The LG L90 D410 Dual is one of the best value for money smartphones that I have held and used in a while. I can

The LG L90 Dual D410 Review: A flawless mid-range mobile

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The LG L90 D410 Dual is one of the best value for money smartphones that I have held and used in a while. I can end this review here and tell you to go buy one if you are interested. But it won’t hurt for me to tell you why I think it is such a great smartphone.

LG L90 Dual D410 Review

LG L90 Dual D410 Review: What Is Good

  • perfect handy size
  • fluid performance with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM
  • latest Android OS 4.4.2 Kitkat
  • good 8 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • good 4.7-inch display with Corning Gorilla Glass 2
  • good audio
  • nifty, polished UI customisations including EasyHome
  • special features by LG include: QSlide, Capture Plus, Clip Tray and QRemote
  • good battery life
  • dual SIM
  • good classy build
  • good price

LG L90 Dual D410 smart cover

LG L90 Dual D410 Review: What’s Ugly


LG L90 Dual D410 Review: What’s Bad


I swear by my great great grand father’s beard. The LG L90 is the perfect smartphone. At least, it is the closest to perfection. Everything works as it should. The 8 megapixel camera with LED flash takes fine photos. I testify. There is not one thing that I can say is wrong with the LG D410. And then, the extras that LG put in it makes it an even more amazing device.

LG L90 Dual D410 rear

EasyHome is an optional desktop interface that simplifies things for those who want to keep things uncomplicated.

LG L90 EasyHome

Capture Plus lets you capture the full view of a web page (including the parts that are not visible on the display). Much better than the limited regular screen capture.

Clip Tray allows you to copy multiple items visually and paste them in a clipboard that pop up at the bottom of the screen. Creating a collection of information from where you can save or send.


Qslide lets you multitask easily by keeping an app in a small draggable window regardless of what else you’re doing.

QRemote puts the remote control to your TV, DVD player and home theatre on your smartphone. I used it. It worked just as advertised. I pulled pranks on the Mrs. Unless she reads this review, she has no idea why the TV suddenly misbehaved some days ago. It was I, Mo with the LG L90 in hand pulling the stunts.

All these extras work fine! They aren’t just gimmicks that you get tired of and forget about. No; this is not a paid promotion. I do not get paid for my reviews. If I say its so, it is so. The LG L90 Dual is the closest to smartphone perfection. And it costs just about N35,000. Now, if you have been hunting for an Android smartphone in that price range, forget what anyone says and go buy an L90 Dual. It really is that good.

Buy the LG L90 D410 Dual SIM

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  1. Nope. It also lacks auto-brightness and USB – OTG feature that allows connection of flash drives. I suggest you search for more detailed reviews before you jump on it. Here’s a good one :
    Apart from the above and perhaps some other minor things, I think its a pretty solid phone. Cheers.

  2. This phone delivered.
    Am gonna use it for a long time,
    Mr mo. You’re on point..
    LG D410 is just go and buy..
    This beat moto G.

  3. Flawless? Flawless indeed! I got my unit of this phone since 5 days ago from Slot, but since then I have not been able to receive calls on it. The screen becomes unresponsive once there’s an incoming call. Therefore I will not be able to answer the call until I have to call back. No matter how much I swipe the answer button. Every other things may be flawless but of what benefit is a phone if I can not receive calls through it?

  4. And to think that I was motivated to buy the phone after Mr Mo’s review makes it more annoying

  5. Daniel,

    You clearly have a defective unit. Send it in to have it fixed. Your device is still under warranty, so there should be no issues with that.

  6. Thank u, Mr Mo. I will do just that. Whatever be the case, I will still stick with the phone, even if it means buying another unit. Apart from the issue am having with my unit, the phone is spectacular. In the mean time, I have downloaded a call answering app from the store and it’s working fine now

  7. The phone is good though no phone is 100% perfect.But if you have issues with it please check whether you own unit is not defective.

  8. The phone is excellent. Bought it about 3 months ago and have been more than satisfied with it. Upgraded self to the Android 5.0.2 version. Would recommend this unit any day; phone is just excellent. ..

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