You’ve probably heard that the iPhone 4S was unveiled today. You also probably heard that most people think it’s just the iPhone 4 with a

iPhone 4S: An Apple fanboy’s perspective

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You’ve probably heard that the iPhone 4S was unveiled today. You also probably heard that most people think it’s just the iPhone 4 with a few tweaks. I’d like to think differently. Let me give you the full story from my own point of view.

iPhone 4S iPhone 4S

The name: iPhone 4S

I don’t know why everyone was so disappointed when Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S and not the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S has all the cool features that we were hoping would be in the iPhone 5! I’m not disappointed in the least. I own an iPhone 3G and also an iPhone 3GS and the differences between the two cannot even be compared. I guess the big fuss about the iPhone 5 is the fact that most people wanted a radically redesigned iphone. Well, goodluck.

The Personal Assistant: Siri

I told you guys earlier about the voice integration in iOS 5. Siri, as it is called is pure artificial intelligence. It is perhaps the reason for the A5 processor that iPhone 4s boasts of.

According to apple, Siri can execute several commands for you while you speak in your ‘natural accent’. You don’t have to sound like a robot for it to execute your tasks.

For example, you could ask Siri to read out your emails, text messages for you while youre driving and it will do just that. You can even reply to them just by dictating the commands and it acts seamlessly. You could tell Siri to remind you that have a meeting by 2pm tomorrow and Siri automatically programmes the reminder. I mean instantly. Think about that for a second.

Ever seen a visually challenged person trying to type a text message on his/her phone? This just takes accessibility to a whole new level. In fact, you can ask Siri almost any question, and it responds with reasonable and accurate answers as well as solutions. That is pure awesomeness.

The A5 chip

The A5 chip that powers the Apple iPad is also the same chip that has been placed in the iPhone 4S, and now it is dual core. This means faster performance, faster graphics rendering, faster everything.

Apple boasts that the graphics rendering speeds of the iPhone 4S is 7 times faster than the iPhone 4. If you’ve used an iPhone 4 before, you know that is going to be unbelievably fast!

The battery life

The iphone 4S will offer 8 hours of 3G talk time. 6 hrs of browsing, 9 on WiFi. 10 hrs of video, and 40 hrs of music. That’s even better than the iPhone 4 despite the fact that it has a faster processor that would have been expected to consume more battery power.

The Camera

The iPhone 4S will come with an improved 8 megapixel, 3263x 2448 camera which will rival point-and-shoot cameras out there. I’m not going to speak too much on this one seeing as I already mentioned it in a previous post.

iOS 5

iMessage, Reminders, Cards, Siri, Instant Photo Editing, Newer multitasking gestures, Notifications centre and a whole load of other features. iOS 5 will be made available for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd gen on 12th October.


iPhone 4S Pricing – Black and white versions 16GB: $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399. Same as for previous versions but as you noticed, it comes with the 64 GB option which is really cool. iPhone 4S preorders will start on the 7th of October and will start shipping on October 14th.

So what do I think about all of this? I want the iphone 4S like right now. I’m sure glad I didn’t purchase the iPhone 4. A honest opinion however is this. If you’re not a hardcore techie freak like me who loves the fastest devices, the most extreme gadgets, then you could just get the iPhone 4 (Apple just reduced the price by $100). Still, I can’t wait to get my hands on the iPhone 4S!


  1. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth buying if you already own an iphone 4. The new features is not as compelling as with iphone 3GS to iphone4.

    I own an Samsung Galaxy S and google voice is quite cool, but i can’t remember the last time i dictated an SMS or voice commands, voice recognition is good to have but in reality people hardly used it.

    I will keep my money and wait for iphone 5 next year.

  2. People obviously expected too much.

    Apple has just done the same thing they did with iPhone3G&3GS.

    iPhone4 will now be hot cake cos the phone is still very competitive and its now cheaper.

    I kind of like the Siri.

    Unfortunately I cant advice any iPhone4 user to actually upgrade to this unless u are dead on getting the More Camera and More processor.

    But come to think about it. Its all about the software this year and iOS5 is getting there.

  3. Ayo, are you certain that there was no iota of disappointment yesterday during the announcements. Many Tech Pundits, me inclusive, waited a while longer for the announcement of the iPhone 5 even when the conference was apparently over and all the journalists were going for a hands-on.

    I used to love Apple products too. Very much. But the iPhone 4S doesnt cut it. By refusing to do the “radically redesigned iPhone” Apple apparently were not in tune with their fans. A poll prior to today opined that viewers were anticipating for the iPhone most. Much more than the 4S. How come Apple would spend 1 year, 4Months developing a product and still come out with this? This days that Android are coming put with 4+ and even 5 inch screens, yet Apple somehow remains fixated on 3.5inch? Not good enough if you ask me.

