I hate writing rants against businesses. I know what damage that such writings can do. Yet; it often seems that some businesses delight in pushing

The legendary ineptitude of the average Glo Customer care agent

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I hate writing rants against businesses. I know what damage that such writings can do. Yet; it often seems that some businesses delight in pushing subscribers to the edge of the cliff.

Permit me to open this article with the question: Who the bazooka trains the customer care agents at Glo?

Years ago, though I had the correct GloDirect settings on my Sony Ericsson P800 smartphone, the guys at GloWorld Opebi could not get my line working. I was given a number at Glo VI to call.

The lady at the other end of the line insisted that my settings were wrong (though I explained ad nausea that they weren’t), and asked me to come all the way to Victoria Island to have the phone checked.

It was obvious to me that my line had not been activated/provisioned/whatever on their switch, and I said so, but she wouldn’t even entertain that possibility.

I found the time to drive there. The broad looked through the settings and blushed red – the settings were correct. She asked to go to the engineering room and came back to confirm what I had already told her a hundred times on the phone 15 kilometres and many hours in traffic away – my line hadn’t been provisioned.

It was at GloWorld Opebi that a gentleman client of mine was told years ago that his Sony Ericsson P910i could not browse 3G. He came to me with the issue. I set it up for him and he was browsing 3G in 10 minutes.

It was at Gloworld Opebi that I was told that my fax-enabled Nokia 9500 Communicator could not receive faxes, even though I had sent and received a couple of faxes on the device with official settings.

It was also at GloWorld Opebi that I was told that the GloFlat settings were for PCs and modems and so would not work on my phone. It turned out that the nice lady didnt know what she was saying too, because those settings worked and continue to work on millions of phones today.

So, what led to this article?
Dad uses a Nokia 6760 Slide, a Symbian 3rd Edition smartphone, with a Glo SIM for his mobile email and internet needs.

Nokia 6760 slide
Nokia 6760 slide

He has been using it that way since March last year when I configured his IMAP mail on the device. He got his mails and browsed without issues. In recent times, as we all know, Glo’s mobile internet service (and voice and SMS too!) has been one messed up piece of sh!t. You should read Wale Falade’s Glo with Pride?

Dad took a trip to Opebi GloWorld (by now you should know what crazy ejaculations to expect from the mouths of those lads and lassies). He was told that email does not work via the built-in email client and would have to access his mails via the browser instead.

By the gods of mobile, who still says stupid things like that in 2011? You know, i really think we should have a section on this site named, “Customer Care Agents Say The Darndest Things“.

It was obvious that the base station servicing dad’s area was where the problem was. You see, everytime I went visiting my old man, my own Glo mobile internet service went AWOL too. Once I was out of the area, it worked without issues.

I was with him again yesterday, and all through the time i was there, mobile internet on my Nokia N9 was comatose too. He couldn’t browse or check email. I couldn’t browse or check email.

Try explaining such a simple concept to the all-knowing guys who are supposed to attend to you at Glo, and you stand a better chance of dying from a heart attack than of getting any solutions.

I told dad to get a SIM from another network and dump them like hot iron. I am so freaking tired of Glo’s newfound love for mediocrity – poor quality of service, and absolutely terrible customer care.

I have issues with MTN, Airtel and Etisalat too. None of them are superb, but Glo takes ineptitude to a new definition.

These guys should stop running a casino and run the mobile network that they were licensed to run!

There, I said it. Do I feel better now? Heck; no!


  1. i agree with you.. i had the same issue concerning provisioning of my line for 3g services.. it took me 5days..i had to go to glo office port harcourt 3 myself.. after subscribing to d 1gb data plan,i noticed i hardly get 3g/hsdpa services .. except around their offices. i didnt enjoy the plan at all.. for me easyblaze is d most reliable.. emptyN shows you 3g/hspa+ but you cant use it.. the more you look the less you see.. airtel has refused to grow.. their 3g services are apalling

  2. Glo service is good in my sha. But however, the customer service is next to 0! They have nothing like courtesy. They’re always in a hurry. And they want to claim that they know more than you when in reality, they are next to dumb.

    I went to “activate” my Glo Internet service on my iPad once. And the guy that was attending to me says he wants to “configure” the internet settings for me! He was so onstetatious about it and was even hiding the “configuration” settings from me! When I got home, I realised that all he did was to type in the Glofat settings.

    And just because of this “configuration” I had to drive 5KM to the Glo shop? Crazy!!

    However, I’m not complaining because in terms of service Glo beats other carriers in my area. As of now, only Glo has 3G services in Sapele. Rule your world!

