. God Bless you and may you leave forever. Just like Bayoabu, I had problem downloading the ios 4 software at first. But with the suggestion from xxxx I went to the prescribed website and voila, I had the software in my FREE DOWNLOADER Download accelerator. And then I knew that it was just a matter of time before I get the full ios 4 download. Because the accelerator can pause your download and start from you stopped.

    One thing I would love to advice all would be ios 4 owners is that they should have an active internet connection before they start the installation process proper otherwise they may end up damaging their phones/ipod touches. I almost did that to my iphone 3G and a Friend’s ipod touch8gb, 2nd gen. Apple needs to verify the download before installation. And Apple also need to download a new set of drivers using Windows update right during the installation process. Another trick was that if you copy the ios 4 software to another folder different from the onme youdownloaded it from, Apple will not verify it and the installation process will not continue.

    So far, the new OS has been a breeze. All applications, videos, music and utilities work as they should. I haven’t discovered any problem yet. More later. After I get my hands full of this. It is just like having a brand new phone!

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