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The world of mobiles

Every time a manufacturer sends me a phone for review or just for a private spin, I get a flurry of comments from friends and acquaintances. Whether it is a TECNO, a BlackBerry, Pliris, SOLO, or a Nokia, the arrival of a new phone in my hands mean that I get to laugh hard for a few days at least. The Nokia X arrived for a private spin yesterday, and like I said, because it is a pre-sales unit, I cannot review it or answer any questions. I can only enjoy it and do yanga with it, and then it goes back on Thursday.

The Nokia X is certainly generating some buzz. Nobody around me but Mrs. Mo has seen it, but it has produced lots of comments in the less than 24 hours that I have had it. I tell you, I have horrible friends. It must be because I am a horrible person, of course.

Last night, one of them said to me:

“You are chatting with Android Nokia phone?! Who are you sleeping with there?”

I have to tell you – at a risk to my person, of course – that the nice lady who made the above statement is hopelessly in love with me, so I can understand how her mind was able to manufacture that. And just in case, you hear of my passing away after publishing this blogpost, it has got to be her.

This morning, another said:

“I’m so envious of your work. You get to test all phones. You’re like a mobile prostitute.”

LOOOOL. What sort of friends are these? Where did I run into them? Na jealousy dey do both of them. At least, the second person was bold enough to confess her envy. Thank you, o jare.

Anyway, here is a public announcement: I am in search of new friends with church minds. Yes; I want to surround myself with people who are going to heaven. I am not a mobile prostitute. Haba! You guys should help me out with a more refined version of that. We should package this thing better.

  1. *hums “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus*

    Praise The Lord my brother, He has done great things for you and enabling you to gain favour with all these phones – can I get a witness?

    Yes, sweep these your jealous friends out. Make new friends. Like me :). God will richly bless you.

    *walks away humming “At the Cross”*

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