  3. The problem of Qos with our network providers permeates (almost) the entire facets of our soicety.

    You see a well stocked supermarket with rude Attendants; you go to reputable companies being (wo)-manned by disreputable and discourteous Receptionists. You go to a Hospital with state_of_the_art diadnostic equipment, but peopled by (c)rude Nurses lab Attendants. You vist Telcos where the PointOfContact folks are raving ignoramuses. Is it Government Agencies where you see competence in action? You take your car to a ‘big company’ for repairs, and what you get is shoddier work – than if you patronized a competent ‘roadside mechanic’ – jeje.

    It trickes down, and then trickles back – up! A country where incompetence and mediocrity often shines with greater luminosity than competence.

    The epileptic service allegedly offered by GLO in recent times (in CERTAIN PARTS) is just one of the things we have been living with – and need to continue to live with. It is cyclical. Today, it is GLO, tomorrow it would be any of the others.

    A friend running a cybercafé and has gone through Starcomms, Multilinks, Visafone and lately – Mobitel – all in a space of 7 months. He recently told me he is now using DirectOnPc, as MobiTel too has joined the schizophrenic bandwagon. At any point in time, he has to have one internet connection of standby – doubling his monthly subscription costs!

    A fresh, business having to contend with so much trouble. Outrageous PHCN bills (despite not having Public Power most of the time), Local Government wahala. Low patronage.

    If you must absolutely be online at short notice – without fail, you must have a standby internet connection! We have standby power generators – we need standby internet connection too.

    Who is going to call the Telcos to order? Who is going to regulate the Regulators.

    As Will Smith’s wife said in that film (Enemy Of State), ‘who is going to monitor the Monitors?’

    God save us all !

  4. i think the main problem is that most if not all customer agents here in nigeria are neither trained nor qualified to do the job they were meant to do. These guys don’t know squat about things customers call them for.

  5. Same GloWorld Opebi the Customer service lady told me she can’t tell me how to activate glodirect ‘cos she has to attend to other customers, that if I have to activate on another phone I’d have to visit their office again. Wht!

    like Ovie said; why hide the setting and instructions from us, when you can make your life simplier by putting it online? Total bone talks.

    For two days now, I can’t check credit, sms or dial out on my glo line, I am dreading going to a glo world outlet, they are full of BS, yes. They should change.

  6. Glo is just an apology!!!

    An epitome of “haphazardness” if the word even exists. Have lost data to them once. When i subscribed then and wasn’t aware of the gloflat settings. An customer care agent said i could only use the data on modem. Thank god for the internet and forums.

    The part that really bugs me is this fake ringing thing. Where it rings twice and start speaking in tongues.

    Just imagine someone telling you he/she will flash you when its ok to meet somewhere.The person would “flash” a 100times and non of you would be the wiser.

    For now on data service its etisalat….tomorrow? Who knows….

  7. Glo customer care agent has always been sh!t. I could remember the first blackberry I bought. It was a fairly used bold 2 that was shipped from abroad.

    As soon as I got the blackberry, I successfully subscribed to Glo BIS but didn’t get any internet connection. Called their customer care but I was only told that they will look into it. After several fruitless attempt to get my BIS working, I decided to dump the sim.

    It was when I subscribe to Mtn and still experience the same issue that I was told by the mtn customer agent that my blackberry has been blocked and cannot accept BIS again. I had to return the blackberry to the person I bought it from.

    Like Afewgoodmen said, glo is presently the best in sapele. I still get 2mb/s download speed down here.

  8. Glo undoubtably has the worst customers care of all, it took me a 1 year to get internet activated for my line, I got provisoned so many times but I couldn’t still browse with it until this last month. MTN has the same issues too their customer care most times are oblivious of their new tariffs and plans

  9. I will briefly drop my experience with go customer care some months back.

    Woke up one morning and there was no data service on my phone. Got to work that day, still the same. Placed my sim in a colleague’s phone, no show. Placed the colleague’s Glo sim in my phone & it connected just as it did on his own phone. I gave glo customer care a call and explained all i have been going through including testing with my colleague’s phone & sim.

    Guess what her response was? She said the solution is for me to buy a new phone. She even went ahead to tell me She had experienced same thing before and she had to buy a new phone. Can you beat that? I asked her; I should condemn a phone I bought for 100k which I have been using successfully with the same glo sim for over a year? She affirmed yes.

    To cut the story short, the data connection was up later that day and I didn’t change anything on my phone. It was obvious the problem was from glo.

  10. Ha customer care *sighs*, i dont even bother. Whatever problems i’ve, i take to forums esp Nairaland (hope i’m not crossin any line by ‘advertisin’ another forum Yomi?).

