The ladies love this one: Nomad MF-5200L power bank

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The Nomad MF-5200L is a cute little power bank that doubles as a torch light. Designed in an attractive combination of blue and white, it fits nicely and comfortably in the hand. It has a battery capacity of 5,200 mAh, meaning that it can charge most mid-range smartphones from empty to a full charge thrice (if they are switched off while charging). The Nomad MF-5200L supports devices up to 5V/1.0A maximum for both charging and discharging.

At the top side of the device are four blue LED lights to indicate charging and discharging, depending on which you are carrying out at any point. It has a microUSB port for input, a standard USB port for output/discharging, as well as an LED light for flash light usage. This means that unlike the Nomad MP-11000 which packs five (5) output ports so you can charge that number of devices at the same time, the MF-5200 can charge only one gadget at a time.


The ladies certainly fall in love with this one every time. Give your girlfriend or wife one as a gift and see how she adores it (and you too, of course!). Do call 08023249636 to place your order. It costs only N8,000. Please mention MOBILITY blog when you call.

  1. I’m the exception then.

    The Nomad MF 5200L power bank? It might be cute but I have a big chunky power bank that goes for ages without having to be charged, has a torch and serves as a lethal weapon if needs be.

    Just the kind of all-in-one device a lady needs 🙂

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