    You may ask, which phone for me for my next major upgrade? First of all, I would not choose the Galaxy S II again because of the cheap plastic feel. Match to Match and features, the iPhone 4S is now commensurate or actually exceeds the Galaxy S II; that is if you discard the display size.

    My choice? I’m now patiently waiting for next week before I make up my mind. Google and Samsung would be announcing the Nexus Prime on the 11th. A phone that will pioneer Google’s Android IceCream Sandwich roll-out. The One OS TO unite & RULE THE Android OS world! Rumoured to come with a 4.6 inch screen, resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels AMOLED screen (720P). Pixel density is 320 ppi, comparable with the iPhone 4S retina display.

    So the waiting game begins. By next week decisions shall be made!

  4. Thanks for bringing things into proper perspective without really sounding like a fanboy you would want us to believe you are. Nice review.

    However, I understand Siri is region dependent and some areas will not benefit from it. I also understand it is highly data dependent and one would need data plan to use it effectively. And, pity that it’s only available for iPhone 4S.

    What’s your comment on this?

    I carry iPhone 4, you wield iPhone 4S, nobody knows the difference except those who ask for the functions so the “show off” factor is not there this time around. 🙁

  5. …. and google voice is quite cool, but i can’t remember the last time i dictated an SMS or voice commands, voice recognition is good to have but in reality people hardly used it….

    I imagine if the battery technology keeps improving (or cpus get more power efficient), more people may actually use voice recognition more. I had a voice2speech app on my phone but never got to use it because of its negative impact on battery life…

  6. ‘siri’ represents a concept that others could embrace and improve upon.

    Screens are getting big enough for comfortable use.

    The next logical step in ‘enhanced user experience’
    is the other aspect of interface – communicating easily and effectively with your device.

    With Android being used on all sorts of device, it may be a good idea for GOOGLE to take ‘siri’ SIRIously and improve upon the ‘enhanced voice interactive’ concept.

    That way, my Android-powered car can be spoken to.
    Open fuel tank.
    Start engine
    deploy windshield wipers
    activate headlamps


    Have a list of possible actions on a device. Allow the programming of personalized voiced commands for each of those actions.

    Q.E.D !

    Life just got easier

  7. I think these features are what I’d call “an epic fail”
    seriously? the galaxy s2 has better features than the ‘media hyped fail of the year”

    sorry Apple. This is a disappointing device

  8. @Afewgoodmen: Well, to say I’m not in the least bit disappointed would be lying to you. That’s for 1 reason. I won’t be able to show off the fact that I’m using the iphone 4S (if I eventually buy it). It just looks exactly the same. I was hoping the screen would get bigger but I guess they wanted to save that optimization for next year so that they can have another device with possibly that ‘unique selling point’. I still, however, feel that the iphone 4S is a worthy upgrade for me as I have been waiting impatiently since the 3GS.

  9. @Deoladoctor: Well, I quite agree with you on that one too. Siri will be data intensive for some tasks. However I believe there are some of the tasks that do not require being connected to a 3G network (e.g. reading your sms and emails to you while you drive, setting reminders, as well as replying your sms). You should watch the Apple iphone 4S ad. Just search for iPhone 4S Video on youtube and you should find the official apple ad. It’s pretty compelling. I understand that the ShowOff factor is missing here. But that just draws us closer to life as it is. ” You meet a girl who looks just like the girl next door, but then get to know her and find out that she’s the girl of your dreams… a whole new package”. I hope that simile came in handy. Thanks for the comment by the way

  10. Very true words! This is the future happening now. Artificial Intelligence ported from the movies to reality. The possibilities are limitless.

  11. Here is an article on what other ‘siri’ wannabes could Leann From ..

    A good implementation of this concept may just pave the way for a dramatic improvemenr in the way voice is used to interact with devices..

  12. Cheers! Ayo for your nicely written post – From a fanboy’s point of view

    Personally, I expected a major upgrade from it’s 2010 counterpart – fully redesigned hardware and looks with at least a 3.5″ screen. This would a been a breath-taking and worthy upgrade so the iPhone 4S which took a year and three months to be unveiled is a bit disappointing.

    I fell in love with Siri just as it was introduced though it’s just a software that can as well run on iPhone 4. The voice command it executes are awesome… Thumps Up to apple for such a revolutionary stuff. Now I can tell my iPhone to wash my dishes, prepare me breakfast or do my laundry. What a poverful personal assistant (just joking). I do like the app though.