    Had a problem with etisalat data plan where the network kept automatically migrating me to a daily data plan bundle. Customer care? Right? It would ring for hrs killin Ellen’s battery (My fone…yep, i named the phone…so!) without getting answered. A post on a forum and i had replies before the next day and shikina! (dis spelling looks awkward), problem solved.

    MTN would sign songs for hours and not pick my calls (forgot to mention that i totally memorised all Etisalat’s advert + the Banky W’s lullaby while waiting for an answer).

    Subscribed to Glo’s bundle which expired today (service ws more or less great + the 50mb/N1000 which i haven’t exhausted yet), on MTN now (n got 217kbs…n i was screaming. Shame, that is the highest EVER received according to Ellen)

    Airtel creeps me out, i dont have money to dash foreigners for hair-tearing services.

    Well NCC gave ’em a month to buckle up….lets see how it goes

    and lmao @yomi…he’s visibly upset. Calm down man. How bout we boycott the network worldwide for a week? Sounds good huh!

  11. my main problem with glo is sudden disapperance of network when I am browsing, I have to turn off and on sometimes to get connected back. The other issue is fake ringing and then “sorry your call cannot be completed at the moment please try again later”.

  12. I can see you’re really pissed with Glo. I don’t blame you at all. I have used Glo ever since they launched in Nigeria and I did so purely for sentimental reasons. I strongly support the idea of encouraging local businesses.

    But since earlier this year, their service has been appalling to say the least. Data, zero. Voice, zero. Their cust service agents are so rude and empty-headed. They answer questions like robots and lack logical reasoning.
    As for me o, I have switched to Etisalat and no problem so far.

    I heard Glo handed over lots of their technical expertise to some chinkos. To cut costs I believe, but they’re never short of funds for running stupid promos. Thank goodness for the power of choice sha. I pity them when number portability commences.

  13. As for me Glo all the way,every network has it own problems,the worst experience I’ve had is with MTN [empty hen]. When I paid for internet subscription and I was told I do not have internet bundle and when I try to subscribe the will say internet bundle has not expired,went to their office they said it will be sent to their engineer call customer care the same thing, at the end of the subscription they sent me a message that my subscription has ended and foolish me I subscribed again and the same thing happened in total I lost 20,000 naira to mtn and what did I get nothing

  14. @maghamid

    I understand you but problem is that we Glo users have always enjoyed excellent service, compared to others. So it’s really disappointing that the QoS suddenly dropped, and drastically too.

  15. I agree with you totally. From my experience, majority of those working in Glo customer care (that’s the network I use most) have gross ineptitude when it comes to knowledge about their network. I have had several bitter experiences with them especially concerning data services.

    One of my experiences was making me buy their modem under “duress”. It was in June 2009, I subscribed to a data package with the intention of using it on my Nokia E51. Later that day I realised that I could not browse any more. When I checked my credit balance, I found out that over N900 had been wiped off.

    After making 3 seperate calls to customer care, the best response I got was that the bundled internet cannot be used on phone. The next day I went to Glo office yaba where I got the same response. In other not to allow my N5,000 worth of data go to waste, I had to buy a glo modem.

    While they were processing my payment, I saw a piece of paper on their table where the gloflat setting was printed. I was shocked, because it was obvious to me that this settings could easily be configured on my phone. Since I already paid for the Modem, i still picked it up. When I got home, I configured my phone with the gloflat settings, and had been using it to connect since then. This is just one of numerous cases.

    Despite that, I still believe that Glo is the best (I am yet to try easyblaze). Moreover, the ineptitude of customer care officers seems to be worldwide. I have had similar experiences from Nokia store Customer service personnel. That is a story for another day.

  16. when general Yomi gets angry like this-shit happens! all hands must be on deck. i have a very bad feelings that heads roll.

    this what i will do,begin an exposing campaign,watch enemy of the state again.

    all telecos csos are a disaster.same story

  17. No hard feelings but thats just the fact. Glo’s data service as been as crappy as hell lately, so i just BLAZED on :-).

  18. @Jikong1 i agreed wit u, i afraid dat i had 2 off n on my E6 anytime i want 2 use internet conntn. Its a pity 4 glo.
    Supposing etisalat 3.75g has reached my area i don’t mind changing line.

    Just dis morning i had 2 switch 2 empty N, thank God dat nokia tv receiver i bought since just worked on my E6 wit my empty N. So my glo sim remain in my 6120c if not of der glo mega deal i subscribe(6gb)…
    God save us oh!

  19. I prefer solving my problem using other people experience on mobility and nairaland than to wait for any customer service of any GSM. Many of them are employed to collect salary and you know Nigeria factor the best hand are not always employed

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