    As far as speed is concerned, the iPhone 4 is fast enough in executing tasks but I’d like to see and have a feel of the 7x faster speed iPhone 4S is meant to offer.

    I can’t wait to compare the 8MP camera with the 12MP on Nokia’s N8… Let the camera war begin!!!

    As far as pricing is concerned, $199, $299, $399 are with contract. What’s the price without contract and perhaps, how much will it cost when it comes to Nigeria? N200,000??? Less I forget, you mentioned a $100 reduction on price of iPhone 4, how do I get that in the country?

    Finally, if investors could be underwhelmed, who am I?

  13. A well written and unbiased post, but a new wine in an old wine skin is not fair at all. This is an era of 4+ inch screen, Apple should have only released A5 processor for iphone 4 and its predicessors.

  14. @Kenjnr: I look forward to reading about your camera comparisons! Like really! I hope the 4S wins.As for the pricing of the iphone 4S, I just preordered mine and it’s only a little over N130,000. I think it’s a fair price but I bet the shops will sell around 200k which is obviously a ripoff. And about the iphone 4 and shipping costs. It is theoretically possible to make a fortune from the iphone 4 right now, but it all depends on the marketing strategy. I hope my comment was of help. Cheers.

  15. I’m sure y’all re well familiar with the saying ‘don’t judge d book by its cover’. Jst cos it looks d same doesn’t mean its the same. And in terms of its user-friendliness, iPhones re still unrivaled. Everything is jst a touch away! Can it get any simpler than that!
    I’ve neva been disappointed with any of Apple’s products and i’m sure i won’t with the iPhone 4S.

  16. @Ayo: Okay, thanks

    pple’s Co-founder, ‘Steve Jobs’ just passed away… RIP BOSS, we’ll greatly miss you

  17. Fellas, I’ve officially changed my mind. As I mourn the death of the greatest visionary, Mr. Steve Jobs, I have no option than keep his legacy alive in me.

    As such, I am left with no other option than to purchase the iPhone 4S whenever it becomes available.

    RIP #SteveJobs.

  18. @afewgoodmen,

    I wouldn’t advise you to buy anything out of sentiments. Buy according to your needs and what fits your specifications. Things done at the height of emotions most often lead to regrets.

  19. @afewgoodmen, True talk! I agree with deola….its a device that will cost u 130000 naira….steve job is dead but apple is not dead. They might come up with something beta in the future! Something really worth it!

  20. The simple deduction is this:
    i. who uses a phone more than a year and still likes it?!
    ii. how often does apple release a new iPhone be it a new number or an old one with the appended “S’
    iii. who wanna buy the iPhone 4S and dump it in a year’s time when the iphone5 hits d market?!
    Me Me Me Me Me

    The problem is, how do I jailbreak and unlock the new iOS5, guess i will have to enjoy the Pod in my iPhone 4S till the Chinese guys figure something out

  21. @Afewgoodmen: Nah. Not Slot. My contact in the UK preordered it for me. Apparently, its also gonna sell big despite the disappointments on launchday.

  22. @BallBaller2006: the iOS5 jailbreak is out. Redsnow 0.9.91 or something like that. And contrary to popular belief, it is not chinese guys that are responsible for the jailbreaks. Its a worldwide community of hackers… They are collectively called The Chronic Dev Team with some major players… @geohot, @comex, @musclenerd, @ion1c and some others. They are from US, INdia, EGYPT etc

  23. ‘ ballballer2006: >>
    i. who uses a phone more than a year and still likes it?!

    Me! Me!! Me!!!

  24. Ayo, in the UK, An unlocked iPhone 4s from the Apple store itself sells for 499 pounds for the cheapest variety (which is the 16 GB version).

    In the US, same Version unlocked from Apple store goes for 649 dollars! Comparison in Naira is like 123,000NGN TO 102,574NGN. it’s much more expensive ordering it from the UK! don’t you think so?

  25. @Afewgoodmen: nice point. However the reason why I chose UK is because Apple halted sales of factory unlocked iphone 4S in the US until around november ending presumably because of their deal with Sprint. Also, ordering from the UK signiicantly cuts shipping costs because the person will hopefully bring it by hand and reduces risks for me. Are you looking to buy yours, perhaps before christmas?

  26. Ayo,

    I’ve not made up my mind yet. When is your source coming from the UK? I’m still working on something.

    Either to wait until after November for obvious reasons or to try and get one as soon as possible.

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